Topics regarding layoffs at Nordstrom

Topics regarding layoffs at Nordstrom

SC Withering Away

Our building has no GM, no HRBP, half our AMs and OMs are out at any given time. Processors all asked to take voluntary leave and the warehouse is running on a skeleton crew. Once 7 days per week, now closed on weekends "temporarily" but somehow... —  read more 

Go morning Seattle

Merry Christmas Seattle... How many overnight shifts have signed up for in the Dark Towers? You’ll get 30 cent per hour boost to your wage... Sign up sheets are available in the executive washroom. Oops... sorry, seems the 30 cent per hour... —  read more 

Merry Christmas

Hire somebody/ anybody come on!!! New Seattle cares nothing about customer service anymore... no one will work for your wages offered.... You continue to ignore this problem Seattle mo--ns. The mountain of packages aren’t going to mail themselves... —  read more 

Are you kidding

The Nordstrom leaders in Seattle are posting what they’re thankful for... Are you kidding. Processing teams have skeleton crews because of substandard pay and have worked more than a month straight. Fulfillment teams are filling orders faster than... —  read more 

Commission pay

Do you believe you are being paid for all your sales. Since the system crash and we lost the ability to keep track of our sales Seems sales are not matching what I’ve been selling and refunds OMG have more than doubled!

CIO gone What is his legacy? By the way, I found an article recently that... —  read more 

I’m going to say it!

Okay with everything thing going wrong with Nordstrom, my big clients started to call us Rosstrom. Buying cheap brands that no one knows or wants taking out established brands and so many designers out of stores for Nordstrom branded merchandise... —  read more 

Layoffs at Cedar Rapids

Fortunately, I quit a few months ago. I wish luck to all who are affected to find new jobs as soon as possible. When I saw in the media that 231 people will be cut... that's scary! I don't think it will be any less stressful even for those who... —  read more 

System crash and payroll

With the system crash and sales updates are not happening how are we going to get paid? I know managers can’t say anything but our store manager is back talking about the situation making the stores employees so nervous. If they don’t officially say... —  read more 

Site down? Layoffs soon?

I thought Nordstrom had e-commerce figured out by now. I was just headed over to buy something nice. This stuff should be highly-available. “Our site hit a snag, but we're fixing it Please try again in a little while. In the meantime, you can... —  read more 

Still cutting hours?

It seems like our department is so short staffed since the great anniversary sale… NOT. Some departments seem to be normal in hours, ours are kept to bear minimum then minus 2 shifts. Are other people feeling the crunch? Remember in handbook we are... —  read more 

Q2 earnings

Stock briefly had a 19-handle AH. Earnings decent, forward guidance not so much. The problem is, the Swedes are honest businessmen, investing in their stores, not financial engineering. Is everyone back in the office? Anyone? Layoffs over Zoom? —  read more 

"Do as I say"

It is very likely that no one here has heard from their manager something like "Let's talk about your progress" or "I want you to know that I have total confidence in you", but I am almost sure that everyone has heard many times "Do as I say... —  read more 

Loving the new approach

So Anniversary sucked. The buyers suck and now they are threatening sales staff if they don’t produce they will become hourly cashiers. Hello we are smart enough to know corporate doesn’t budget anymore for cashiers so stop threatening us. Start... —  read more 

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