Topics regarding layoffs at Northwestern Mutual

Topics regarding layoffs at Northwestern Mutual

Life is better after NM!!

It’s amazing how incompetent management is at NM! Especially in ICS. Been there over 4 years and kept doubting myself due my manager who only care about herself. Don’t let any senior leader in ICS bring you down or limit you! There’s really... —  read more 

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marty the joker

can we have less of that guy? how many want to see what he does for a job? i cant imagine the amount of money his organization is wasting at the company - its huge and is stacked with nyc deadweight. your welcome policyowners.

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NM sl@v3 org chart

Anyone else look at the org chart and see a class model? Minorities at the SME lowest level, whites in the SD, VP, ELG, SLT? Really makes you wonder, are these ERG’s just a good will cover?

401k Match Thesis

The truth behind the 401k match has to do with greed more than financial performance. The topic was again avoided at the Employee Town Hall and for good reason. Per the IRS, the maximum match that can be made is $20,500 or $27,000 for those over... —  read more 

Long Commuters

I have a short commute so this doesn’t affect me but it has certainly affected my perception of the company. I don’t understand why those even with 1-2 hours of a commute one way have the same return to campus requirements. It’s a reminder to me that... —  read more 

No need to have layoffs

I've stopped worrying about layoffs a while ago. So many people are leaving and preparing to leave that they're doing the ELT's cost-cutting job for them and better than they ever could with layoffs. After all, if somebody leaves on his or her own... —  read more 

To those still at NM

Some suggestions from those who have departed. Spend as much time networking outside as you do in. You never know when a new boss, or a reorganization (perhaps orchestrated by CM the Destroyer, the king of meaningless reorgs), will turn your life... —  read more 

Less and less picky

I am very dissatisfied with the leadership here and have been trying to leave for three months now. I still haven’t found anything much better, but I’m not giving up. I'm getting less and less picky though. Are there any of you who would accept... —  read more 

401k match??

Careers section touts 401k match as a benefit but I heard it hasnt been offered in 2 years. Is this true? How does a company with so much $$ not take care of employees?

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