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Who else had trouble sleeping?

These constant threats of layoffs have really affected my sleeping pattern. I keep on tossing and turning most nights just wondering if the next day at work is my last. It feels like job security is a forgotten concept at Newegg - which is really... —  read more 

Look for other jobs while you work

Look for other jobs while you work. There’s nothing to lose. Newegg does not value their employees as they have demonstrated. They say for e-commerce retailers... if you’re not growing then you’re dying. Get off this sinking ship while you can. Find... —  read more 

When will we finally know what's going on!?!?!?!

This whole wait is excruciating. If there are layoffs coming, then just get it over with already! I'm pretty sure everybody working here would prefer to know right now what's going to happen to them, even if it's bad news. At least we'd be able to... —  read more 

California CS possibly dismantled soon

Just heard from the some one at the top, they are planning to do a mass lay off for CS (again, but bigger), possibly only keeping the logistics reps and letting everyone else go. Once Texas is up and running they plan to move everything there, lower... —  read more 

Any more layoffs in US next week?

Do we know if there will be more layoffs here next week? How can we be sure it's over? I've been a nervous wreck for the past several days, thinking that what happened could just be the beginning of something much bigger. If anybody knows... —  read more 

Dear Newgger, Good Bye!

Dear Newgger, As a part of the restructuring of the organization, a number of positions have been eliminated and/or impacted. Please bring the following items with you to your designated meeting room: ID Badge/Proxy card, Laptop, ... —  read more 

New Round of Layoffs

June 28th they just layed-off another large group of people from Newegg. Performance is down. Things are not looking good.

Company wide layoffs March 2019

Newegg had a company wide layoff and job restructuring in March of 2019. Every operating center was hit with layoff and job restructuring. I know they are not supposed to discriminate...but it seemed they hit mostly the older workers.

Newegg is Very Political

Other than that I have no other complains. I cannot report any layoffs in the Corporate office. But, it's a bit cut throat over here.

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