Topics regarding layoffs at Oracle Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Oracle Corp.

Future of Oracle Cloud?

Oracle cloud is here to stay. Few years back when i moved to splunk, i used to hear Oracle 1 out of 10 customers. These days I see at least 2-3 customers. Enterprises are adopting hybrid, or multi cloud vendor. Those who say no are ‘L O S E R... —  read more 

Just imagine

Just imagine where we could be if our ELT put half as much energy into winning business as they do into cost cutting (or to be more precise, layoffs.) But no, why try to do the logical thing that might even remove the need for layoffs and improve... —  read more 

Help me get a job with Oracle

I am about to graduate from an Ivy League college top of my class. I got offers from every Ivy League school but chose Stanford. I heard Oracle is a cool company and big in cloud so I want to work there. How can I work there?

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