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Run away far as possible from this place.

ORCL Autonomous

Customers seem to respond well to ORCL autonomous cloud products (and not just DB) and they seeme to have real results that exceed on-premises performance. Am I missing something, or does ORCL have some traction with this?

Unofficial official layoff report 10/14/2018

Looks like about 20 or so people in OCC lost their jobs this past week. That brings the total since 6/1/2016 to 20,091. No major layoffs lately but no good news either, oracle is not going anywhere good, keep looking for new jobs before the economy... read more

Oracle is planning to acquire goBalto

Oracle stated on Wednesday that it plans to buy goBalto, a cloud platform company that specializes in clinical trails site selection and activation for life sciences companies. Apparently, with this purchase, Oracle wants to expand it's Health... read more

Where is TK anyway ?

He left “to pursue other opportunities”. No news. Looks like he is “looking” and not “pursuing”. Loser!

How do you get used to it?

Has anybody managed to get used to not having any semblance of job security? I keep hoping it's going to get easier, but that has not been the case. At least not for me. Every new day and every new week is a renewed source of stress for me. How do... read more

OCIC Layoffs

I heard that the layoff starts after OOW at the start of November. 500+ on the chopping block, most from OCIC

Any news on this year appraisal

Thr process earlier would start by mid september. No movement or sign this year till now in HR tools. Any idea on focal/appraisal happening this year?

Anxiety Management

Since layoffs at the end of 2016, I have been concerned about my job security and have had anxiety resulting from this (umm wonder what the lawyers would say, another post I think), After each round, I was still here so finally about 6 months ago,I... read more

Now SPARC and Solaris are really dead

Hello, ex Sun Microsystems employee here, working in Fujitsu engineering since 2010. Posting here since I think this is more relevant to Oracle given we sell SPARC basically only in Japan. During the last year Oracle and Fujitsu worked for an highly... read more

Another Re-Org

Anyone hear anything about another huge re-org coming. I heard it would be this month but just wondering if anyone else has heard anything?

Future is ARM

everyone in the SPARC engineering is gone, apart very few people for the sustaining in AA team. M8+ is an overclocked M8, nothing new, that will give only very few % more in performances and it is so power hungry that will be installed only in the... read more
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Any thing after SPARC M8?

Given all this renewed interest in on premise, does Oracle have anything after M8? At one point there was a public roadmap slide that suggested incremental improvements to M8. What's the plan for existing SPARC/Solaris customers? Anyone know?

Oracle Survey

If I still have a job after how I filled out the survey, they must be relatively confidential. I was not offensive but I certainly called out specific EVPs and SVPs on their behavior and lack of leadership. If I recall, I said I trust my direct... read more

Oracle Golden Rule of Communication

Never email when you can speak Never speak when you can nod Never nod when you can wink And Never wink when you can smile (Mgmt & Leadership Tips & Tricks for Employee Comms)

FedEx Layoff Alert System - foiled.

Oracle has indeed noticed the use of FedEx delivery notices to tell when a layoff was going down the day before it actually happened. As a refresher for those new to the game... when Oracle creates a label for a FedEx shipment and you are the... read more

Colorado Springs layoffs today

Confirmed. Various GBU units affected on the support side, so I'm sure it's not just the Springs that got hit today. The ones I've personally seen leave are the highly experienced, middle age, white men if that is an indicator of what is to come or... read more

Country Club

This story is actually about IBM, but after having worked at Oracle, it may have application here also. I worked at IBM for a short time, maybe 25-30 years ago. They were working on a large government project where the implementation was in silicon... read more

I start Monday!

Just turned down Facebook to start at Oracle in Redwood tomorrow. Looking forward to it as they are a superb company. Oracle Cloud rocks!

More BS jobs at Oracle

Why is Oracle creating BS jobs after BS jobs. The Larry hires 2 CEOs to do his work? His 2 CEOs hire a bunch of VPs to their work. The VPs hire a bunch of directors to do their work. The directors hire a bunch of managers to do their work. The... read more


LE was a pre-boomer software lord. Held on to a mindboggling % of his company over 41 years. Most subsequent founders got WAY diluted. Maybe not a swell guy but a force. And a real taste for art, not just spike heels. Legacy just slip sliding away... read more

Why attend Oracle Open World this year???

Why attend Oracle Open World this year??? It's funny. I keep getting LinkedIn messages/postings from former Oracle colleagues about Oracle Open World. You know. Oracle must be in serious trouble when nobody wants to go OOW. It must be an all points... read more

Layoffs in OCC outside the US

A number of OCC teams outside the US are being informed that OCI-C/OCC is reducing staff in remote locations and therefore the remote team is being let go.

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