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The end

This is the end. Products constantly being dropped because the sales force can't sell or even explain them. No demand in the market for hardware based solutions which is still the largest portion of revenue. Stock market no longer a friend... —  read more 

Need to cut the fat

Too many useless programs, middle managers, managers to manage the middle managers, managers to manage in and around the useless programs. People working on work they themselves created. May work when business is booming, but not when you’re on the... —  read more 

NetApp culture

We are laying off people in RTP? Imagine in the midst of a pandemic. Does Kurian have no shame after wasting all the repatriated money on stock buybacks. Commentators on CNBC are calling that behavior criminal and I agree.

The Corona Elephant in the room

Can’t help feeling that a very big axe is coming. With a new CFO, It feels inevitable and it will be devastating. Tough to stay focused.

When the CFO departs

It means one of two things. Either he's a fall guy for Kommander Kurian and his Lost Planet Cloud Men. or He can no longer put lipstick on a pig and justify buyback after buyback after buyback. 4 billion plus down the drain and declining... —  read more 

Singapore sales numbers are manipulated.

To meet quotas, guess what did the sales team do? They manipulated their sales to tick the checkboxes. Mgmt knew about it but narry an action to ensure compliance and integrity is upheld. Lots of poor mgmt in the entire APAC org.

NetApp is still a great place to work

Expenses are paid right away with very little if no review. Salaries are generally above industry averages and in may cases not even tied to revenue bearing outcomes. Most employees in the field work from home with no oversight or management. It's... —  read more 

Layoffs in 2 weeks?

Hear layoffs in 2 weeks in engineering especially manageability group. Is it true?

Any rumours vor EMEA?

Are there Andy rumours for emea? There is a Meeting scheduled for all EMEA People managers in munic next week.

Goldman downgrades NetApp from buy to sell.

Downgrading from buy to sell in a single move almost never happens. This is the first step towards extinction. Kurian sold his soul to Wall Street and now the payment is due. The layoffs are only beginning and as someone else already mentioned the... —  read more 

The house is being dismantled

Revenues down almost 10 percent. If not for stock buybacks the EPS would have been negative too. Rumour is that satellite locations, Boulder and Wichita as well as ancillary products like StorageGrid will go over board next.

Kurian will have to warn again

Global numbers are abysmal. The CFO buying shares with both hands won't mitigate the stock price erosion. Maybe this quarter Henri will eliminate commissions instead of capping them.


This is what success looks like. To all the haters, we're better off without you. Enjoy working for second and third place because you'll never work for first place NetApp ever... —  read more 

Leaving NetApp - Pro & Cons

I worked as an Account Executive for NetApp for almost five years. I resigned in August 2018 after deciding to leap to Dell. Let me share the pros and cons after recently celebrating one year of employment at Dell. While working for NetApp, I had... —  read more 

Thanks Ntap

Thank you NetApp for being so stupid and screwing your top overachievers. We at Pure Storage have our recruiters working overtime to provide them a safe landing spot where they can make millions

2500+ resources

Since mid-April, NetApp has laid off 2500+ resources. No notification required at the fed level. They give notice, terminate and pay continued benefits and wages for a time frame of 30, 60 or 90 days based on time of service. That’s no company to... —  read more 

Google Cloud Eyeing Up Nutanix

"The proposed buyout — speculated by analyst firm Trefis — centres around plans to enhance hybrid cloud offerings in an alliance set to “scratch each other’s itch”. “We think Nutanix could fit in well with Google’s hybrid cloud strategy,” wrote... —  read more 

Life at NetApp

What do you get for pretending the danger's not real Meek and obedient, you follow the leader Down well trodden corridors into the valley of steel What a surprise! A look of terminal shock in your eyes Now things are really what they seem No... —  read more 

This is just too good to be buried as a reply.

From a customer perspective NetApp is like Sun Microsystems. Your HCI offering is like Solaris X86. Impossibly complicated to install and unable to compete with newer commodity products. Think Linux versus Solaris X86. FAS and ONTAP are like SPARC... —  read more 

NetApp Irreversibly Damaged

Read the article at the URL below.

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How's APAC doing? Hearing there are some layoffs expected...

Class Action Lawsuit

It has been filed. This one will destroy NetApp. Best news I’ve heard in a very long time. And they say prayers don’t always get answers. They do in this situation. I now predict GK will be replaced within the next 60 days. Too late... —  read more 

Kurian k--led Netapp ( - or at least the culture)

I believe that the twin Netapp inherited from Oracle never has understood what Netapp was all about - and that is where most of the current problems started ! Not fully understanding the basic business (storage) and getting blinded by the cloud... —  read more 

Dumping Stock

Here’s a better link. All the execs are selling thousands of shares. If this doesn’t blow your confidence out of the water, I don’t know what will. It’s over and they know it. Hers a link showing all the recent executive transactions... —  read more 

Class Actions?

On, we can see more than 10 law firms are calling investors to take Class Actions because of the stock price drop: On this news, the Company's stock fell from $57.71 on August 1, 2019 to $46.04 on August 2, 2019- a $11.67 or... —  read more 


Maybe they will survive. With Joel and Stanley out, they may have a chance. Time will tell. NetApp is such a hot mess I can no longer short the stock.

Next Lay-off Date

Any idea when the next one will happen? I’ve heard the end of August. What’s that mean? These layoffs are k–ling me. I’m the last member within my team with my skill set. I’m actively interviewing, but this is insane. Why so many layoffs... —  read more 

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