Topics regarding layoffs at Nielsen

Topics regarding layoffs at Nielsen

Low quality replacements

The lack of critical thinking and common sense that these replacements have is astonishing. Can’t think outside the box, need to be spoon fed, communication in English is horrible. You give them a book and tell them to turn to page 26, they say “ok... —  read more 

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I am not training my replacement

Training a replacement is the red line. I do not care if I am having a new job lined up by then, I am not doing it. Is there a reason to allow them to squeeze you like a lemon and then discard you like you are nothing? Nope.

People are scared

Suddenly (Senior) Product Owners (whatever that is) are more active than ever -- active in the sense that they still do nothing but these days they really try hard to appear to be working, it's funny to watch! People are scared, but that impacts... —  read more 

Well thought-out layoffs, not

You can see it every day. There is obviously no clear idea of reorg. They are coming up with new names every day. We have no clue who’s next, based on which criteria, and how long this is going to last. Well managed, all of it.

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More layoffs in the next few days

I'm not sure this is even news anymore, but I overheard a manger in my group say they have official word on who is getting axed next. I'm guessing that means the lay offs will be in the next few days. I'm in analytics in the US.

AIP Info - What's the latest?

I've heard some conflicting info, such as commercial teams not getting any 4th quarter '23 SIP bonus, and AIP-eligible employees getting paid out on March 15th but yet without any detail on the % payout. I've asked the HR person multiple times for... —  read more 

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Hmm Conglomerate!

If Nielsen was threatened to be broken up prior to internet ratings and expanding globally. Shouldn’t it definitely be considered a Conglomerate now? Keep U.S. ratings in the U.S., I know families don’t watch this overrated junk and sticks to... —  read more 

Read between the lines

Townhall was just a contradiction, at every turn. “We value our employees“, “we are looking to modernization“, I think we all know that means they are going to try to engage more AI and remote recruiters instead of having MR’s and FRS in the field I... —  read more 

How are you holding up?

I left Nielsen some time ago, and was fortunate to land a decent job. I see that you all are going through quite a mess now. I can’t say I am surprised. Once you leave that place, your perspective will change, trust me. There are other opportunities... —  read more 

The end goal

Any thoughts on how many people this management is looking to keep on board with layoffs? Are they aiming for a specific number that they think the company can run with, or is it more like they're just gonna keep laying off people until they start... —  read more 

Deleted posts

Was it all a dream, or were both the original post about nepotism in the Malaysia(?) office and the follow up post after the original was deleted, deleted?

I’m Sorry Karthik

All of this has got me realizing that I’ve been short sighted and selfish. I just feel terrible for robbing the shareholders by taking a salary. Nobody ever thinks of them and I for one cannot sit by idle any longer and not champion their cause. Im... —  read more 

Starting over in your 40s

Never thought that I would be starting over in my 40s after being with the company almost 20 years. And from what I’m seeing, the job market is not looking good. I’ll be competing against younger cheaper talent. Any kind of pay cut will be hard on... —  read more 

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