Topics regarding layoffs at Nordstrom

Topics regarding layoffs at Nordstrom

Retention stock, bonus?

It appears some folks in tech are being offered retention bonus and/or stocks. Is this happening everywhere? I asked my manager and was told to wait for more info to be made available after mid March. Manager asked me not to discuss with others... —  read more 

20 Billion by 2020

Anyone remember Nordstrom striving for 20 Billion by 2020? (was suppose to be lead by both NYC stores) covid or not they would have fell massively short. Covid just increase the distance from 5 to 10 Billion

To be banned from Rome

Worked hard for the company for 15 years. I’m 56. There used to be Diversity on our teams especially with age. The company only promotes and hired people under 30 and on my old team which was 20 something white girls. It was like that movie Mean... —  read more 

This is a sign

Do you know how you can be certain this place is done? Rats are leaving the sinking ship. One by one, managers from my store are leaving. They have no reason to do that other than knowing what's coming. They won't be able to find better jobs where... —  read more 

$JWN should issue a secondary

I repeat my call for Nordstrom to issue a secondary offering of stock ASAP so as to take care of extraordinarily favorable financial market conditions to secure more CASH PIMPIN' MONEY for the core business. This is also how we fix the mess the... —  read more 

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