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Ultimatum to work low pay $12.50 temporary fulfillment job or quit Counter Manager $20 plus commissions and counter override position...

About 10 counter managers in our store including myself were called and told that there was no hours available to bring us back into our previous positions despite being told back in March we would all be coming back. In one quick unexpected call you... —  read more 

Visual Merchandising

Hi there. What has happened to the visual departments? Have they been cut like Macys has done? Are associates and managers expected to change mannequins? Are windows being closed off? Thanks for any responses. I am a former visual stylist that... —  read more 

One month / zero information

My last day was June 19. I’m getting anxiety as the unemployment CARES Act ends this week. I haven’t received anything from Nordstrom to sign. I saw that they FINALLY put in a WARN Notice to WA State (a bit late) on July 17. Anyone have information... —  read more 

Nordstrom Rack

Ive worked in the full line Nordstrom stores down to the Racks and Ive never seen so much discrimination in my life especially from the managers and are encouraged by their regionals. My last store manager is very verbally abusive but its ok because... —  read more 

Nordstrom has zero values

I’m a long time employee. I got laid off a month ago. I’ve been ghosted. I’m BROKE. I hope this company goes down in flames because they have left so many people Homeless and without a job. Bye Nordstrom! Who cares about your materialistic and... —  read more 


If any of you think you will get a penny in being laid off because the company is BROKE it is NOT happening. Nordstrom is making deals with the devil to get away with so much. SAD 😢

Is this even legal?

How can a company that boasts about being “family” just throw their very loyal and hardworking employees onto the street with hardly any notice? Then they are denying people their unemployment claims. I regret the decision to ever work there. Is... —  read more 

Anniversary Sale 2020

Previewed the Anniversary Sale this morning; the assortment looks pretty good. Some decent shoes and several nice Patagonia jackets. Almost 800 different styles across Men’s, a respectable effort. The website looked great on a new iPod touch... —  read more 

WARN Notice Posted

Just posted from WA State: Employment Security received a WARN for an organization in Seattle. Organization: Nordstrom, Inc Expected beginning date of separations: May 8, 2020 Number of affected workers: 521 Layoff or closure:... —  read more 

Don't Fear The Reaper

Among the retailers that CFRA says are “among the most highly leveraged retailers and face elevated bankruptcy risks” are Macy’s, Kohl’s, Dillard’s Inc. DDS , Nordstrom Inc. JWN and Victoria’s Secret parent, L Brands Inc. LB .

Nordstrom lost my business

I was not only a loyal customer but a long time employee who drank the Kool aid. I was laid off a month ago. I am saddened at how I have been ghosted and left hanging without any kind of clue. Disgusting! Buckle up Nordstrom Family, your are in for... —  read more 


Anyone get more info on their final paycheck/severance package? There is supposed to be an email but all I've gotten so far is the warn notice and cobra info...

Someone please explain

How is it that Nordstrom has received some of its best people in Technology from Starbucks, and, in return, sent them some its very worst, the true dregs? So are we done restructuring Nordstrom? $500 million in capex removed? I would love to see... —  read more 

How’s the morale?

Mine is low, cannot concentrate with all the protests, looting, etc. Seriously, I wish they published the WARN and then lay-off is done. Life is on hold. Just sitting around and worrying.

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