Topics regarding layoffs at Northwestern Mutual

Topics regarding layoffs at Northwestern Mutual

Where did it go wrong?

I resigned because this company is not even close to the one I started working for. The atmosphere is horrible, there is a huge lack of respect, the least valued are good and loyal employees, long-term plans for this company are behind smoke and... —  read more 

NYC hot tub?

Got a peek at the new New York office plans and apparently they're thinking about installing a hot tub? Our pensions are getting slashed and these startup kids need the 'necessities' just to do their 'job'? This company used to be somewhere you... —  read more 

More LAYOFFS 2021

More layoffs are coming in 2021. On top of the forced early retirements because NM will no longer provide retiree health benefits. Way to be loyal to long term employees NM!!

Fire Schlifske

Schlifske is ruining NM with his poor leadership. Failed with Learnvest purchase, millions spent to get knowledge of online investment company. They realized it was not helpful and a costly mistake. Most CEO would be fired for wasting millions... —  read more 

More layoffs 2020

The reason for mass layoffs in 2017 was due to low interest rates, so schlifske said. I imagine more coming in 2020 or 2021 if this still holds true? This coupled with people not having the money to invest in insurance should make for a interesting... —  read more 

What is Northstar?

Does anyone at NM even know what the Northstar is? The guy that talks and acts like he is Sean Connery mentions it all the time but I have yet to find someone that can actually tell me.

So long Karl

Finally the company and the IT department in particular can begin to move forward without the darkness of Karl looming over. NM is still similar to Boeing in the sense that they still have their 737 Max (ahem LearnVest) that they are trying to make... —  read more 

Dividend Deathspiral Congratulations NM you now have the lowest dividend rate out of the big 10. Scroll to the chart at the bottom to see the 10 year decline and how NM... —  read more 

Should have kept LV

Instead, all the mouth breathers in MKE with no idea how to actually drive the company continue to make decisions that will drive this company into the ground. Schlifske has no idea what he’s doing, and they need to get this dinosaur Managing... —  read more 

Culture Change

I was on the downtown NM campus yesterday. Far fewer people with grey hair as many have previously posted. I was taken aback by a women whose hair was half pink. But what really appalled me was that same woman wearing a midriff top. Really, I... —  read more 

Can’t force the best employees out the door and then expect the company to function a peak performance

You’d think anyone with half a brain would realize you can’t force the best employees out the door and then expect the company to function a peak performance. Schlifske and the board clearly don’t understand the importance intellectual capital within... —  read more 

Forced Retirement

What do you think about being forced into retirement due to ageism, signing a legal severance document & then receiving a card from Schlifske stating 'Congratulations on you Retirement'? You would think that anyone with a half a brain could see how... —  read more 

the next group of clowns to go

trusted group from bridge water associates were given millions to build a new investment platform so far nothing delivered except broken promises to the field and the cover up has begun bridgewatergate

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Another NM Leadership Change

When will the Milwaukee Journal actually do some investigative reporting? Another leadership change at NM...aren't people starting to wonder? And, no mention of additional layoff's. Were there any employee's let go as a result but hidden by this... —  read more 

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