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When can we expect layoffs to stop?

I know they will never stop, and judging by everything this summer will be very unpleasant for all of us, bt at what point do they plan to reach the numbers planned for the cuts and stop with the mass restructuring and layoffs. Is there a timeframe... read more

Has Oracle given up?

To be honest, I’ve never seen a more depressed atmosphere at the company. Layoffs are present. On top of that,I don’t even see our leadership in the media, bragging as they used to do , how were the leaders in every market segment. Has Oracle just... read more

Does Oracle offer incentives to stay?

Ever? Like trying to match new pay of an employee who is quitting or something like that? A friend recently wanted to leave a startup he's been with for two years for a job at a more established company, and they bent over backwards to keep him - and... read more

Left 2 months ago

I left Oracle about two months ago and working for an SI. I was surprised to hear from a team that recently released an application on OCI that it’s pretty good in terms of performance. They found some bugs in the implementation of Kubernetes but... read more

Oracle 3.0

Are, Cloud 3.0 rumors real? What’s the strategy on this one? Again mimic someone else?

Gen2 is not = OCI ?

From my understanding .. Gen2 is a new strategy but not equivalent to OCI. Can anyone explain what is Gen2 ? I thought it is something related to on-premise business.

OCI Status in the Market

OCI uptake is not healthy and is only happening at a tiny fraction of projections. This is putting MASSIVE pressure on Dee Jay and his management team to deliver. It is. It happening and thus the layoffs are happening as a result. Plenty of people in... read more


Why is Oracle laying off some of its most experienced employees and then hiring outside people to fill positions they could have (and should have) been promoted to? No money is saved that way. The new person still gets the high pay that could have... read more

How the Market views Oracle...

The market looks at employees, especially in sales as a cost. So does the two CEOs of Oracle. A cost... to be reconciled. The company spent 1.98 billion trying to sell their products during the last quarter, with the result yielding a gross income of... read more

SEC investigating Oracle

I am hearing rumors that SEC is investigating Oracles cloud biz. This comes as no surprise... Anyone hearing the same? Please share what you know and what you experienced while employed at the company.

WLS on the way out?

There have been several posts about WLS.... one says it's dead.... one says they are hiring. What is the true story. I would guess it would around as long as on-premise is there. Is it used in other areas? What depends on WLS?

Severance package in the states.

Heard from folks in China that, when Oracle shut down CDC, it gives out N(1 month/per year) + 6(months) for the severance package, if you sign the the agreement. Any detail for the severance package in US?

Oracle is the new - failing - IBM

The parallels to IBM’s road to demise with bad product decisions, arrogance, and total detachment from the market place/ customers, plus all the unnatural financial contortions are unmistakable. Discuss

The problem is trust

Folks, its NOT about technology. Oracle is 10 years behind the market but that's not why Oracle cloud will never be a profitable business for Oracle. The problem is TRUST. Customers don't trust Oracle owning their data and apps. Any commercial... read more

Is everybody really replaceable?

I get that, in a realistic sense, the company won’t fail or have significant damage over one person that it lose or even several people, but can a company, that was built on knowledge and innovation of its workers really afford to use that statement... read more

Is there any chance that oracle will be sold?

Is this a possibility that oracle will trim down and reduce the workforce and is doing this whole thing about splitting global services from the rest to prepare for a take over? I mean is it even a possibility considering the size of oracle?

Are they worried about attrition?

Saw that a lot of folks left on their own in the past year, so what comes to mind is the question whether the leadership counted on that and saw that process coming? Do they welcome the attrition, in light of the goal for the company to go under 100k... read more

2 + 2 weeks to go

Two weeks left in the fiscal year and another 2 or so weeks until results are made public - and then the world will know what a total sh--show oracle is. Down the drain she goes!

Dyn shut down?

Hearing Dyn got shut down finally. Anyone have confirmation on this? Are they laying off all of the staff?

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