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Still no head of HR

It's been over nearly 2 months since the LR (former SVP HR) left and we still don't have a replacement. Honestly, anything will be an improvement over the previous person. CG (VP HR) is a clone of LR - not a compliment!!! Our HR department has to be... read more

Who decides who gets laid off?

I've been thinking about this, especially with more layoffs pretty much a guarantee after Noble's latest results, and I can't figure out how it's decided who is put on the list to be laid off. Most of the time we lose some of our best people, those... read more

Same old same old

So much for bringing in a new President & changing the company. Seems like it’s business as usual around here. No house cleaning... what’s the holdup??

EEOC Letter?

I’m hearing that a number of ex Noble employees in Denver have received a letter from Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The letter states that Noble is being investigated by the EEOC for age discrimination. Anyone else heard of this?

Noble big earnings miss

Oh gee I am shocked about Noble’s big earnings miss. Where is all of that “breakthrough “ thinking? Isn’t GAP training working out for everyone? How does this management team keep their jobs?

Mass exodus in revenue accounting

Seven resignations within two months? That group can't keep people, you would think mgmt would take an honest self assessment. Same thing happened about a year ago. Apparently, the section is the dumpster fire of Noble Energy


The best thing to happen to Noble would be a buyout by someone bigger. Noble continues to under perform. There is huge profit to unlock by someone else who can assess the value in our assets and increase returns. Current management has been a road... read more

Wishful Thinking

Notice the 7% increase in stock price today?? It wasn’t because Noble did anything great (all they have done in the last 4 years is sell assets), but because the stock market is hoping for a takeover in order to get real leadership.

Is everyone as excited as I am?

These are exciting times for Noble. We have a new president from Canada. With an abundance of experience in turning companies around and making them profitable and their people happy and content. I am so excited about the near future I could burst.

Rumor mill

Hearing people in the hall talking about another reorg, anybody else hear anything?

Can we get new management?

Our current management is completely incompetent and is leading Noble Energy towards complete ruin. The only thing they really know how to do is surround themselves with yes men who will never challenge them on anything. This is why we are losing... read more


NBL has two jets, both configured for corporate vanity flights. Why not take one and sell it or at least reconfigure it to hold 19 passengers as a shuttle plane for trips to and from Midland and other places? Leave one for the DS BS and KF to tool... read more


So, do we get to participate in the payout this year (besides the peanuts) or is it reserved for the big money folks who have done such a wonderful job for the company over the last few years?


How is the GAP training going? Have you all had some serious "break through" thinking yet? Maybe Noble's stock price could break through $20.00 / share sometime this year... So happy to be gone from Noble. How is that for "break through" thinking!

How to make money the Noble way

Johnny and Billy are in separate but similar energy businesses. Johnny sees a play developing. Billy has property there. Johnny and Billy let prices rise as the play develops. Johnny gets money from investors and loans and pays exhorbitant price for... read more

Sock price

Have you seen the stock price of this company? Can you say worthless? Soon to go under $20.00 / share. An all time low.

GW gone. DS on the way out. Take KF too.

finance/IT is screwed up. If you have any doubt take a look at the org chart. Only an insane person could design that. And why so many finance/IT managers and directors for such a small company? Lots of FAT in Finance and IT. Same for Exploration and... read more

Penny Stoke

Hey DS!!!! What’s your 2020 goal? For Noble stock to be a penny stock. Way to go tiger.

Layoffs coming again

Noticed an increase in closed door meetings. Could signal yet another round of layoffs. Executive management is responsible for this mess. The best thing for Noble would be a 50% pay cut for the execs. We cant afford to lose people who actually work... read more

Noble signs the Egypt deal

Don’t see anybody posting this, so just in case somebody missed it: negotiations are finally over. Noble signed multiple deals to support natural gas delivery from Leviathan and Tamar fieldes to Egypt through existing infrastructure. Not exactly a... read more

next round of layoffs

inquiring minds want to know how management will respond once the market realizes that the Leviathan project should have been named the Lilliputian project (look up the definition).


is about to hit the fan. Thank you CEO CFO COO SVPs VPs BOD. Who gets promoted, shoved aside, fired, and for what? The stench of harassment and discrimination permeates this organization. "Enquiring Minds Want to Know!". Maybe we should reveal one at... read more

Employee survey

I presume once the results come back negative once again they’ll just replace the survey company again until they can get the results that makes upper management feel good about themselves. Compensation will remain well below market. Thoughts?


Why are so many people leaving Revenue? There’s been a mass exodus over the last year since JN retired. This is not good news for the new guy.

Accounting and Finance

It’s interesting how many positions ar open at Noble...some have been open for a while. Why are they having a hard time finding people to come work for them? Could it be their lack or stability? Could it be the fact that their turnover rate is... read more

Sinking Ship

Noble is a sinking ship. It’s been that way for years. Anyone not on the Board or at the very top of this food chain is no better than a slave chained in the bowels of the ship’s cargo hull. If you don’t break free, you will go down with the ship or... read more

This needed to be said

It’s a realization that Noble is a subpar company. Most of the people who leave will do much better elsewhere. I don’t know anyone who would work for Noble. They have no chance of recruiting and keeping experienced quality people. You can’t act like... read more


Barring someone doing something terribly wrong, do you think the execs leaving knew they needed to get out sooner due to collapse or something similar?

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