Topics regarding layoffs at Nordstrom

Topics regarding layoffs at Nordstrom

Store Closures?

I’d say especially if your market has too many stores for the area, watch for a closure. Boston, for example has far too many full line locations and they cannibalize each other’s sales. I could see them closing Northshore as its sales are absolutely... —  read more 

A pig in a tuxedo

Promoting from within... what a joke!! Those workers that are truly deserving are shuffled to the back of the line, so a new hire that fits their ethic profile is hired... and leaves in 10 days. What a joke!

Not worth the effort

Sometimes I wonder if they are even aware that especially now, when we have huge inflation, no one wants to work to burnout levels for such a small pay. The only reason I'm still here is because I still haven't received another offer. The irony... —  read more 

I'm drowning in work

I don't have time to go to the bathroom because it's constantly a "go, go, go." We don't have enough people and management isn't even trying to do something about it. Did they secretly give up and are just seeing how long they can last with as many... —  read more 

Two weeks notice

I am overjoyed because I can finally leave NS! I got a much better offer, but the search for a new job took months. And just when I thought I would have to stay here for a while, I got an offer. I plan to give notice tomorrow, but I wonder if it's... —  read more 

Sorry closures

Do we think any store closures will be happening in 2022 or 2023? FLS seems to be doing okay at best, however with the majority of online sales coming online and the company bring dr-g down by Nordstrom rack, what are the odds?

We have to fix their mess

Fun fact: this company’s high-level execs that are responsible for shipments ALWAYS drop the ball. Then they lower-level workers clean up and chase after their mess. This is 100% correct. But what gets me even more is the fact that they're not the... —  read more 

Nordstrom NYC

Any insight on that big flagship mistake? With 310,000 people fleeing NYC last year and Omi-cron this Christmas. The sales have to be "great' as tony the tiger would say..

Flash robs

Am I the only one who's scared of going to work these days? I'm petrified we'll be targeted by one of those so-called "flash mob robberies." I have no idea how I'd react in a situation like that. I suffer from anxiety as it is, this is just bringing... —  read more 


How is your store handling customers and masks. Mine it’s only suggested even with state mandates. We are told not to say anything. Last week so many without them making unsafe for employees but also other customers.

Is it too late now?

Nordstom has hit the rock bottom. The company has been on a downward spiral for many years and I think it is too late now for any positive changes. If management really wanted to make those changes, they should have done it a long time ago. Or... —  read more 

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