Topics regarding layoffs at Nordstrom

Topics regarding layoffs at Nordstrom

They crushed it SEATTLE, Nov. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ – Nordstrom, Inc. (JWN) today reported third quarter results, which reflected sequential improvement in sales and earnings... —  read more 


Macy’s worker here. Just wondering if Nordstrom still has commissions in shoes or other dept ? The big dump known as M has certain stores with no commissions or runners. Is it better at Nordstrom?

H1-Bs at Nordstrom

What is the situation for H1-B contractors at Nordstrom these days? With jobs scarce in this recession, have you sent them all home? I know that I would be much more comfortable shopping at Nordstrom if I knew for sure that real Americans were... —  read more 

Bankruptcy on horizon

I heard from reliable person that somewhere between Sept 22 and Oct 6, Nordstrom will announce some big changes. Either bankruptcy is on the cards or spinoffs... I think they will use this opportunity to get out of paying the severance owed to... —  read more 

Future after Q2?

After the Q2 results, the loss is bigger than expected. I understand it’s a struggle to keep Nordstrom's business going, but the CEO should protect the workforce just as much as he is protecting and enhancing company's liquidity. The future is clear... —  read more 

Visual merchandising

The Visual Dept at Nordstrom turned into privileged mean girls club. There was no diversity on my last team. A bunch of young spot brats. They hate older people. We had Tarot card readings from an x coworker who felt gifted every Friday from 1-3. ... —  read more 

Q2 earnings

Who’s got the dirty details on the 2nd quarter. Some of us can’t wait! Does anyone know Nordstrom’s next move once those earnings are released? Conveniently in the middle of anniversary. This is like watching a train on fire coming into the... —  read more 

Visual Merchandising

Hi there. What has happened to the visual departments? Have they been cut like Macys has done? Are associates and managers expected to change mannequins? Are windows being closed off? Thanks for any responses. I am a former visual stylist that... —  read more 

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