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Why does Newpark allow?

Business unit managers to hire brother-in-law trucking companies as vendors? Wouldn’t this constitute a blatant conflict of interest? They need to look closely and see this directly in front of them. Or do they really care

We told you so, Paul

We tried to tell you and you wouldn’t listen. 4 1/2 years and many millions of dollars later, here we are. Show us some REAL leadership and dig us out of the hole that YOU have put us in.

Bye Bye President

It only took 4 years to figure out PV didn’t have a clue! Who’s next. Looks like they need to clean house and change the culture in Katy. Choa:

Sale at last?

Received odd requests for numbers recently, sounding like someone is doing due diligence. Rumors of a sale have been around a long time. Has PH finally decided to pull the trigger so that he and his minions can execute their change of ownership... read more

Layoffs at Newpark in September?

I heard there might be some layoffs at Newpark before the end of this month. There were no details given, just that something big is coming and it's coming soon. Not sure if there is any truth to it, so I'm hoping somebody here will know something... read more

What’s it going to take for:

PV to “drive profitable growth across the globe”? He has certainly had more than enough time. Oil prices and rig count are strong. They claim to be #2 in revenue/rig count in the NA mud biz. Could it be that he doesn’t have what it takes and his... read more

Newpark market share

How come NP has 3 rigs in the Northeast market? QMax has over 30, AES more than 20, no one has slowed down Halliburton and NP with just 3 rigs???? Laughing stock of the patch....😂😂😂


What are the odds of NP Drilling Fluids posting a double digit Net profit margin in Q2? Or how about Period??

Baroid Big cheese meeting with Paul

I Seen the Big Baroid cheese (Brown )meeting with Paul, hopefully they are buying us or he is coming to Newpark to sort us out like they have done with Baroid recently.

Since NDF is doing so well

Why is their market share s---ing wind in Mid Con, Eagleford, North East and Permian? Inquiring minds would like to know.... Maybe relationships were more important than what PV thought......

Where is NR touted technology?

OTC Conference awards for new technology: Notice Newpark ain’t there folks.... Here are the companies that received the Spotlight on New Technology award: Aegion Coating Services, which has a U.S. office in Conroe. Ampelmann Operations B.V.... read more

GOM at 13 rigs

How much $$$ did NP spend at Fourchon. Nothing but a pipe dream folks....

One more year Dear Paul

Dear Paul: Same old sh--. More debt, less cash on hand, non existent fluid margins, out of control overhead, no identity and same old BS from You on CC. Now you have a quack ruining fluids that has no oilfield business experience. It's all on you-... read more

Newpark strategy??

Newpark buys a mats company —which has a large source of revenues directly from Newpark. Not too smart. CES is diversifying into more of a production based company that isn’t cyclical as a drlg based service company. Major revenue driver. Q’Max buys... read more

The truth about NP

What gives is that this organization is at best dysfunctional...If you rock the boat...or if you are "different" then you are a target. There is no respect for intelligence or experience. The priority is who you are related to, your age, who's [email protected]@... read more

Gulf of Mexico

Houston Chronicle article today reports the outlook for the U.S. offshore sector remains Bleak. "In the U.S. Gulf of Mexico , activity continued to weaken in the third quarter, and the outlook remains bleak for this region based on current customer... read more

Stupid decision #5

How about maximizing shareholder value by building a $40m State if the art building/office in Katy and NOT building 1 office for corporate and minions. We all know PH and crew don’t want to park their Bimmers nor drive out of the Woodlands. Way to... read more

Stupid decision #4

Spending $30 million on Fourchon upgrades. Idiotic move in a 20 rig shrinking market. Every day drillers are scrapping offshore rigs and leave it to Newpark to spend $30m in what is basically a dead market. And then Dumb and Dumber try to present it... read more

Stupid decision #3

Keeping the cigar chomping Scotsman on way past his prime. PB made him look good. Bs had NO people skills, no loyalty towards anyone and worst of all brought on PV as his replacement. He didn't have the cajones to stand up for WW and DV who among... read more
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Stupid decision #2: BRAZIL

Squarely on dumb and dumber shoulders. Haven't turned a profit since opening almost 10 years ago. Will never turn a profit working for Petrobras. Numerous Mgmt changes-same results. Only good thing is a nice vacation spot for NP mgmt on supposed... read more
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Stupid decisions = stupid results

Long time shareholder and occasional lurker. Last CC, Paul talked about NP making tough decisions. After seeing what has transpired in the past 2 years, I see a lot of STUPID DECISIONS and the quarterly results continue confirming my opinion. More... read more

Smoke and Mirrors

Do you really expect us to believe that you will see increased revenues for GOM? No way you are talking today and expecting work tomorrow or last half of this year out of a 20 rig market that is also weakening every day. Doesn't happen that way in... read more

Bozo the clown

Sad day for NP employees and shareholders, Bozo takes over tomorrow, hand picked by Dumb and Dumber. Be sure and express your gratitude to them. Bozo is living proof that has shown the ability to run a former great service company into the ground... read more


1st annual putt putt golf tournament at Walden Woods on July 4. We are in dire need of sponsors as we are lacking the funds to pull this off. We will also have a Dumb & Dumber dunk booth which will raise lots of dinero. This will be your big chance... read more

Newpark better be watching the rear view mirror

CES is about to run flat over them. So much better diversified and a management team that is proactive-rather than reactive. One company comments about technology and growth. The other talks about getting a big tax refund. You can figure it out!!!

Based on Uruguay

Do they expect us to applaud the 2 international awards? After all, when it was all said and done Uruguay actually cost NDF $$$. More of the Dumb and Dumber brainpower at work. Never ending story, just like Brazil.

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