Topics regarding layoffs at Norfolk Southern Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Norfolk Southern Corp.


Heard it here first: callbacks to begin at Juniata in November. Can't get the numbers they need and the fleet is shot.

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I don’t know about anyone else but I used to senjoy going to work! But now it’s a struggle just to do the bare minimum and fly under the radar as not to get handled?!!

It’s so bad

I made $400,000 last year just on my guarantee alone. I spent most of my time not being scared of being laid off and eating ice cream. I just wish I could figure out how to get my disability before I’m one of the 86.

More than disrespect

Is it possible that NS is hiring new people with little skills while some employees who are furloughed do not have the opportunity to return? It is the ultimate expression of disrespect for people who might have even returned to this desperate... —  read more 

Lay-Offs backfired?

Anyone else get the feeling that NS thought after laying people off, solely because of greed, people would be rushing back like an old used up girlfriend? Seems like they think more highly of themselves than their former/current employees.

30&OUT ?

The cost effectiveness of not having an employee with 5 weeks vacation , prior rights or local arbitrary ? Not to mention a younger work force ? Being someone with 27 yrs I’d gladly step aside for someone else to work if we were allowed to collect . ... —  read more 


Still here after the last hammer blow, but morale is in the toliet. Overhead some management today, supposedly callbacks after the first of the year. PSR goals will be met and the fleet is a state of disrepair.

Their greed is growing

They will set a new goal. The cuts and closures will continue because now the greedy are getting a taste of blood and everyone knows how that goes… keeps them coming back for more and more. I echo this post because I think this is inevitable. I... —  read more 


Is starting out as a conductor remotely safe? What are the odds of getting laid off? I figured it’s at least not like mechanical where they shut down your location and that’s it no call backs ever. At least in T&E you will EVENTUALLY be called back... —  read more 

2nd quarter summary

Here it is, record quarterly results: Profits double, but how? Because of employees, of course, who gain almost nothing from doubled profits. I wish I wasn't right. —  read more 

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