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If any of you think you will get a penny in being laid off because the company is BROKE it is NOT happening. Nordstrom is making deals with the devil to get away with so much. SAD 😢

Nordstrom is so BANKRUPT

Not paying their leases (50%) by bullying and treating their laid off 6,000 employees like c-ap. Nordstrom family, you are OVER.

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Nordstrom has zero values

I’m a long time employee. I got laid off a month ago. I’ve been ghosted. I’m BROKE. I hope this company goes down in flames because they have left so many people Homeless and without a job. Bye Nordstrom! Who cares about your materialistic and... —  read more 

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Nordstrom lost my business

I was not only a loyal customer but a long time employee who drank the Kool aid. I was laid off a month ago. I am saddened at how I have been ghosted and left hanging without any kind of clue. Disgusting! Buckle up Nordstrom Family, your are in for... —  read more 


Finally got my severance – c-ya in the rear view Nordstrom!

So Nordstrom is basically bankrupt?

Nordstrom Notifies Landlords That It Will Pay Only Half of Its Rent for the Year Nordstrom is the latest retail tenant to find itself at odds with... —  read more 

Impacted by layoffs? Contact this reporter

My name is Hayley Peterson and I'm a correspondent for Business Insider. I'm following up on the reports of layoffs at Nordstrom. If you know anything about the layoffs or have been impacted by them, please contact me. You can reach me by email at... —  read more 

NOT in the Know Regarding Separation Benefits

Anyone have information on the timeline of when we will be receiving our last paycheck, PTO pay out, severance, and medical payout. I did receive a check on 6/26 but I have no idea if this was from my last pay period or what? My last day was 6/19. ... —  read more 

Nordstrom sink or swim in the next six months

It looks like the next six months decide if Nordstrom continues as a going concern. I've already discussed that all of Nordstrom's cash-on-hand at the moment is borrowed, and that it is uncertain whether any additional debt will be offered in the... —  read more 

New job opportunities

Any recommendations on who is really hiring and actually engaging with their applicants? I highly suggest everyone using LinkedIn premium and paying the extra money. Will be helpful!

Store visits

How have your store visits been if you’ve been to Nordstrom? How do you think we did with safety precautions compared to other retailers ?

Macy’s restructure and Nordstrom press release ?

Macy’s is cutting 4K jobs and it’s everywhere on the news. I checked their lay-off site and it’s a blood bath. How come Nordstrom cuts haven’t been announced publicly ? Isn’t that weird ? I wish the public would know what is really going on with... —  read more 


Anyone get more info on their final paycheck/severance package? There is supposed to be an email but all I've gotten so far is the warn notice and cobra info...

Plenty of companies are hiring!

Somebody said this in another thread, but I think it bears repeating: there are plenty of companies that are doing really well right now and are hiring. My brother was laid off at the end of May and he already has a new job at Lowe's. And since not... —  read more 

Ambiguous WARN Notice Received

I received a formal WARN notice in the mail dated 6/17/20. My final day of employment was 6/19/20. In addition the end date in the letter stated “We anticipate your separation date will be June 19, 2020 or during the fourteen day period after that... —  read more 

Someone please explain

How is it that Nordstrom has received some of its best people in Technology from Starbucks, and, in return, sent them some its very worst, the true dregs? So are we done restructuring Nordstrom? $500 million in capex removed? I would love to see... —  read more 

So, what’s next folks?

Lay-offs done, we have discussed from outside how to fix Nordy or spend $ somewhere else. Time to say bitter sweet good byes?...

Bad decisions again on who was laid off

Clearly the ship will sink pretty fast favorites soared on layoffs not the talent in npg and nmg. Until leadership is overhauled meaning yes the brothers need to dig in and do more work to resolve. For example in npg a male verbally abusive... —  read more 

Why no WARN Notice?

I thought employers laying off hundreds of people were required to give a 30 day or 60 day notice? Why did we only get a 9 day notice? I worked at Corporate Campus and I expected a longer notice due to the amount of people laid off all at once.

Nordstrom 10-Q

Worth reading, it has a good restatement of the risks from the 8-K and earnings for the quarter. E-commerce really came through for needed revenue, but the merch was deeply discounted and painful to... —  read more 

Corporate Campus Layoffs Underway

Corporate Campus is undergoing a massive reorganization that started on 6/8. You are either laid off, demoted, pay cuts and/or transferred to another team. If you turn down their offer to stay (with a pay cut, demotion or transfer) you are considered... —  read more 

How’s the morale?

Mine is low, cannot concentrate with all the protests, looting, etc. Seriously, I wish they published the WARN and then lay-off is done. Life is on hold. Just sitting around and worrying.

When’s the big day?

When’s the lay-off? No announcements so far. What’s going on? Cut some staff. I don’t work there. Post some updates folks. Where’s Bleak?

Trunk Club - Nordstrom’s dead weight?

After seeing the initial 16 store closures (more to come, I’m sure) and cutting ties with the Jeffrey, I’m curious what kind of financial gain Nordstrom sees in Trunk Club. Why keep them? Are subscription clothing boxes even popular anymore? Sure... —  read more 

Nordstrom celebrates Fathers' Day

Did anyone else notice? The home page is marketing to dads for Father's Day, with a banner and real photos of fathers with kids. When I visited yesterday, a particular ethic group was conspicuously... —  read more 

JWN - what you up to?

Stores are closed, staying home and getting paid. Online business has picked up but not as much. Life is cool folks! Who is complaining?

20% Workforce Cut

Hoping this can be the starting thread for any updates/rumors about the 20% workforce reduction they’re positing for the second week of June. Does anyone know which parts of JWN are more affected? Retail? Corporate? Customer facing? Different... —  read more 

Earnings moved to 5/28 The company answered my question re the Jeffrey stores, all closing, with their namesake retiring from Nordstrom after 15... —  read more 

How many people on average?

How many people on average work at the closing stores? Between 150-200? If I am right, at least 2,400 are losing their jobs next month for sure. And I'm sure that sooner rather than later more of us will find out our locations are closing/we are... —  read more 

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