Topics regarding layoffs at Newpark Resources Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Newpark Resources Inc.

A steaming pile of Sh**

Fluids q3 snapshot: $24.2 m LOSS, -14.3% margins. Cash on hand: substantially lower, current debt: substantially higher. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it really does. You functional illiterates need a business class on how to run a... —  read more 

Q2 2022 Financials/CC

Simply laughable. 0 analysts with questions. A long term going out of business sale! Every officer of the company should be fired today. Every manager and salesman that has not been consistently turning 50% margins or greater, should be sh-t... —  read more 

More of the same

Q4 financials out this afternoon. Fluids with a profit of $900k on an underwhelming .7 margin! But this is without corporate overhead of $26m. And read further down folks, $4.3m sales of property, equipment and assets contribute as well. Not to... —  read more 

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The Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, And all thru Howes house Not even a sound More Lost money just blowing around Come Paterson, come Vollands Come Armand, come all Howes will say your the ones That really dropped the ball As we all predicted The... —  read more 

What a legacy!

Continued quarterly losses with negative margins. By almost all metrics, failure at all levels. PH’s decision to “get younger” is the gift that keeps on giving! Enjoy this options boys! Fluids is the laughing stock of the patch.

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Donkey BBQ Q3

$24m q3 loss for NP. Fluids contributes $19m loss with NEGATIVE 28% margins. But, but, but - we have increased market share. Amazing marketing plan NOT. Give it away and play the blame game on Hurricane season. PH AINT gotta clue.

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Rig Count 284

Down 17. How low she go? I say rig count bottoms out in June at 250-275. Slim pickings for sure. Q2 numbers will be ugly folks. Reactive vs proactive management takes too long to adjust to market. What happened to all the “we can differentiate... —  read more 

PR for Newpark

From a brokerage analyst who sums up what we have ALL said the past 5 years: Some stocks are best avoided. We don't wish catastrophic capital loss on anyone. Spare a thought for those who held Newpark Resources, Inc. (NYSE:NR) for five whole years... —  read more 

Reduction in Workforce

Look out for your neighbors disappearing. If Corona doesn’t get them, maybe the RIF will. Round one is top earners. Round Two performance problems. Round three Is reserved for those that crossed GP’s path. Keep your head down and your resume fresh.

The 3 stages of Newpark

Stage 1: 2000-2014. The builders. Those who built the company Stage 2: 2014-2020. The PV Millenials. Those who rode it straight into the ground Stage 3: 2020- . The fools. Those who stayed and watched it sold for pennies on the dollar —  read more 

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