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Field Training Program

I keep getting told to attend training in Tennessee at the Field Training office. We are seeing layoffs but this is still up and running. That’s messed up.

New Nissan restructuring measures on top of July plan

Japan’s second biggest carmaker is set to eliminate at least 4,300 white-collar jobs and shut two manufacturing sites as part of broader plans to add at least 480 billion yen ($4.4 billion) to its bottom line by 2023, mostly at head offices in the... —  read more 

More layoffs coming to Nissan

Decherd layoffs are coming. No new contracts are being issued to the machining department at plant 1. It won’t happen over night but it will slowly phase out. This was posted in an older thread as a reply, but I thought it belonged on the top for... —  read more 

Nissan Layoffs 2019

Let's use this thread to aggregate any updates you may have on Nissan layoffs for 2019. I am OK if we have multiple threads but let's share the initial info in this thread and see if the forum picks up.

Some good news

Nissan cut the number of layoffs in Canton. I know that's not much of a comfort to those who were laid off, but it could be considered a good sign for the rest of us... —  read more 

2019 Layoffs in Works

Just like Ford and GM now it's Nissan's turn. If you are affected I wish you all the best.

More layoffs by Nissan

550 workers are being laid off by Nissan in Cuernavaca. On one hand, hearing about layoffs being in Mexico is a relief, but on another hand, if situation is that bad that people are getting laid off in Mexico, where pay is as low as it gets, we can't... —  read more 

July 2017 layoffs for Nissan dealers, are we next?

Our sales are so low that several of our exclusive dealers around the world have had to lay off a bunch of people. I am not sure what to think, and how long before we are hit with a round of layoffs once again. It does not look like things are about... —  read more 

10% back in 2009

We cut around 10 pct of our global workforce back in 2009, layoffs are still going on, dont know whats gonna happen, but it's looking pretty good right now. the industry is doing good all companies are making money and nissan is not an exception

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