Topics regarding layoffs at NeuStar Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at NeuStar Inc.

CEO leaving?

Rumor around Neustar is that Lisa Hook will be resigning by next quarter...Not sure what this means for the future of the company. Things already been looking downhill since they didn't get the NPAC contract.

Huge Layoffs!

Yikes we got an email from CEO. 7% will just be the first round. We knew this day was coming. For those in the SF office good luck and embrace yourself!

When will the layoffs stop?

How many positions can this company outsource??? When will it be enough?? Will there ever be a day when I can think about my job without immediately getting a sick feeling in my stomach because I don't know if I'll still have it the next day or the... — read more 

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More Layoffs

Just last week Neustar laid off &% of staff and it seems McLean, VA and WA offices are badly affected. Also KY office took a small hit. There is a romour that this is just the first round and the second round will be at N* NPAC with nearly 300+... — read more 

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Fake Positive Reviews on GlassDoor

Yep. There are at least 2. Read them. 5 stars on everything and uplifting canned speach. Come on! No company is that perfect. Even while I was happy at Neustar and recommending it to friends would I ever give it perfect marks. The previous poster is... — read more 

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@Anonymous3007 The leases on the abandon sites are not over with. Upper management likes to spin a story about cutting site cost by closing and saving money, when they say that they aren't referring to the rent on the site. The cost is due to not... — read more 

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Death row? Is it that bad?

Really? How many departments can be expecting layoffs? We have to keep operating portability through 2015, so we can't cut much there yet. And the new marketing services are the future that we've been investing in. Of course, there may be a few folks... — read more 

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