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Layoffs in 2020

I hope no, but do you expect layoffs in Q1 of 2020? If yes, who will be affected

Latest Layoffs

Today we took another step in the restructure of our business to focus our attention only on profitable Novatel product lines in order to eliminate net losses and continue our progress towards profitability and positive cash flow. Unfortunately, this... —  read more 

2014 Novatel Downsizes

Do you have any info on the layoffs planned for Q4 of 2014. I heard some rumors but not sure if there is any substance here. Novatel is struggling to an extent but I'd never anticipate layoffs

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I just heard about the Calgary office

I just heard about the Calgary office. The axe has finally dropped! But people there knew this would happen eventually over a year ago when the majority of design group was let go. I feel bad for the talent there who will be out of work as they were... —  read more 

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Cmon guys the mifi is over

Cmon guys the mifi is over. The market share hasnt really reduced, the market has reduced itself. Execs are crap over here and have no idea what to do. Shutting down calgary was obvious. Sorry for the people there but I predicted this 6 mnths ago... —  read more 

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