Topics regarding layoffs at Northwestern Mutual

Topics regarding layoffs at Northwestern Mutual

Lost reputation

I used to be proud to be a small part of this company, but today I am ashamed to still be here. Have you noticed how people outside have a worsening opinion of NM? It's sad.

No need to have layoffs

I've stopped worrying about layoffs a while ago. So many people are leaving and preparing to leave that they're doing the ELT's cost-cutting job for them and better than they ever could with layoffs. After all, if somebody leaves on his or her own... —  read more 

To those still at NM

Some suggestions from those who have departed. Spend as much time networking outside as you do in. You never know when a new boss, or a reorganization (perhaps orchestrated by CM the Destroyer, the king of meaningless reorgs), will turn your life... —  read more 

Less and less picky

I am very dissatisfied with the leadership here and have been trying to leave for three months now. I still haven’t found anything much better, but I’m not giving up. I'm getting less and less picky though. Are there any of you who would accept... —  read more 

401k match??

Careers section touts 401k match as a benefit but I heard it hasnt been offered in 2 years. Is this true? How does a company with so much $$ not take care of employees?

Any suggestions?

I’m not sure when it happened, but I recently realized that little by little, I have completely lost my work/life balance. I’m constantly working, including evenings, weekends, and even holidays. Yes, I make good money but my quality of life has... —  read more 

Too much attrition

Attrition is way beyond expectation. Making everyone below P4 work 15 hours a day. Giving cheap contractors from HCL, Infosys and Wipro too much importance. NM has to realize that the products they are making is not worth investing on, and cheap... —  read more 


Not only do I think that Northwestern Mutual is continuously losing its competitive edge, but also I think that I am less and less marketable the longer I stay here. What do others think about the competitiveness of this company? I will be leaving... —  read more 

Nepotism over meritocracy

The moment nepotism overshadowed meritocracy was the moment NM started to sink. When experienced, knowledgeable people who work hard see those whose greatest talent is brown-nosing get ahead instead of them, they take their experience and knowledge... —  read more 

Where did it go wrong?

I resigned because this company is not even close to the one I started working for. The atmosphere is horrible, there is a huge lack of respect, the least valued are good and loyal employees, long-term plans for this company are behind smoke and... —  read more 

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