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Supposedly, newer managers were saved from the layoffs

Any truth to this? So this affected managers with more years under their belt. Why is that? Company trying to keep fresh,new blood? Assumption that the newer the manager is to their role, the younger they might be? [Which isn't true... Age... read more
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More layoffs coming

This was only the beginning of the restructuring. I just wish we had some more info and knew what to expect. It's not going to be fun having to stress over what's going to happen without having any idea when and what that is... If anybody knows more... read more

Poor Decision

The way this was told to managers is unacceptable. Managers who have give this company 14+ years are given one day to make a choice of whether to take a sales associate job or a severance package is a big slap in the face. This is pathetic... read more

40% of Management Positions Eliminated

It is 100% confirmed. Cutting their management by 40%. Many good managers are not staying. It is really Nordstrom's loss. It is super sad especially since they are getting major tax cuts this year since the corporation tax rate is basically cut in... read more

More info on incoming layoffs

They are doing public announcement towards the end of the week from what I've heard. 30-40% of management to be "restructured" (aka "your position no longer exists") at least that's how all of the stores we have friends in have been so far. Doesn't... read more

Starting Layoffs??

Hearing consistent "rumors" about restructuring at the stores and some in corporate. A few friends said they already had some people let go. Would be nice to know if it has been confirmed.

More info on layoffs?

Not many layoffs in 2019. Expect that to change in 2020 after the NY flagship Women’s store opens in the fall of 2019. Is it true that next year will be mostly safe for the majority of us? It would be nice to know for sure and be able to relax at... read more

IT lay off

Nordstrom has also had a major security breach .Employee and former employee information has been compromised.Social security numbers bank account info and more.The outside contractor the obtained the sensitive information has been arrested.Nordstrom... read more

Providence Nordstrom closing

This has been known for a while, but in case somebody missed it, Nordstrom is closing its Providence Place location at the start of next year. About 180 people are being laid off as a part of it... read more
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Layoffs at Nordstrom?

Coworkers keep talking about layoffs coming soon particularly at the store level as Nordstrom tries to become more of an ecommerce company than a brick and mortar retailer.

137 to lose jobs as Nordstorm closes another store

It seems that Nordstorm is not immune to issues that have been plaguing retail after all. Salem store is closing and 137 people are losing their jobs in the process. And from the look of it, it is only the beginning... read more
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Delays in going private

this is gonna hurt even more. the more the delay it, the more hammering from the investors we'll get - the sooner the better - let's do this and rip off the band aid.
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Nordstrom Layoffs 2018

I left a few years back right now - but still have good friend over there working, happily - now I am hearing that you may have job cuts in Seattle.

It's not that bad.

The only store closed in 2016 was Horton . Nordstrom had other full line in San Diego. meanwhile Macy's and Saks closed stores. Neiman Marcus should be doing closing of stores in 2017 . they are 4.9 Billion in debt on 4. 8 billion in sales. whoops... read more

The cuts continue into 2107

And you thought it'll not get any worse here. We've all been mistaken, things will accelerate down... Nordstrom is laying off more than 100 people nationwide, including 30 in Seattle. The 106 positions being cut are all customer-care specialists, who... read more

Elizabethtown and Visalia

How busy is the new fulfillment center in Elizabethtown? Do you think it was needed? The Visalia, CA, fulfillment center is shelved at the moment, to be opened in 2020 at the earliest. Do you think it will be needed?

layoffs in pa

rumor has it layoffs could be coming to lancaster County. any truth?

Store closings? Corporate restructuring? Victory?

The Limited just bit the dust, and Macy's is closing 100 stores. Nordstrom is much more selective in its locations for its FLS, so when one closes, like the two in Portland in early 2015, it's like trimming a bonsai tree, minor adjustments, cutting... read more

Nordstrom Layoffs 2017

If you think about things in a rational way (not many people can do that - look at the latest election results), all business problems may lead to job cuts and reductions in Seattle.

Nordstrom "family" sits quiet and watches

How painful it must be to see their company technology ruined. Perhaps now, finally, they will get some proper advice, bring in an experienced and respected retail technology leadership team (NOT a web team) and allow the rebuilding of a once proud... read more

More Nordstrom Layoffs?

It seems like Nordstrom is continuing to layoff employees in technology. 1-3 "goodbye" posts over the past 4 weeks, and all in technology. Perhaps they are in continuous layoff mode to avoid headlines?


There were about 130 people laid off from IT, what are the chances of more people getting laid off from IT?

Nordstrom Announced Additional Layoffs

Email from the president today: 350-400 additional positions to be reduced coming by July 31st. Close unfilled open positions first, but it will have a big impact of staff.

Nordstrom ecommerce leadership fail

In my opinion, the IT teams were run very inefficiently. For few years, nordstrom forgot that they are not a tech company. They need to stop this move to cloud madness and look into what went wrong.

Nordstrom Return Policy Abuse

It's long past time to stop customers who abuse the return policy. Some of this is just fraud and needs to be referred to law enforcement. Fun fact: I worked for a hotel chain that offered a satisfaction guarantee. They had a "five strikes" and... read more
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All Cafe employees at the South Coast plaza store were told yesterday that the cafe will be closing in February for remodeling and that they could apply at other stores AFTER the holidays but there would be no guarantee they would be hired. There... read more

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