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Will Nordstrom cut deep enough?

Do you really employ 1,800+ software engineers, at salary levels per that old Blind boast post? How quickly can you slash capex and expense to staunch the bleeding? If your internet fulfillment web site and back end really demand so many... —  read more 

West Coast fulfillment center

I need to catch up. So the last I had heard, it was 2016 and Blake was apologizing to the City of Visalia for getting cold feet and mothballing the planned west coast FC. This would complete the set — Cedar Rapids, IA, somewhere in eastern PA... —  read more 

Bare minimum corporate staff

Back in the day, it was known around the IT circles at Nordstrom that project work in general was a “nice to have” and that if it were necessary, any and all new development tasks and capex could be scuttled and IT reduced to a bare-bones support... —  read more 

Flash on iPads missing?

What happened to flash on the iPads? The apps gone on all the floor iPads. Transparency is slowly going away, scary stuff.

Let us propose two layoffs at Nordstrom this year

The first one has already been planned and will be executed soon. The company is overstaffed in the Corporate Center with very expensive Seattle IT worker bees. Does the NOC at Denver still exist? WTF for? This should have been shut down 5... —  read more 

Toxic company beliefs

Personally I have never worked in a more toxic fake work culture in my entire life.... this means that this company will not last. Abort any stock, plans or purchases for long term with Nordstrom, the reward is only profiting the worst people in... —  read more 

CAO exit

So I was just screwing around, I googled “Nordstrom Starbucks Nike Vice President” just to see if a certain talentless someone would come up — yup. But another person was listed who has the opposite trajectory, ending up at Nordstrom in 2017 as... —  read more 

Why do we need so many software developers?

It can't be true that Nordstrom has 1,800!!! software developers, can it? What in the world do we need them for and what in the world do they do all day if that number is true? Frankly, if there are that many, then that is THE PERFECT WAY to cut... —  read more 

All eyes on the new FLS

It will be interesting to see how Nordstrom reports on the fortunes of the Manhattan FLS, if they will break it out like the Anniversary Sale or at least answer specific questions on it in the earnings call. Up to now they have been very open and... —  read more 

End of an era

A new perspective on retail has emerged lately, one that is entirely lethal to the old one embodied by an establishment firm such as Nordstrom. Up to now, e-commerce has been proposed as something more convenient and more efficient than... —  read more 

BevyUp and MessageYes

Can I use these apps yet? Or are they integrated into production Nordstrom sales-ey store systems yet? Are the devs all onboard, drawing a paycheck? What’s the plan for this nonsense? Another dumb purchase? ROI or more goodwill... —  read more 

Nordstrom Manhattan nightmare

The out-of-towners will lose it all. Take the super-tall One57 tower, completed in 2014 and considered the forerunner of Billionaires’ Row, a once largely commercial corridor around 57th Street in Midtown, which remains about 20% unsold, with... —  read more 

Opinions on the new COO

Is he a baller, a shot-caller? 20-inch blades on his Impala? Can he make a real difference in his new role? Can the last, best retailer be saved?

Burn witches

One can only hope the nordstrom family sell out whatever dignity is left in this shady company and run. Shady people with too much internal power driving the company into the ground, using people. I will be pc but heads of all not performing. ... —  read more 

Comment I found online re Amazon

“I know a guy at AMZ and ‘Nordstrom K–ler’ project is going strong in terms of digital sizing women thru 3D scanning.” They are coming for you. Looks like Forever 21 will file Chapter 11 soon as well. How will Nordstrom fight the evil empire?

Noticed a few things from the 10-Q released today

No stock buybacks in Q2, stock cut nearly in half. They still have dry powder to use to prop up the stock and give execs an exit, almost half the buyback allowance is still left, with no time limit. Nothing changed on risks, etc, kept referencing... —  read more 

Npg lay-off lawsuit???

Anyone see how Nordstrom hired interns for roles that were laid off for no fault of their own as a lawsuit???

Nyc rent?

How is Nordstrom expecting to pay lease for new nyc store? Any concerns seeing Barney’s results??

Still tons of fat to cut

Financials still not good. Execs and wall street report major infrastructure changes needed. #1 how are you going to increase sales? At this point margin builder npg is worthless, consider scale down/leadership change. Take that money invest in... —  read more 

Good earns on weak revenues

Even with sales off, Nordstrom beats on earnings — nice job, guys. Does Nordstrom still have a VP whose job is to cut x% costs in various areas and ways each year? 1,800 overpaid SEs makes a pretty fat target.

Laughing at the Board of Directors

How fitting that these chuckleheads turn down an earnest offer — at, what, $51/sh? — from the good Nordstrom clan, only to see their investments cut in half. What a gaggle of greedy losers! What, did they think $JWN would spiral back to $80? ... —  read more 


The web site is a complete abortion tonight. Time to hire some high school kids to do this right.

Beware Nordstrom employees

With option for the brothers to use daddy’s checkbook be very cautious internals. The executive leadership has failed and without ownership or plans to combat the retail environment, taking company private is only a bandaid they can afford. They... —  read more 

$JWN CRASHES below $30

Nordstrom has the honor of being the worst performing stock in the entire S&P 500 for 2019. Expect to see rumors soon on the Street that the Nordstrom boys are saving their Saturday cribbage winnings to buy out $JWN on the cheap. Fortune agrees... —  read more 

Barney’s bankrupt, NYC store rent is $30mm

You don’t “consider bankruptcy “, you either are or you aren’t, these guys are toast. This just as JWN... —  read more 

Stock buybacks

$702 million spent in 2018 alone Several billion over the last five years or so. Something to think about as the stock pauses... —  read more 

Full Line closing in San Francisco?

Just saw a June 28 news article staring that Nordstrom is closing or closed one of its Bay Area stores. is this true? Has it already happened? I only knew about Alaska and Michigan of late.

Major hirings at Nordstrom in June?

With all the closings and layoffs - which have pretty much become a weekly thing, how in the world are we on the list of top thirty companies that were hiring like crazy in June? The only thing that comes to mind is that so many people are leaving on... —  read more 

Nordstrom Anchorage AK Store Closing

Closing the Anchorage Store.... Per ADN. I hate it... Nordstrom will close its downtown Anchorage store at the Fifth Avenue Mall in September, the company announced Wednesday. The store’s last day of business will be Sept. 13. It is Nordstrom’s only... —  read more 

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