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Businessinsider cloud fraud story

Excellent story but it gets one thing fundamentally wrong - it wasn’t sales people manipulating things, it was oracle top management which desperately wanted to produce cloud revenues. Is this oracle already trying to shift blame?! Check it out:... read more

So many job openings

With so many layoffs, why are there so many job openings at Oracle? What's the point? Can people who have been laid off apply for any of them?

growing list of Law Suits..against ORCL

Just a few example --- ===================================== RM LAW Announces Class Action Lawsuit Against Oracle Corporation Bragar Eagel & Squire, P.C. Announces That a Class Action Lawsuit Has Been Filed... read more

Examples of corrupt sales ethics. Go!

Without naming your customers (unless you are gone and don’t care), what are some of the crazy unethical practices you have seen at Oracle? Let’s help those Firefighters pension funds who are suing Oracle.
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Comp clawback!

The 3 stooges should be forced to return the hundreds of millions they got in incentive and other compensation for committing Cloud fraud

SEC investigating Oracle

I am hearing rumors that SEC is investigating Oracles cloud biz. This comes as no surprise... Anyone hearing the same? Please share what you know and what you experienced while employed at the company.

Lawsuit link

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Unofficial official layoff report 8/12/2108

No major layoffs reported this past week. Total since 6/1/2016 remains at 19,850. Things are getting interesting but don’t let that distract you from looking for jobs elsewhere, things are only going to get worse at oracle.

Oracle Cloud is noise

from another thread: "this is for example a couple of the latest report on real cloud share ww: read more
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CSM renewals team out

Entire CSM renewals team is out on streets in APAC. Expect 30-40% head count reduction across the board in APAC... Bloodbath everywhere.

It's Hub or the highway for ECAs

I am NA ECA covering 3 large enterprise accounts and been pretty successful with them. Being here for a long time (10+ years), I have heard my share of rumors and usually do not panic. I was told today, though, by someone I totally trust in... read more

Start Up Cloud Accelerators Life Span

The Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator program was marched out as Oracle's way of reaching new innovators and the younger hipper crowd as a market to sell cloud services and platforms, but from what I hear the ROI on this is not good as startups are... read more

How many times does this need to be repeated?

There will not be a "HUGE" layoff on August 31 or any other day. The layoffs are gradual, affecting a couple of departments at a time. They can and will happen anytime. With few exceptions (e.g. Netsuite), Oracle's products are considered "legacy."... read more


What a total boneheaded LE is to have fired KB and kept MH! KB totally kicking a-- at SFDC, oracle sinking to the bottom of the ocean. Stupid is as stupid does!

Unofficial official layoff report 8/5/2018

Looks like 250 people were laid off this last week, including in TK’s development org, and cloud. That brings the total since 6/1/2016 to 19,850. Surely more layoffs coming down the pike. Keep looking for new jobs!

Rumor is that HD is going to be replaced

They are hiring and will train his replacement. The kid just graduated from Canada community college with a gpa of 1.9. He will save O a lot of money. O is going down the tubes.

Oracle UK Job Posts: Brexit Vaporware?

Oracle is still advertising job positions in the UK (Reading, London, etc), including for roles that are being laid off elsewhere. Are these Oracle job postings for real? With Brexit and the exodus of companies from London to other European... read more

Oracle DBA Changing Career

Changing career. My 24 years of Oracle DBA not as marketable anymore. Everywhere is going for SQL Server, Azure and good to have Cassandra/MongoDB. Though, SQL Server seems to be a lot easier to grasp. Just the backup recovery itself would not need a... read more

Cloud UX Butchered Today

JU org lost 20+ employees from the VP and directors all the way down the ranks. Most were just waiting for it to happen.

ODC, CX, and OMC will boom in FY18

It is no secret that everything and everyone is moving into the cloud, surprise right? Three business lines will hit FY18 hard are CX, OMC, and ODC. Try to move to any of them if you can. They did their share of layoffs last year and now they are on... read more

ACS HW field engineers downgrade

for all those still doubtful about the future of all HW org (and I mean all... including ES) here is a fact: all the HW field eng in EMEA/APAC with a grade IC3 or IC4 have been downgraded to IC2. the roll out will depend on specific countriy's rules... read more


Oracle has an entirely new BU: RaaS - RIF As A Service We're industry leaders!

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