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Y'all are probably feeling pretty bad right now

And that's understandable. But rest assured your friends and coworkers are going to a better place. We at Encana have steeped one of the most bitter and toxic brews we could, and the Street is starting to see it for what it is. Why did we buy you... —  read more 

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Been nice working with ya. Newfield is starting the layoff on the 18th.

Worst place to work last 3 years

The company has a I don't care attitude now. There are still to many bosses.. Employee can't move up in the company unless you know someone and that u have to beg..The management won't tell us what is going on with the merger, instead just keep all... —  read more 


any idea how many of us are gonna be gone after this "merger"?

Changes Coming?

Rumors of changes at the top. Starting to see people leave. Feels more of a sweat shop than ever before —  read more 

Why Tulsa office closure and not The Woodlands?

Shareholders should be asking why would Newfield be closing the Tulsa office instead of closing The Woodlands office. If they were really interested in saving money it would have been cheaper office leasing wise etc. to be based in Tulsa than The... —  read more 

2016 Job cuts

Oil is to go under 20 very soon, you can expect even more job cuts at Newfield

Future layoffs?

Anyone know if there is going to be anymore layoffs in the Rocky Mountain unit ?


Anyone know anything about layoffs???

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Newfield Tulsa, OK layoffs

Anyone has more details on Tulsa cuts here at Newfield. There is a lot of rumors and people have been anxious since 2015 started. We see major cuts at all big oil companies and it's very hard to be calm today. Let's hope things improve as prices... —  read more 

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Class Act

Newfield laying off some Tulsa employees today. These are employees who worked all of 2013 expecting a bonus in two weeks. Now they leave with nothing! What a crap company culture, glad i got out before they did it to me.

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I think we are doing fairly good

Given that the whole industry is shaking, I'd say Newfield is awesome. Oklahoma and northern Texas are just fine, southern and coastal Texas are doing good. The Gulf of Mexico is as good as every and Pennsylvania is so so. So, we may see some shifts... —  read more 

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