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Not eligible for rehire

This needs to be mandatory for PH, GP, MA, BS, PV and BC. All have caused the demise of NP. Really sad the damage caused by these illiterates.

Fluids loses $7.5m in Q4

Winner winner chicken dinner. I correctly forecasted >$7m losses in Q4, knew all you delusional blowhards couldn't see it. Well guess what, more losses in Q1. There will be blood. Adios amigo

Newpark to start chipping employees

Newpark to start chipping employees By the end of 2017, 55% of all Newpark salaried employees will have a gps chip implanted in their buttocks. By 2018 Newpark employees, hourly, exempt and non-exempt will all be chipped, Newpark will have the... read more

Newpark to start chipping employees

Devon to start chipping employees By the end of 2017, 55% of all Devon salaried employees will have a gps chip implanted in their buttocks. By 2018 Newpark employees, hourly, exempt and non-exempt will all be chipped, Newpark will have the ability to... read more
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In NA fluids, he is either dumb or desperate. After looking at the list of John Boys cut list some explaining is in order. His A-- needs to be called on the carpet.

Newpark warns of soft Q3 numbers

$9m loss might be low for Q3... What: Shares of Newpark Resources Inc (NYSE:NR) fell more than 15% in early trading on Wednesday. Fueling the falling stock price was a warning from the company that the third-quarter results from its fluids and mats... read more

How does it feel

How does it feel to go to work at NP knowing that your company is losing $150k EVERY DAY? Or knowing that Corporate expense still is costing $7m quarterly? Or knowing that your NA prez is encouraging BU's to prop up revenues no matter what the loss?... read more

Katy Mason's Rd

Wow it really looks and feels like walking dead around here all U need to do is fall over. This looks real sad

Biased management

Biased management. The layoffs are based on wether you were male, white and over 50. Whether you sucked up to John Boy and regional supervisors, not how you perform the job or demonstrate morale. This place is all about who your friends with within a... read more

John Boy oh John Boy

What shall ye say bout q2? With all of your Evolution Revolution sales revenue should not be a problem? Fill us in John Boy

NDF Northeast US

King Phil: inquiring minds would like to know how you can justify RIF'ing a loyal, established salesman that had us work with Range for years and keeping a blowhard newbie salesman from HAL that hasn't sold a sack of mud for NDF???? It took all of 2... read more

Uruguay project???

Hear things are a clusterf**k down there. Don't worry Gocke can fix it - just like he did at MCCF. What is the definition of insanity????? Another in a long list of Scotsman's failures.

Incompetence eventually receives its just rewards

You are getting close to the people behind the root cause of the majority of the company's issues, but those people have still not been dealt with. As with any disease, you can treat the symptoms and survive a little longer...but in time, the disease... read more


Way to go Phil! You have taken a well oiled highly respected Billion dollar money making machine and turned it into a broken, money losing, no morale POS. Must be the Oxford way of doing things. Tick, tick, tick your time is running out. You might... read more

NR posts $13.3 Q1 loss

Fluids actually lost $15.2 million on revenues of $98.7 million. Great job Dumb and Dumber! Corp office $7.3 million liability. Cash down to $82 million. Folks, the mighty Titanic is sinking. Soooooo much for all the Katy delusional blowhards... read more


Yes I wonder who is next take a guess will it be in Katy or west Texas I the Denver in on the down low what U think Joe Blow

Holly Crap

I thought NP was screwed up when I worked there years ago. Sounds like the 1st qt earnings call will be informative or not?

Phil's exit strategy???

Hey Phil, have you figured out your own exit strategy? We all know that is your favorite Alpha Male power move. We will even throw you a big party. Time for your own exit King Phil.
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NDF Katy office

Guess all the BS about things being good in Katy was all "smoke and mirrors". Word on the street is big names getting cut. Realignment of NA drilling fluids. When you lose big $$$ 3 of last 4 qtrs. heads will roll. Too bad it's not starting on 3rd... read more

Newpark Age Discrimination??

Newpark is setting themselves up for a class action age discrimination suit. Age of Employees recently cut: 85+, 82+, 68+, 65+, 62+, 62+, 60+, 58+, 57+, 55+, 50+. Cut the old productive proven employees and kept young unproven ones. Has age... read more

Letter from Newpark HR

To: All NR Employees From: NR Human Resources RE: Layoffs As a result of the reduction of money for department areas, we are forced to cut down on our number of personnel. Under this plan, older employees will be asked to go on early retirement, thus... read more

Letter to Paul Howes

Paul~We are taking a chance in hopes that you will read and comprehend this. The experiment with Phil must come to a end. His lack of performance, poor people skills, understanding of the mud business and acceptance of the culture of NDF has been... read more

Bye Bye Newpark

Ole King Cole will be proud to see the Newpark whale beached, bloated and left to rot. Morale is so bad here no one wants to show up. Vollands arrogance and lack of business knowledge is certainly showing. At least with Bennett we had a voice. You... read more

NDF leadership

After hearing the excuses offered up by Howes on the CC, let me offer Food for thought. NDF is in big time trouble due to a lack of leadership. North America is led by Dumb PV, who doesn't know a thing about the mud biz. Didn't PV get canned by... read more

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