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Are you still at work?

Here we are. More layoffs, no big surprise. Whispers of more waves of store closure, more corporate layoffs. Accelerations in 2017. Small spurts. Lots of small spurts. Waves, Waves Obligation to give WARN notice when at least 50 full-time (defined by... read more

Conference Call Tomorrow

Regional Conference Call scheduled tomorrow morning followed by District Conference Call for Wisconsin in the afternoon. Should be interesting to see what happens. Willing to bet the hiring freeze and the additional stores closing, that they are... read more

Office Depot eliminating assistant managers

Store managers have a conference call tomorrow that is for their ears only. Any one hear about rumors of ASM position going away? Heard that ASM positions that are currently open at stores are on hold.

Depot considers closing Max stores.

This could result in all Max stores closing over a 3 year time frame. Even the 120 stores that signed 5 year leases this year. The logistics aren't working. The cost to convert systems is over the expected revenue of keeping door open.

The judge listened after all.

ha ha ha ha You deserve to be fired. I'm sure your days are numbered. Blame yourself Roland.
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Judge Sullivan's ruling expected next week.

Any thoughts? Considering Staple's lawyer did not even mount a case and simply requested a ruling based on how flimsy the FTC's case was, many are predicted the judge will side with Staples. I am for whatever would salvage the most jobs, but Ron and... read more

Office Depot Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Office Depot layoffs in Boca Raton in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.

OD follows Staples lead by laying off AMs.

Class action lawsuit against OfficeMax for misuse of exempt labor for non-exempt tasks prompts Office Depot to layoff assistant managers in most stores. Stores in employment at will states given no reason for the layoff.

Australia approves buyout of OD

One step closer to the buyout. Just waiting for Canada, EU, and the US. Will be crazy to see the immediate shatter of OD. Staples wastes no time "synergizing" when it takes over a company. Hope everyone has got their exit plans in place. 4 minths to... read more
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Office Depot To Accelerate Store Closures

Office Depot, said Tuesday that it is accelerating its store-closure plan and expects to close about 175 stores this year and at least 60 in 2016, for a total of at least 400 closures by the end of 2016. Smith said he was “pleased with our... read more
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