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Deal to be approved today at 08:00 AM Beijing time

Deal to be approved today at 08:00 AM Beijing time The beijing time new papers mentioned that Q/AND decision will be today approved , CHINA played the same game with Toshiba to approve deal at last minute of last day. Just wait 3 more hours

Still no news...

...and yet our shares keep dropping in price. Either way you look at this we are screwed.

Anyone heard about Monday 23 ?

From Qualcomm boad. "" Monday July 23 is the real date Some chinese forums stated that on next Monday july 23 SAMR(state admin for market regulation) will meetup for final Q/N deal decision, most probably deal will be approved accordingly as CHINA s... read more

Buckle up, this will be a bumpy ride

It looks like Qualcomm deal will truly be dead in the water next week. I honestly don't know how I feel about this. We are looking at layoffs either way, so hopefully this option ends up bringing fewer of them... read more

Put Options

Lots of put option trading on this stock at the close each day. Everyone is making a bet how far it will drop.
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Big layoffs coming soon

When this merger doesn't happen by the 25th, both nxp and qualcomm will walk away and nxp stock will fall to the high 80s from the not so surprising event just from investor fatigue. Clemmer will be forced to act, even coerced, and expect a high... read more

Waiting on Qualcomm decision

Real reorg hasn't occurred yet because NXP is waiting for the takeover of QCOM. FSL acquisition was part of this plan. If takeover is approved the real planned slaughter will start after this. If not that will happen anyway. Everywhere in the company... read more

Deal Over? Only 4.8% shares tendered

It seems to me this deal is probably dead - investors are not on board. Q have extended the tender offer again (27th time?) and now the number of tendered shares is down to 4.8%. Not exactly a vote of confidence in either Q or our board/exec team.

Qualcomm due to drop double digits

https://www.investopedia.com/news/qualcomm-stock-may-fall-15-amid-slashed-estimates/ Post out showing Qualcomm is heading for a double digit fall Q3. NXP is currently overvalued at a 30+ multiple. None of this looks good. I wonder what NXP with... read more

What do people here think?

Are you hoping we get acquired by Qualcomm or that sale does not happen? I'm personally torn. i'm not sure we can survive in the long run without Qualcomm, but I know the acquisition will come with major layoffs and that very few people will be safe... read more

Clemmer Killing off xFSL?

The cuts since the NXP takeover seem to have been heavily FSL based? Is this because labor laws are nonexistant and its easy? The merger was not 1+1=2, it seems that revenues are about. FSL only had about 18000 employees to begin with. I wonder what... read more

How many total?

Do we have any idea how big was the latest round of layoffs? From posts here it is obvious that it was global, sites from all over were hit, but as for the number it's really hard to determine based just on these posts. Also, anybody else suspects... read more

RF BU - Chandler AZ

Chandler AZ, also have seen layoffs in the RF BU - down 19% in last quarter and getting worse. Cutting into the bone now after several other layoffs and attrition. I can't see any upside for that BU. Clemmer doesn't like it and the GM has done a bad... read more

Layoffs start now

People are let go, multiple sites around the world, multiple business units, today and tomorrow

Silence before thunderstorm!

Some sporadic layoffs on European sites of NXP since Freescale merger in 2015. Because of the law regulations NXP employees in Europe feel comfortable and are still not aware of approaching avalanche. Acquisitions Qcom/NXP or Broadcom target huge... read more
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NXP Manyata Techno Park Bangalore

Layoffs are sure in Bangalore, management will put "Needs Improvement Rating" and push you out, BEWARE Already many engineers have been told what ratings they will get !

Big layoffs in Global Sales and FAE teams

Confirmed from multiple sources that NXP has made deep cuts to their global sales and FAE teams. If you're not a 100M customer they don't really care about you.
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Most layoffs will be in US

European nations have strict labor laws. Hard to layoff people there. So I think us employees will suffer most. Qualcomm will not fire their employees.

Run run

NXP guys run.
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QCOM/NXP Layoffs

This one is from QC's board: What are your thoughts on the next round of layoffs, in light of the recent news that "Qualcomm Is Said to Be in Talks to Buy NXP Semiconductors" - is this going to be something that will help or not help as it relates to... read more

NPX Job cuts?

NXP is a great company - the field of ESD protection / EMI filtering and low loss rectification/power switching is a great for profit margins and that will be the case in 2016 and 2017,. We here in Holland do not lay people that easily we always want... read more

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