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WTI; $42.20, High of $43.52 HMMM

Maybe the Costco guy really was seeing the tide turn. Pay attention to the collective guys “on the street” as they’re seeing what’s going on first hand. Research analysts are smart people but they see things on a delayed basis. (Hopefully none... —  read more 

Question about A. Johnson

Someone said that he was currenlty or previoulsy affiliated with Catholic Charities. Does anyone know? If so, they should be made aware of his checkered past.

DS with no golden parachute

DS is a joke in the oil & gas industry. He ruined a 100 year old company ! He is the most pathetic individual to run a company that was once a great company until he became the so-called main man in charge. He’s a joke. The board of directors all... —  read more 

Dumpster fire

Ok, let's just level with one another, fellow LayOff'ers. Noble is and has been a dumpster fire. Chuck D. was a good man, honorable and had integrity. When he left, all of that went right out the door with him. Dave tried, but he failed...being a... —  read more 

Hey what about Noble’s art collection ?

Now that Noble is going away, who will inherit all the “art” that adorns the Noble office - you know, the pieces AJ squandered megabucks of share holder money on? Will Chevron hold a garage sale? I’m most curious about the inflatable tree root that... —  read more 

Part Timers and the 180 day time frame

What will happen when you are not brought back to Full Time within the 180 day furlough and part time work status classification? In no meeting I have been in has this come up or been mentioned. I put the question in "anonymously" for the boss'... —  read more 

No reason to work hard

Given that chevron is buying Noble, your manager will have no say in your bonus (or job). So relax. Spend time with your kids. Watch Netflix. Don’t check your email after 4 pm or on weekends. Don’t polish your deliverables. Enjoy life and milk it for... —  read more 

Offices Post Acquisition

What do you expect to happen with the offices post acquisition? Will subsurface and technical staff be assigned to Greeley, Denver, or Houston?

We will pay the price of this acquisition

It is never the employees of the new owner who are the main target of layoffs. The first and the worst cost cutting measures always involve the acquired company and its employees. All the positions that can be consolidated will be - by cutting the... —  read more 

Noble Stock

What happens to Noble stock in your 401k? I don’t have much but was hoping it would at least get to half of what I paid before selling. Will it convert to Chevron stock or do we have to sell it at the current price?


The leaders of this sank ship are going to get millions!!! A reward of millions of dollars for running this company into the ground. DS 29 million BS 15 million All bigwigs below that 5-9 million What are the people that do the work gonna... —  read more 


Is Midstream included in the acquisition by Chevron?

Emed BU & capital expansion projects

What’s gonna happen to the legacy assets Lev & Tam and all the work for Egypt and Cyprus and dreams of a LNG plant or pipeline?? Think we get sold??? It’s a political nightmare that Chevron won’t care for. Not to mention the LNG and spot has rates... —  read more 

Execs response is shockingly tone deaf

Why the videos claiming this is about aligned values? This was about cash, period. How can management not realize people are afraid of even more job cuts here? Instead of leading and addressing that, they insist on cheerleading nonsense. This isn’t a... —  read more 

Hey guys. Anadarko here.

Just lurking around wishing I was you. Good luck with the acquisition. So happy for you guys. Maybe you can put in a good word for us with CVX. I mean only if you want to. It’s cool. We’re all good.

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Brent Smolik’s video

Looks like a hostage video. Or maybe someone’s confessional. Either way, his constant reference to Chevron’s “investment grade rating” is allllll you need to know about why this is.

Lawyer or class action?

Has anyone hired a lawyer to review the severance documents? I’m assuming it’s not worth the battle, but wondering if anything is negotiable.

How does the re-org fit?

Presumably the most recent re-org was done with Chevron’s input or blessing. Then again, i could see NBL just winging it. Anyone have insight how the acquisition was considered during the re-org?

Change of Control?

Is there Change of Control in Noble for regular employee? or the CoC is just for the big fish?

That’s all folks

From low 20s to selling out at low 10s all in one year. Execs will make their millions while others are left wondering what’s next. Lloyd turned over this morning.

Did Noble lay off again today the 14th July?

I was laid off July 7 the severance page listing ages of staff portion of package Showed 102 people severed. Someone on this site said 240 were let go. Was the remaining 138 let go today?

NBL is the laughing stock of independents

Has th company done anything right? Overpaying for assets. Poor dedication to community - see Ardmore. Laid off the wrong workers. Too many process improvements projects and not able to finish one. Capital projects not producing results. Operational... —  read more 

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