Topics regarding layoffs at Northwestern Mutual

Topics regarding layoffs at Northwestern Mutual

SEC WhatsApp Crackdown

I don't recall getting hit with a fine like this from the SEC ever.... SEC WhatsApp Crackdown Hits 16 Advisors, Brokers Totaling $81M Northwestern Mutual racked up the top fine, with a combined $16.5 million fine for, among other things, sending... — read more 


Any guesses how much pink pants and others are getting in the form of kickbacks from Virgin Pulse as we all supply every personal detail about our life and health with Well360 just to get a couple hundred bucks off our health insurance?

Preventing Pensions

Over the last few years as layoffs have started, I see again and again that most of these cuts are employees that are nearing (within 12 months or less) the 3-year pension vesting. Maybe it's solely because NM is horrible at planning its own... — read more 

Warning Signs

Open forum to post your NM warning signs. ) NM's dividend (5.1%) is now lower than Mass Mutual (6.15%) ) NM dropped out of the Fortune 100 and Mass Mutual moved into their spot. ) Still no 401k match. Is the company strapped for... — read more 

Another Lame Apology

NM has once again decided to interject itself in a political matter and it backfired. This time they opted to share their anti-Semitic views and offended a large part of the field. The response was to send a lame apology letter to backpedal. ... — read more 

Layoffs coming up in ICS

The head of department just confirmed that….end of year. The sad part is he is relying on his head of product (SM) who has the biggest waste in her organization. What can be the bigger disappointment than her deciding our fate!!!!

Baseball Sponsorship

NM appears to have money to sponsor a bunch of multi-millionaires on a professional baseball team but can't find the money to help employees or their kids with tuition assistance or even a 401k. I wonder how many people will get laid off to pay for... — read more 

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