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Unprofessional and sad

Over 1,400 employees have been shown the door due to mismanagement by John Schlifske. NM is a joke in Milwaukee. They clearly lost focus the they are an INSURANCE COMPANY! Not the bright new shiny object in the room. Talk to one of the so-called... read more

C---roach infestation reported at the Franklin campus

Just when you thought this place couldn't get any worse it gets announced there is a c---roach infestation at the Franklin campus. I guess the cost cutting initiative to remove garbage cans wasn't such a good way to save a few pennies after all.

Schlifske's going down

The board has finally had it with this clown. According to some folks I know on the inside he will be gone very very soon. And CM will go before that.

Northwestern NY Office new Joiner

I am planning to join NM as a Senior Software Engineer in next 2 weeks and got to know a lot of strange things about internal politics/layoffs and instability. Is it really not safe to join NM NY at this point in Tech area?

New layoffs today

Another round today in Product. Word is starting to filter out. Employees, contractors and finally shutting down the AZ office. It will never end. It's a lost cause.

Massive Layoff in IT in pipeline

Massive layoff planning in progress in IT planned in third and 4th quarter , layoff packets in preparation , if you are in IT in Milwaukee and Franklin ,its best time to GET OUT ! They hired a lot of people to meet city requirement for tax credit and... read more

A new NY office?

I hear that they are finalizing a new NY office space to replace the current one. From what I was told they want enough space for about 500 people? Isn't that much larger than the current NY office? Are they buying a building or leasing space? I... read more

NY office not going away?

Yeah, the people who just promoted a bunch of NYers to SVP and EVP, in addition to funding hundreds of millions for a new office in Manhattan next year are showing all signs they’re done in NY. I’m not a fan of the NY office, but you have to have... read more

Age discrimination at Northwestern Mutual

There is definitely some age discrimination going on here. Eighty five percent of the LearnVest employees are in their 20s and 30s, and none were let go. Yet the layoffs continue at NM. Some people are reporting that about 1,400 people have been laid... read more

No future at Northwestern Mutual

I've sadly come to realize that there's no future at Northwestern Mutual for me or anybody else who is working his or her behind off and trying to get ahead through their knowledge and expertise. No, with the management we have, unless you are... read more

NM is a joke in Milwaukee

NM is a joke in Milwaukee. No one in their right mind would go to work there anymore. They pretend to be an investment co. but they can't get their act together. All of the flowery language about 'planning' is old news. The idea isn't new & their... read more

What happened to NM Home Office?

Years ago it was a highly desired place to work. Not anymore. I was a manager at NM many years ago. When a performance issue on my team needed resolution (i.e. firing) I had to jump through hoops. At that time all employee firings needed the company... read more

Incoming 2018 layoffs

I've heard rumors that around 1000 people will be let go in 2018. If that rumor turns out to be true, I'm guessing the employees listed as IO Flex Staff will be laid off. Do we have any more info on this? I've heard something similar in the office... read more

The Expense Initiative - March 2017 Layoffs

As covered in the Bus Journal back in Jan... Source Below: Schlifske referred to his announcement in September 2016 that NM was eliminating 100 jobs by the end of 2016 and planned to cut hundreds more in 2017. The “expense initiative” is necessary... read more

You can get help after your NM layoff

If you were laid off last year, or like a few of my friends this year, then you need to contact the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development. There are benefits available to help you through the TAA (Trade Adjustment Assistance) program. I know... read more

No-Win Scenario for Office Staff

I feel like the current union negotiations are a no-win scenario for office staff. Since the layoffs were first announced in September, 2016, everyone in this department who started afterwards was LTT, and then eventually all Manpower. Now the... read more

Flex staff layoffs

I recently saw the layoff printout from the November layoffs and saw an odd division name called IO Flex Staff under the Infrastructure & Ops department. Does anyone know what that means and why some many people would be under that division? Normally... read more

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