Topics regarding layoffs at Open Text Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Open Text Corp.

Toxic, arrogant

Poor management practices include micromanagement, pompous controlling, the desire to have one's "a-s licked," management games, managerial dishonesty, and hollow promises. Not able to grant a remote contract. Rat club of Cork's top support... —  read more 

Figures Q3 released The amount of debt now is staggering...

Is it true

The company is laying off people from its core side, and adding new roles, and asking its acquired companies teams to pick those roles. In the end, its headcount is getting reduced, but company will have the same number layoff against new hires.

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Layoffs and MORE LAYOFFS

Layoffs were announced last week. WFH is being monitored by the company for utilization. If you’re not working, you’ll get laid off! If you’re not working because of declining bookings, you’ll still get laid off!! Be careful, big Canadian brother is... —  read more 

Searching for new opportunities

It might not be immediate but I would recommend searching for new opportunities while your wait for your RSU's to vest. You won't have anyone directly tell you your job is on the chopping block though read the countless Glassdoor reviews of how all... —  read more 

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It’s like a slaughterhouse right now! They have outsourced our jobs to Manila and Ireland. Be cautious—if you are a newly acquired employee, it would be wise to dust off the resume and start looking. Over the few years since the acquisition, they... —  read more 

More info on Open Text layoffs

Heard that many offices are being consolidated into only a few. Former acquisition and virtual staff are the most vulnerable under the reorg. Other changes include merit increases being deferring until the new year, removing of the work from home... —  read more 

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More layoffs

More layoffs have been announced as part of OpenText's semi-annual RIF. The management team, especially the CEO, in incapable of making any cuts to costs that are not headcount related. Worst management team on the planet. No talent what's so ever... —  read more 

Layoffs real

Getting rid of the skilled software developers who know how to make the software work and shipping it all to India. Quality will suffer, but execs will get a huge payday while customers pay out the nose for maintenance on a sophisticated application... —  read more 

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