Topics regarding layoffs at Nielsen

Topics regarding layoffs at Nielsen


Many have asked about severance benefits. It’s pretty straightforward and simple. With the exception to 401k whatever you had set up on your last day of employment is what you’ll have through the end of your deference. My personal situation. I had... —  read more 

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Question for the next town hall

The next time they have a town hall— Someone should ask why the company is giving millions of dollars to that thug Habib as a consultant. He and other former Nielsen executives are calling the shots on these layoffs if you can believe it. I didn’t... —  read more 

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Job market trends

I am worried about how long my search for a new job will take. It seems to me that I will have to accept a worse offer than what I had here. Do you think the situation on the job market will get even worse in the future or will it start to improve?... —  read more 

Week 3 - Nielsen Layoffs

Many departments in the U.S. were hit hard with the first round of layoffs; some were were gone within an hour of communication, some were given extended last day. Adding to the layoff issues is the reorganization of Nielsen; associates are being... —  read more 

Job market experiences

At the moment, I am most occupied with looking for a new job while I still have a job and a source of income. In my opinion, it can only get worse here. However, I have less and less hope that I will be able to get a new opportunity before I find... —  read more 

Layoff in UK,London

I am newly joint employee before few months. May I know if there are any news regarding layoffs in UK? 2 people got fired from our US team. Still there are no news about UK. Please if anyone can throw light on it.

Next U.S. round

Now that other parts of the world are done (or at least I think they are), when will cuts continue here? I think we all know we're far from over so more layoffs are inevitable. The only question remains when can we expect them to happen? Within the... —  read more 

I wish I was laid off

I'm not minimizing what people are going through but Nielsen is now a dead-end career-wise. Being laid-off is scary but after the first shock is gone, things can only improve. Not to mention, the job market is still not as bad as some think, so being... —  read more 

This is too much

The fact that right after layoffs are done I can't stop worrying about more coming maybe as soon as later this month is not normal. It's the weekend and all I'm doing is looking for more info on what's to come instead of relaxing with a game or a... —  read more 

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