Topics regarding layoffs at Nordstrom

Topics regarding layoffs at Nordstrom

Sick days pay.

Which stores in Illinois receive sick day hours plus pto hours accrued for hours worked. I know store 223 does sick pay until you are accruing pto hours, then they stop the sick pay . Cook county passed in 2017 that we should be getting both!

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Hey 380

How’s the hiring event going? Oops, sorry... I shouldn’t have asked. Hey... reach out to the Racks for some help... Crickets chirping.... No one responded.... Ask yourself why? You are hated for your policies, politics, and the way you treat your... —  read more 

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SW region stores

my store in this region hasn't been doing well for awhile, worried the writing is on the wall but all the leadership keeps things hush-hush (of course) anyone else in this region noticing the same about theirs? very frustrated by the constant... —  read more 

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Our wage for your labor.

Wow... Corporate Seattle has to roll up their sleeves and complete two 4 hour shifts in a month with the unclean who don’t receive raises... Wow!!! Opportunity check.... tell these “people” what your opinions are! Make their rack experience... —  read more 

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Confiscate my cell phone.

Are you kidding! If any member of Nordstrom management confiscates your cell phone, immediately contact an attorney!!!! What if your child has an accident/ becomes ill? Mall shooting? Parents have a health emergency? If something like the above... —  read more 

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VOE survey results.

The VOE survey results were so negative, that Seattle had to pass the buck to the team managers to spin a picture that Is a 360 degree spin from the actual unpublished/ stifled / actual results. Cowards! You’re the ones who created the survey!... —  read more 

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Run away

380 is toxic. If given an opportunity to work there... run away. They do not appreciate the support staff in any way. The store manager needs to be replaced.

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North Shore - Peabody MA

How is this full line Nordstrom store still in business? My guess is the rent is exceptionally low (maybe $1/year), and the company is just waiting for the lease to end. It’s not a high-end mall, and this store doesn’t carry any designers. Makes no... —  read more 

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VOE Survey

This survey is not anonymous, if you comment and are honest... retaliation will follow if your comments disturb “The Force”

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Men's NYC possible Closure 2024

Word on the street in corporate gossip is The Family isn't happy with the ROI from the NYC campus. That major investment is turning sour and weighing down. They're working on plans to fold the men's store into the basement of 212. If sales don't turn... —  read more 

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NMG layoffs

anyone know what teams were impacted? sad to see leadership’s misdirection in planning causing people to get caught up in this mess.

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NordyCares instagram

Who remembers the nordycares instagram that heavily featured the cosmetic departments and SoCal stores? That was good times. Made for a great read when the stores freshly opened up after Covid.

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Another crucial Anniversary Sale

How are things looking for the big sale? By Jul-August sale timeframe we should see financials crack and the next phase of economic crisis underway. Enjoy these next two weeks, the last moments of calm before the storm. I’ll shop the Sale in store... —  read more 

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Accommodations for health

Question for employees of the company in the past 6 months. Has anyone have health issues where you asked hr for accommodations. Did you receive them or denied them. Thanks.

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RIP San Francisco

Nordstrom dumping both stores in downtown San Francisco. I know downtown SF isn't the same as it once was but I'm surprised to see this move. They were planning a major remodel for the SF flagship up until Covid. Wonder which other stores could be on... —  read more 

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Ominous development

Something shocking and unprecedented in the latest unemployment report: the newly unemployed making $200k+ exceeded those at the bottom end scraping by on $25k. Now imagine the outsized impact this has on discretionary spending — yuge. Popping the... —  read more 

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No severance?

Can somebody please confirm if some of the laid off employees received no severance? I thought severance is something that is guaranteed by law. Am I wrong? If this is true, it makes layoffs ten times scarier. I can't even imagine how the employees... —  read more 

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Disgusting lying to loyal employees

It's one thing to be up front about layoffs and handle them professionally, it's another to lie in the face of loyal employees. I believe they are trying to cover up what would normally be considered a layoff under the guise of performance issues... —  read more 

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Health insurance

So how many received a letter saying they lost their health insurance. I did was 7 hours short and was on short term disability almost the six months period. Go over your hours and situations and call to follow up. They have 2 set of books, one we... —  read more 

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Store 212 - elephant in the room

Canada closing begs the obvious question— what about the Manhattan flagship? How unprofitable is it? How long can the company carry it? I hope to see it this year, lunch there. How many of the (seven?) original restaurants are still open? That may... —  read more 

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