Topics regarding layoffs at Nordstrom

Topics regarding layoffs at Nordstrom

I'm a little worried

What do you think the upcoming Holiday season will look like at Nordstrom? Given the overall situation, I’m a little worried. I hope it won't be worse than ever. Maybe someone has high hopes?

Former Nordstrom Standards.

Now that KBS does housekeeping, how does your full line store look? Important! Please comment! Nordstrom once had standards that set us apart. When they replaced their housekeeping staff, and KBS arrived... They flushed their once proud STANDARDS and... —  read more 

How is the family doing?

Do the Nordstroms still have their heart in this? It’s been 20 years now since they were brought back in, and the boys are no longer young. Are there new Nordstrom family scions, fresh from B-school, coming aboard to lead the company into the... —  read more 

As good as it gets?

Boss noted that despite Nordstrom's high-income customer base, its results have lagged that of its rivals. Worse still, Boss believes the relatively positive economic trends its customers have experienced might be "as good as it gets," which would... —  read more 

Always prepared

What does it mean to you to always be prepared for layoffs? People usually advise that everyone should be prepared. How do you prepare? Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of savings and I don't consider looking for another job any preparation because... —  read more 

Why be all mysterious?

If you know something about coming layoffs or closings or whatever else, why not just come out and say it? Why post stuff like "here they come" and similar posts/replies? What good does it do? If you have some good, reliable info, then share it. Tell... —  read more 

What percentage?

What percentage of Nordstrom leadership could be replaced with a cardboard cutouts and have no impact on the business? What Dept./Divisions are the worst? Asking for a friend.


Nordstrom just released new mask guidelines yesterday. It states that all employees must wear masks, regardless of vaccination status, and they will NOT be enforcing masking for customers unless jurisdiction demands it . . . this is outrageous... —  read more 

Expecting layoffs?

I share the opinion of someone who said that no more government money to help this year very likely leads to layoffs. This is a joke of a company. I may be too pessimistic but... the situation doesn't seem good at all and I wouldn't be surprised if... —  read more 

Workload lvl unbearable

And no, it seems to me that this trend of employees being overwhelmed with an increasing amount of work will not stop until they reach a breaking point and quit this company. I understand that almost every company wants to squeeze out employees as... —  read more 

Retention bonuses

Some folks in tech got retention bonus up to 10K, don’t know the exact terms but they need to stay for 2 years. What’s the deal? Who has the news? I didn’t hear anything and manager knows nothing (as usual)

Rough earnings

Beat on revenue, but swing to a loss. Layoff time. What’s the headcount in Tech these days? I bet it would be easy to cut $20 or $30 million in bloated salaries from that group, maybe more. No one would notice, probably be relieved and grateful... —  read more 

Finally !

Christine Deputy is Pinterest’s new chief people officer, coming over from Nordstrom, where she had been chief human resources officer since June 2015. She will be responsible for all aspects of the company’s HR strategy, including leadership... —  read more 

Atmosphere in stores

What is the atmosphere like in your store? I moved last year, left Nordstrom and found a job in a completely different industry, but I occasionally come to this site to see if there are any improvements. I would never go back, but I am interested in... —  read more 

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