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Legacy Alere IT laid off

Got to love that new Linda Peterson heading up the M&A group. They just gave the Alere IT group the shaft. Yup, they told them they are not moving with the rest of Alere on the 21st but at the end of July and yet they just canceled all the... read more

2019 Optum layoffs

Just want to start a thread so we can consolidate the info for 2019 layoffs at Optum. Not sure if you have anything right now but it's good to have a place where we can discuss it.

Is your job being moved to India

If your job was moved to India, please read these articles and contact the reporters who wrote these articles If these reporters wrote an article about these companies, they can write an article about our company too is it true that this company now... read more

Will there be more layoffs at Optum?

We know there were small layoffs a few weeks ago and then it stopped. I somehow doubt that was it, but spending weeks anticipating more has been excruciating. Am I wrong? Could it be that those layoffs were really it for this round and we are don for... read more

We all should have seen it coming

Make no mistake, it's happening right now. My building just started a round of layoffs this morning out of nowhere, but the signs have been there and I expected it sooner or later. Between: The multiple leadership changes at the top of the tree The... read more

More Layoffs Coming!

I've heard from a few different sources that more layoffs are coming soon. Probably at the end of this month or in early March 2019. Anyone else hearing this? Who else is looking for a job?
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Areas impacted by Layoffs

From my understanding claims domain applications are next. There is a heavy ramp up of OGS in the claims domain. We are training our replacements.

Common Review today - bad news

I’m in late 30’s, grade 28, Optum Operations; after earning mostly 4’s and some 5’s on my review (which is solid performance), I only no raise and no bonus!!!!! WTF!!! I usually get 10% bonus in the past 3 years, and my manager hinted that Norman... read more


I was laid off in July 2017 as part of the layoff. Two of us on my team were laid off and we were the oldest in age. Two younger more recent hires were kept on the team because they had worked with our boss previously and were his favorites. The... read more

Age discrimination

If you were laid off because you are older than your co-workers, it's time to educate ourselves about age discrimination Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) info on age discrimination https://www.eeoc.gov/laws/types/age.cfm... read more

Leadership in IT

Santeli and goons are big time failures and wired in mainframes. 30+ years they have done this drama with accidental successes They don’t have , what it takes to take on Target, forget Amazon. Oh well thay have hired the fall guys from Tarjet.

Medicare for all

Why is no one in the organization talking about current policial movements that aim to eliminate UNH alltogether. Am I the only one concerned we may all ultimately be laid off?

Another round today

Record profits. More layoffs in Optum Technology. Teams were already understaffed, letting more good people go. What a joke. Please don’t spam this post with more WARN act b---s--- either, we got the message in EVERY OTHER POST.

Offshore employees are a huge hindrance

I worked in the I.T. Division at a very high technical level for many years and can verify the offshore employees we had to train and support are a huge hinderance. They talk over you instead of listening and are extremely slow to learn. It is much... read more

Optum layoff 2019

If your employer selects you for a layoff, under Federal law, your employer is required to give you 60 days notice (and pay you for those 60 days). The 60 days is in addition to any severance you may be entitled to. This is required under the Federal... read more

Optum OffShore

Optum leadership's 24-36 month roadmap is to offshore more than 60% of it's workforce-reducing domestic jobs. This job reduction will lower cost and enable Optum to meet budget requirements to compete with the mythical Amazon HealthCare announcement... read more

Some info on layoffs

Teams reduced by half or more. Severence packages based on years of service. Most in my area were 10+ years with the company. Warn act doesn't apply it's not a plant, 30% of the workforce, or above certain threshold in one building. They kept... read more

Did you lose your job to an H-1B Visa holder

The H-1B Visa program allows companies to hire foreign workers for specialized jobs that can be difficult to fill H-1B visas are granted through an employer-driven system, which means an employer must apply for the visa. Some employers apply for the... read more

What's the OWBPA and why do I care

If you were laid off, there are multiple laws you should know about. One of them is the Older Workers Benefit Protection Act (OWBPA) As part of the OWBPA, your employer must give you a document that has the job titles and ages of all laid off... read more

2019 Layoff planning

If you think you may be laid off (or have been laid off), under Federal law, your employer is required to give you 60 days’ notice (and pay you for those 60 days) The 60 days is in addition to any severance you may be entitled to. This is required... read more

Welcome Sir Andrew Witty

Let's learn more about the new President of Optum, Sir Andrew Witty. Welcome Sir Andrew! https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/former-glaxo-boss-andrew-witty-has-the-last-laugh-on-pharma-qpj5pw6f0... read more

I'd like to work for OptumRx

I am looking for some input about what it's like to work for OptumRx Can you share your thoughts? https://www.vcstar.com/story/news/local/2018/07/27/ventura-county-businesses-sue-optumrx-d--g-pricing-lawsuit-pharmacy/784865002/... read more

Optum Analytics / Advisory Board Layoff

Around 90-100 of us Optum Analytics colleagues were laid off today thanks for the new Advisory Board acquisition. OptumInsight senior executives are making some major cut, and it’s sad to see my 7-year with the company gets let go like this!!! Very... read more

Optum 360 IT AE layoffs

Big layoffs in AE in July 2018. For those left not good news, many demotions and more being managed from India. The writing is on the wall, they will continuously will move as many jobs as possible offshore. Trumps enemy is right here in the US.

MedSynergies to Optum360

Optum360 purchased MedSynergies a couple years ago, but we did not 'transition' until 12/24/2017. Since then, they have severance more than half of our employees. They claim this is due to losing a major client (CHI) in September 2017. They assured... read more

Paving the Way for Sir Andrew’s Arrival

Hearing recently that no replacement requisitions are being approved at Optum for departing team members. Looks like the organization wants the financials to be ship-shape for the arrival of the new CEO on July 1. Good news for those fortunate enough... read more

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