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Q1 2020 layoffs has begun!

Welp! Q1 has begun and so have the lay-offs. My print manager/supervisor position is being removed and merged with client engagement manage as one. This company is falling bad.

This entire company is going to falter!!!

it looks like a family guy was right and Office Depot will soon be joining Blockbuster and we'll be out of business I foresee in the matter of 24 months or less the company is starting with the retail businesses and will then go to the regional and... —  read more 

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Have they started closing stores?

I'm talking about the announcement form around a month or two ago. Or will that start next month? And is there any way to know your store is on the chopping block? Any early signs (outside of sales) I should look for?

Left behind

I am won of the associates that were left behind. In the past when the company was looking to do a restructure/RIF they would reach out to senior associates to see if they were interested in early retirement with a severance package. I would have... —  read more 

When do they give and don’t give severance?

Just depends on position and how they classify it. If you're a corp/field employee and they restructure the teams and you end up laid off due to them eliminating your position, than you'll probably receive a severance package. If you're a GM who has... —  read more 

Writing was on the wall

I joined OD about 2yrs ago and left after 6months on the job. It was nerve wrecking on-boarding while at the same time watching people walk out to the parking lot with white/brown boxes. I recall CEO during mothly townhalls would call "AMZN" the... —  read more 

Q2 upcoming results = more layoffs?

So I was fortunate to make it on first round, now the rumors are more to come after disastrous Q2 upcoming results. What have you heard? (HQ corporate)

The way layoffs are carried out

I was laid off may 8. A logistics manager was laid off also, after 21 years. She had an hour notice, I had 5 minutes. To my knowledge, nobody was offered severance, we got told to submit our time and expenses by 1pm that day. I mean, it was slow for... —  read more 

I will never understand the decisions being made

I’m going to be grateful for what Office Depot did provide me and my family over 13 years, but I will never understand the decisions being made. Loyalty and dedication are not words appreciated in the corporate world anymore. I was generating... —  read more 

Didn’t receive severance package as promised

Did anyone else not receive their severance package that was promised by Saturday? HR said it was shipped NDA and clearly that wasn’t the case given I was laid off on Wednesday, and didn’t receive anything Thursday through Saturday.

Stay away from Office Depot

Talk about hectic work environment! You are thrown into the fray with little training as per corporate orders (can't waste hours on something as trivial as training,) so juggling learning on your own and working at chronically understaffed and... —  read more 

sketchy sales tactics

sketchy sales tactics and badgering customers to sign up for services when all they came in for was a pencil. managers are on the associates because the district managers are on them so on and so forth, gerry smith has done nothing for this company... —  read more 

Is severance even a guarantee?

Sorry if this was asked and answered, but I can't seem to find it. I'm planning to leave on my own, but staying a bit longer in hopes of being laid off and receiving severance is something I'm also considering. I am worried though that Office Depot... —  read more 

Bankruptcy may be looming just around the corner

That is definitely a terrible way to be managed by one’s employer. It’s certainly not a strategy that would inspire positive morale, loyalty, or any long-term performance improvement. That is simply a desperate executive management team exercising... —  read more 

BBB accreditation lost


Yes, the layoff's have begun at Corporate. What is it going to take for these high paid exec's to realize outsourcing to India Is not the way to go! They would have done better to rebrand as a USA company. Who wants to talk to someone over seas?... —  read more 

50 Stores to Close —  read more 

What stores are next in line for closure?

Is anything rumored? I doubt that any of this will stop any time soon, so there has to be some method in which they will do the closures. Has anyone heard anything or has anyone seen any symptoms at their location that could indicate closure? What... —  read more 

Severance question

Hello everybody. I was hoping somebody might tell me what kind of severance is being offered by Office Depot to employees in closing stores and who is entitled to severance? I don't think my store is closing in this round, but I wouldn't be surprised... —  read more 

All to protect its compucom purchase

300 people fired with 200 more to by by Friday! All because compucom lost money in Q1. Failed attempt at building shareholder value. They think they can turn over the contract division to ISO. Good luck with that!

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Corporate layoffs done

Multiple teams at Corporate told today that layoffs are done. Company-wide town hall with Gerry Smith tomorrow morning to announce this is the new team.

Any news?

Share if you've heard anything, please. I'm really anxious ahead of the weekend, not knowing if we are done or not.

Layoffs today/this week

Any information on a swath of layoffs at all levels of the OD organization? Directors and VPs in this round.

More to come?

Any ideas on what else we can expect this or the following week? Something tells me that yesterday was just a start. I haven't heard about much going down today, but I'm not ready to take that as a good sign. Office Depot has burned me before... I'd... —  read more 

Company closing by end of the year

It seems to be headed in that direction. It is about time. Nasty work environment with some of the most unfit to be in management folks you could ever imagine.

Layoffs are Coming

In corporate there are talks of buyouts and severance packages however if you are seen as underperforming you get the axe

The employees don't even shop there!!

i (a customer!) was told by someone who worked at my local Office Depot years ago (and probably has since left for greener pastures) that they don't even buy stuff from there because the employee discount barely covers the sales tax!!

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