Topics regarding layoffs at Noble Energy Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Noble Energy Inc.

Oil Hits a Five Year High Today

Oil hit a five year high. Since Noble was sold, the price of oil has consistently gone up. They ran the divestiture price file at $50 flat. In order to make money you buy low and sell high, not vice versa. Terrible business decision.

NEC Campus Updates?

Does anyone have information about what is going to happen to Noble's two buildings? There were rumors that Noble 1 was up for sale but now it's not, and that Noble 2 was being marketed for sublease...but now it's not. Are people coming back? Is... —  read more 

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Brent Crude Over $70

Less than a year after the acquisition of Noble by Chevron and oil and gas prices up strongly. Noble stock would have clearly outperformed Chevron stock. It was a bad deal for Noble shareholders. Where is the justice?

Eagle Ford

Only a handful of Noble Eagle Ford employees were offered a Chervon position. Many are concerned Chevron will sell these assets. Anyone heard anything?

Any vision?

What bothers me the most is that Noble no longer has any vision without which the situation can only get worse. Management seems pretty clueless to me. I used to be proud to work in this company, but now I no longer have any motivation for work. If... —  read more 

WTI at $60

DS ran Noble's forward looking economics at $50 flat. Looks like that was a pessimistic assumption. Of course, what he was really trying to do was sell out and cash in. Only thinking of himself and not the company or the employees. He made the... —  read more 

More cuts?

The writing is on the wall, more cuts ahead. Many were told they were safe but weren’t given a job offer. Still in limbo wondering what’s going on.

I am disappointed

there are so many things that are disappointing about the destruction of what used to be a good solid company at one time. I think one of the more disappointing things will be the inevitable lack of comments on this page, about a company that no... —  read more 

Anybody remember Africa?

So Chevron owns everything Noble except West Africa? Apparently West Africa is still independently Noble and everyone seems to have forgotten about it. There is a handful of Noble employees and contractors just working day in day out like nothing... —  read more 

I just got the call

I was in a meeting and was told by my boss to disconnect. I was then called by HR and in a very short meeting, I was told my services would not longer be a fit for the company. I guess I am happy to know and not bite my finger nails all week. DS... —  read more 

Here we go...

The countdown is on. Wonder what the per capita alcohol consumption of Noble employees is tonight... Good luck to most of you. Good f—ing riddance to some of you. I’ve only been at Noble a few years, but have been amazed how it’s populated with... —  read more 

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