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Raises + No Layoff Promise by NVDIA

Nvidia Announces Company-Wide Raises, Promises No Layoffs During Pandemic Source below... They treat their employees very well. While ago I was checking some website which ranked companies and Nvidia came out very well mainly due to excellent... —  read more 

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Hiring Freeze?

I heard there's a hiring freeze in place? Is this true and are there any layoff rumblings too?

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No joining bonus?

Quick question is true that there is no joining bonus for senior engineer positions...Hr who is handling my case told me that..can anyone confirm?

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Bully on the playground

There is one manager in my department at Nvdia who actually believes you can get more work done through bullying and intimidation. As if we don’t have enough stress over long hours and meeting deadlines, we also need to worry about having a target on... —  read more 

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Unreasonable expectations

There are so many good things about working at NVIDIA, but they are all overshadowed by the completely unreasonable expectations put on us as employees. It's like those on top never heard of a concept known as personal life. They expect us to be... —  read more 

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Should i take the job at Nvidia or Intel

I got a job offer from both companies in their respective Santa Clara locations. I asked in the Intel forum but got vile and hateful responses about joining Intel. Do the Nvidia people feel the same way about their company and provide vile sarcastic... —  read more 

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This used to be a good firm

NVIDIA used to be a good firm, but now "yes sir" culture took over. People get fired just because they disagree and/or talk back. Awful team dynamics in engineering org, poor communication with HR, you won't get any response from them unless you are... —  read more 

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I'm so glad I got out from NVIDIA

Worked in Santa Clara till last year, very unpleasant experience. Was so enthusiastic about my job, and then... Micromanaging, sabotage, managers so insecure and sadistic. The worst thing is that upper management knew about this situation and didn't... —  read more 

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