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Growth predicted for drilling activity in Marcellus

Maybe NBL can buy its old stake back. At a premium, of course. We need to pay top dollar so ds and kf can boast.

Noble Way summit complete bust

Noble Way summit complete bust. Not sure who organized it but this year was a complete waste of time. Poor speakers and poor execution.


Apparently we've started permitting wells in the Powder. Hopefully we got in early enough to get a good, cheap position!


Wondering what this call holds in store for the remaining employees.

BOD Meeting

With Board of Directors Meeting looming, anyone think more layoffs are in store for us?

Management has driven Noble into the ground

Continuous bad decisions by Noble's management team have driven this once great company into the ground. They are having to lay off key people to try and survive. 5 rounds in 4 years makes for paranoid non-productive employees and should send a clear... —  read more 

Updated EEOC Letter

A new letter from the EEOC came last week. The investigation continues into Noble’s age discrimination. The letter states due to “staffing changes and limited resources” they have not been able to interview people as quickly as they wanted too. But... —  read more 

Mass exodus in revenue accounting

Seven resignations within two months? That group can't keep people, you would think mgmt would take an honest self assessment. Same thing happened about a year ago. Apparently, the section is the dumpster fire of Noble Energy

EEOC Letter?

I’m hearing that a number of ex Noble employees in Denver have received a letter from Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The letter states that Noble is being investigated by the EEOC for age discrimination. Anyone else heard of this?

Green badge carnage

Glad I am contractor. Bloodshed everywhere lately. Not to mention the garage sale on midstream.

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SCM next, then ops

Trying to keep impact on operations at a minimum so they will hit those closest to the sales point last. Still a few weeks left. Spreading it out to avoid public disclosure requirements.

NBLX Sale Looming?

I heard the officers and directors of the Midstream company are leaving to start a competitor. Is that true?

Humorous Town Hall

Watching Senior Executives act like cheerleaders at last meeting. Looked like bobble heads trying to get DS’s approval. Thank heavens for Leviathan. Another CD lifeline keeping us afloat.

I’m hearing August 8.

Noble’s history is to lay-off on a Tuesday. August 8 is a Thursday. So who knows. Noble has mastered layoffs by now... they are experts at layoffs. Doing it more frequently than any other company since 2015.


Here is how this morning is gonna play out. Statements will be made about how well we are doing and how how bright the future is for Noble. How Midstream profits are up (Even though the stock is 1/2 what is was this time last year), and how Safety... —  read more 

Severance Package

Does anybody know what the severance package has been during these layoffs?

Still no head of HR

It's been over nearly 2 months since the LR (former SVP HR) left and we still don't have a replacement. Honestly, anything will be an improvement over the previous person. CG (VP HR) is a clone of LR - not a compliment!!! Our HR department has to be... —  read more 

More Layoffs?

Are there layoff happening? I heard that there were people let go today.


"If micro-management thrives and there is no trust in your organization, you are looking down the barrel of a toxic work culture."... —  read more 

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Who decides who gets laid off?

I've been thinking about this, especially with more layoffs pretty much a guarantee after Noble's latest results, and I can't figure out how it's decided who is put on the list to be laid off. Most of the time we lose some of our best people, those... —  read more 


NBL has two jets, both configured for corporate vanity flights. Why not take one and sell it or at least reconfigure it to hold 19 passengers as a shuttle plane for trips to and from Midland and other places? Leave one for the DS BS and KF to tool... —  read more 

Same old same old

So much for bringing in a new President & changing the company. Seems like it’s business as usual around here. No house cleaning... what’s the holdup?? —  read more 

Noble big earnings miss

Oh gee I am shocked about Noble’s big earnings miss. Where is all of that “breakthrough “ thinking? Isn’t GAP training working out for everyone? How does this management team keep their jobs?

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