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Rig Count 284

Down 17. How low she go? I say rig count bottoms out in June at 250-275. Slim pickings for sure. Q2 numbers will be ugly folks. Reactive vs proactive management takes too long to adjust to market. What happened to all the “we can differentiate... —  read more 

PR for Newpark

From a brokerage analyst who sums up what we have ALL said the past 5 years: Some stocks are best avoided. We don't wish catastrophic capital loss on anyone. Spare a thought for those who held Newpark Resources, Inc. (NYSE:NR) for five whole years... —  read more 

Reduction in Workforce

Look out for your neighbors disappearing. If Corona doesn’t get them, maybe the RIF will. Round one is top earners. Round Two performance problems. Round three Is reserved for those that crossed GP’s path. Keep your head down and your resume fresh.

The 3 stages of Newpark

Stage 1: 2000-2014. The builders. Those who built the company Stage 2: 2014-2020. The PV Millenials. Those who rode it straight into the ground Stage 3: 2020- . The fools. Those who stayed and watched it sold for pennies on the dollar

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NPDF Q4 debaucle

$18.1m Q4 operating loss in fluids. -13.5% margins. Need to “right size” starting in the Woodlands. More short term debt, less assets, higher total liabilities, less stockholders equity and less cash on hand. And still carrying $43m for goodwill... —  read more 

781 and $5.49

Rig count 781. Stock price $5.49. So much for the “brilliant strategizing”. Welcome to the real oilfield-Scotsman. Time to start earning your $$$

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Rig count 803

Down 3 for the week, down 276 for the year. Looks like whoever called 800 hit the nail on the head. NP selling $50 OBM ain’t helping margins either

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Another losing quarter

NP still losing $$. Fluids margin was 3.8%, not even enough to cover corporate op-ex. More excuses, Gulf not carrying their weight, blah blah blah. BUT we are positive cash flow. That’s the ONLY bright spot for PH. Oh yeah we bought a toilet... —  read more 

The new presidents sweet deal

I truly hope anyone that has ever contributed a shred of profitability and is still left demands a raise TODAY. The new Presidents deal completely shreds any common sense left in the NP toolkit. Let’s see, you hire a guy who isn’t a US citizen nor... —  read more 

Age discrimination at NP???

Just look around you - what's the one thing you notice? The faces that are looking back at you are getting MUCH younger after every layoff, and older employees are few and far between. Is there really nothing to be done about this? It's certainly not... —  read more 

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It’s unfortunate that it came to this, but when folks are screaming for years and nobody listens, this is bound to happen

As a former shareholder, I wonder if executive management takes 1 minute of their day to read any of these posts. While I do understand that their are a lot or folks that have been done wrong by the company and post at times ridiculous comments... —  read more 

Did anyone notice?

Q1 conference call, PH alludes to upcoming costs of $1-2m in Q2 for consulting charges as part of long term strategy. Let me get this right: on top of Corp officers pay and perks, Board stock and perks ~ you have TO PAY someone to TELL YOU HOW TO RUN... —  read more 


It’s really nice to see your poor contribution recognized on the quarterly conference call! Down 25~30% from Q4. Continue to give it away, operators are seeing your lack of performance and technical failures in Mid Continent. LMAO😂😂😂

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Why does Newpark allow?

Business unit managers to hire brother-in-law trucking companies as vendors? Wouldn’t this constitute a blatant conflict of interest? They need to look closely and see this directly in front of them. Or do they really care

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