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Low Stock Price

Is anyone worried that Nielsen will have layoffs in the near future because of the plunging stock price? They seem to be pinching pennies more thN usual.

Diversity and Inclusive

David Kenny,,,,,,,Thank you so much for your town hall in Tampa during the day that concluded into the beginning of the week with fun and festivities that did not include staff , Audio and usual we are not inclusive as this... —  read more 

How many people work at Nielsen?

What's your guess on how many employees the company will have before the end of the year? How about the overall headcount? And headcount at NYC?

Nielsen Scarborough Tampa

So we all know big business in this company is because of Scarborough Research. So explain why the staff at this part of the company which is mostly part time still treated like we are a not part of Nielsen Corporate. We work nights and no... —  read more 

Bahamas Dorian

Nielsen US has stepped up as a global partner what are we doing to help the Bahamas. Give your employees guidance and we will help. They are 50 miles of our shores in Florida and our greatest allies. USA has stepped up what are we doing David Kenny?... —  read more 

Shareholders get raises workers do not

Look at history of raises the shareholders got. Compare it to average worker raise at NLSN. Only stakeholder NLSN cares for is wall street. The numbers tell the story.


Every day more folks being brought back to Tampa. Great coworkers. Smart resilient and trust worthy. Bring back US jobs and we can save this company. I see it every day.

Where are we headed?

Nielsen is on a hiring spree for the IT department and they're really good talented folks now. They're rebranding. But at the same time, stocks are plummeting and it's on the verge of getting sold. What is the future like ?

Nielsen Scarborough Tampa

Senior management needs to review how staff is treated here. Research Interviewers are under extreme pressure. If you do not commit to additional hours you are being held accountable. These are part time positions with no full benefits. Index... —  read more 

New York Post Article July 30: Nielsen selling for parts.

I read an article stating no one will buy Nielsen for $17B which includes about $8 B of debt so they will sell for parts


Does anyone know if Nielsen still provides severance? A friend of my husband was let go after 6 years but was told to file for unemployment.

Nielsen is backwards regarding technology

Many people don't want to carry a pager looking thing now that they're all bracelets. Smart watches etc. The company is dying and they keep acquiring other companies for what? It's actually best for it to be bought for parts because it's not getting... —  read more 

Membership Rep

Does anyone know what's planned in the US. I've been told it's organizational changes but we won't be fired. We however keep paying for the Buy side. I don't trust it for a second. Does anyone remember what Nielsen did to Arbitron Rep? Dying to know... —  read more 

Massive cull coming

My spouse works there in a function that knows these things. Massive budget cuts and layoffs occurring soon.

IDC to be cut

Just heard IDC will be taking a 50% cut in staff in February in the BUY division - about 400 people so as you can imagine its not a good place to work at the moment so many good people have left IDC is bloated and too many old-timers who have spent... —  read more 

Oxford Today 09.01.19

Just been given a notice that my role may be redundant - I work in Global Reports Centre and with the IDC - once again good workers are targetted - I have 2 kids and a mortgage and have been here just over 3 years - not impressed as all my work has... —  read more 

Poland Super Hub

The plan for a Super Hub in Poland - to cut costs Its up and running - some good people I have just been doing training and was asked ; 1) What does FMCG stand for? 2) What is an ASCII file? To be honest our service will suffer if we employee... —  read more 

Christmas 2018

Things are so bad that the main campus in Oldsmar had their annual Christmas celebration and by the time the night time Scarborough and Audio part time people got there all the food and water was gone. It was pathetic. So about 130 people had dirty... —  read more 

Drip by drip redundancy at Nielsen

Its drip by drip on Redundancy - a small amount of employees leave each week from the major site I work from - this has been happening for weeks Also company is not telling the truth - Blaming GDPR on financial results - this is not true as most BUY... —  read more 

Diversity is our strength

Unless you mean the strength of the stock price. Nielsen implemented "Diversity" at same time stock started the downward cycle. Coincidence?!?

700+ Laid off by Nielsen in Florida

Here is the WARN notice... State of Florida - WARN Notice Company Name: Nielsen Number of Laid off Employees: 724 Address 1: Address 2: Statewide City: Statewide, FL WARN Notice Date: Mon 03/26/2018 Layoff From: Thu 05/24/2018 Layoff To: Sat... —  read more 

Nielsen Leadership Guide


Save your job - start a union

The grass isn't greener elsewhere. Every company is pulling this crap now. They are booting out invaluable employees for short term gains while sending the company down the gutter in the long term. Your boss won't save you or your position. Organize... —  read more 


June 2018

More redundancy - this company is going down the pan. IRI are winning big in USA and Nielsen are too expensive for most only the very large companies can afford them. Its all about cost cutting and strategy is very weak - layer upon layer of... —  read more 

Global cull of colleagues

Big number of people losing their jobs globally. In western Europe many good and very experienced people losing their jobs to pay for the mismanagement of those at the top in the US. Seems like the company is run to make share holders and the short... —  read more 

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Layoffs have been occurring at Nielsen consistently at the end of every quarter since 2015. US Buy hasn’t bounced back and they need funds to move forward with the connected system. This means cutting jobs and salaries, replacing what they have with... —  read more 

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