Topics regarding layoffs at Nielsen

Topics regarding layoffs at Nielsen

Non Compete

I am currently interviewing with a company that I think might be a competitor of Nielsen but I am not sure. I am trying to understand the severance agreement I signed and hoping someone can help me out. Are we not allowed to work for a competitor... —  read more 

We who remain

To the people who were part of the layoffs. While it was painful and probably life changing to many, you now have the opportunity to move forward with your lives. Use the severance pay to plan for the next stage of your work life. We who remain... —  read more 

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Be truthful to your employees

Moral is at an all time low. Mid-Managers keep trying to spin positives after every TownHall or meeting. Please stop trying to spin every move as a positive, be truthful to your employees. Lower level employees don’t care to hear what managers... —  read more 

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Meanwhile ... in Belgium

They're trying to fire us since... January! Social laws are so strong in Belgium that the layoff is taking a while ... Now they say that we will know more in two weeks.... What we already know is that we're going to be overworked as our fellow... —  read more 

The boat is sinking

It seems like higher ups seem to just say what they want to be heard, and not the truth. Lower lying employees are taken advantage of and the delegation has gotten to the point where even the best employees are completely overwhelmed and exhausted... —  read more 

Downward spiral

It's really depressing to watch everything that is happening in this company because I think it used to be really nice to work here. Now this is just a shadow of the former company. The question is, how far is this place from the rock bottom?

Employee morale

I'd like to know if those in charge actually know how the employees feel. Do they even realize that we've reached the point where morale is at rock bottom? And if they do know, do they even give a damn about turning things around and boosting the... —  read more 

Distract Employees Initiative (DEI)

The 16th of March Marks Another Announcement Negatively Impacting Employees but Fear Not Nielsenites!! We Have DEI To The Rescue. You Will Be So Busy With Identity Politics You Won't Notice How Bad The Company Treats You!!

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Nielsen is done

By now, it should be common knowledge that Nielsen is done. Everyone should have an exit strategy, without exception. The company is destined to dwindle to a point where it's nothing but a mere skeleton unable to sustain itself. In the end, it will... —  read more 

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