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Topics regarding layoffs at Noble Energy Inc.

Furloughed Employees

Has anyone heard anything about furloughed and part time employees. It is now past 45 days since the furlough started, thought that we would have heard something by now.

NLB's Secret Recording Scandal on Twitter

A long twitter thread on the topic: Not a good look for Noble Energy $NBL. They let General Counsel Arnold Johnson ride off into the sunset with $9 million after he was caught... —  read more 

Walking away...

If I decide to quit, walk away, due to personal health reasons (stress) - am I still eligible for unemployment? I've been with the company for a few years and I'd be applying in Oklahoma. Please let me now.

Tx unemployment

any one have advice on if our severance affects us being able to get unemployment checks??

Layoffs of furloughed workers

It is layoff day at Noble. Minimal severance. 6 months of cheap insurance. I don't know anyone who is part time or full time that has been affected yet, but I'm still waiting to hear.

Might as well start shutting in production

With the WTI oil price at $15/bbl it does not make sense sell oil below cost. Selling oil in this low price environment lowers the NPV of the company since there is only a given amount of oil that Noble owns. The only reason to continuing producing... —  read more 

Does Noble .....

file for bankruptcy or to reorganize by before Jan 1, 2021? I have a difficult time thinking we can stay afloat with how well the company has been managed. Thoughts / comments?

Shale vs conventional

Anybody know what percent of revenue came from shale last year? If we wipe that out can we still survive?

Get Back To Work

Newly released Stanford study suggest economy should not have been shut down. Coronavirus is a nothing burger. Expect a V-shape recovery.

Massive Cuts...

That part of the cycle... Now... Noble Energy Inc. NBL, -9.09% announced a... —  read more 

It’s all great management

I am happy to be at 50%! I love Noble Energy and will do what it takes to help my company survive. I am still working all my hours just so I can better contribute to the wonderful company that believes in my like I believe in them. I trust in my... —  read more 

The email....

Former NBL employee here...... Would someone post the text of the DS email outlining the furlough/part-time?

Ask Yourself

Can this company make money at $20-30 oil, let alone $40-50? It's only a matter of time!


This (Noble) use to be one of the contentious sites on the Now nobody posts here anymore. Proof of how irrelevant Noble has become. That’s a shame.

Where is Noble Headed????

I never would have believed that Noble could be in such a position that it’s stock closed at $3.02/sh. That equates to a market capitalization that probably doesn’t even cover the Houston Ivory Towers cost. Time to Re-boot the entire management/ BOD... —  read more 

Growth predicted for drilling activity in Marcellus

Maybe NBL can buy its old stake back. At a premium, of course. We need to pay top dollar so ds and kf can boast.


Wondering what this call holds in store for the remaining employees.

Noble Way summit complete bust

Noble Way summit complete bust. Not sure who organized it but this year was a complete waste of time. Poor speakers and poor execution.


Apparently we've started permitting wells in the Powder. Hopefully we got in early enough to get a good, cheap position!

BOD Meeting

With Board of Directors Meeting looming, anyone think more layoffs are in store for us?

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