Topics regarding layoffs at Office Depot

Topics regarding layoffs at Office Depot

Layoffs July 2023

Heard they cleaned house once again. Over 200 field reps, 3 vp’s 6 directors. Some real shockers such at director of facilities although rightly so. He was pretty ineffective. Who has the skinny on this round?

No layoffs make me nervous

We're due a round and with no mention of coming layoffs, I'm starting to get nervous. You know what they say about the calm before the storm... Unlike many of you, I like my job and I have no intentions to leave unless I'm forced out. Hopefully, that... —  read more 


The Company hired a SMO (Separation Manager Official). Employees were not notified of the Veyer Company change on their paychecks.

When will this end?

Two more locations are closing in NJ. How many is that this year? I've lost count. Why isn't management doing anything to make sure closings are not necessary? Do they not care? I'm tired of thinking about layoffs and possible closings 24/7. What... —  read more 

Closing stores 2021

Just found out the store I currently work at is closing in March. It’s pathetic that some company’s like Office Depot have SUCH high prices, which is why most of the locations are closing. As an operations manager, now I’m left trying to find a... —  read more 


My uncle just got laid off or fired, he was a very good loyal store mAnager, for almost 30 years, they axed him on a Tuesday and wouldnt pay him a full week, i can honestly say, can't wait for this company to go out of business, the people running it... —  read more 

GM layoffs

They are in the process of laying off hundreds of GM's throughout the company. Creating a Senior GM position which will now be over 2 stores. Role changes, layoffs, and relocations happening today. Is this true? I haven’t heard a peep about GMs... —  read more 

They do not care

As a former manager I was instructed once to lay off 8 people 3 days before Christmas. They do not care. They love to do layoffs in January and May. All the stores will be gone within the next couple of years, focusing on being a distributor... —  read more 

Pay doesn’t cut it anymore

Has anyone else seen a cut in hours? I have seriously gone down to less than 30 hours a week, when previously I had 32+ hours consistently. This has definitely cut into my living expenses and I am at a total loss on what to do. I’ve cut back on a lot... —  read more 

No news is good news

We’ve survived another month without any layoffs which is good news. Hopefully we will make it to Thanksgiving without a peep from corporate. I for one am hoping things will remain this way until well into the new year, hopefully with no retail... —  read more 

More layoffs at Office Depot?

Does anybody have any reliable info on when we can expect to see more layoffs? Date, departments, how many people will be affected? I'm getting tired of office gossip - according to the people I (to my great sorrow) work with, major layoffs are... —  read more 

COVID-19 is just an excuse

Somebody mentioned this in another thread and I couldn't agree with them more: there was no need for these layoffs. The company simply wanted to get rid of as many people as they could (which they've been trying to do for a long time now) and they... —  read more 

13,000 Layoffs

Office Depot is planning to cut 13,100 employees and close an unspecified number of retail stores and distribution centers as it restructures its operations and doubles down on IT services, a business line the company has in recent years made inroads... —  read more 

Gerry wants retail gone

At the most recent town hall, Gerry was ending with a message and during that, he was talking about B2B and Retail. He said a retailer is valued at 2-6 times the EBITDA of their business and a B2B company is valued at 8-15 times.... He then said... —  read more 

Copy center manager

I have been with the company a long time over 25 years.. Im very disappointed in this company. at the end I worked 7 to 8 hours a day with no break or lunch break and then time to leave not even a card or a farewell good bye!!! I just say I hope im... —  read more 

Now is the time to leave

This used to be a good company to work for, they stopped paying for any holidays, They are fixing to sink and I can see why, you can not run a store sitting in a office, They would rather you waste your time in getting a rewards card instead of... —  read more 

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