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earnings call on monday
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Larry's Sliver of the cloud business pie

See His target: Oracle Executive Chairman Larry Ellison, whose face was pictured on a giant screen, peering haplessly over the edge of pie chart's tiny... read more

IBM & oracle suing DOD -losers!

Well, well, well, what do you know! The two biggest losers on the tech industry, both of whom were turned down cold by the DOD b/c neither had caught up to the 20th, never mind the 21st, Century are now both suing the DOD over the cloud deal that AWS... read more

Oracle's Lost Decade in App Development

Tried to log into Fusion Applications. They are down AGAIN this weekend. What decade is this? Why would anyone use our apps when we can't even keep them running? We never had trouble running EBS 24/7. No wonder app revenue growth stopped soon after... read more

Please take us with you - Toronto CSM

We are not the chosen few. Many of us wish we could have been reassigned too. Life with RB and CB is tough. Just look at our own OMC attrition rates. There are no perks here and or opportunities. We know we are next to go or be reassigned.
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Bonus for displaced CSMs?

Curious to know if the displaced SaaS CSMs who were transferred to OD and NetSuite are still going to get their bonuses for Q2?

Bonuses in IDC

We are hearing info that some teams in IDC are getting bonuses. Maybe not all but some people in some teams arw getting. Are these rumors or anyone has some concrete info on this.

19Q2 end updates

how does Q2 look like seeing, that TK left, reorg on, Mark taking care of OCI, any new cloud strategy, to be cloud decisive and vision 2020 with only DB or cloud will remain ghost figure. your thoughts are welcome...

Oracle sues DOD over the cloud buy

I know a lot of money is in play here, but this will get us nowhere. In fact these moves, for me, border with childish behavior. We all know that Oracle isn’t exactly on top of the cloud market, why the hell would they think that they would be the... read more

Not that much different at Dell/EMC

“promote sub par people to global important expert role and make it hell for people that has to find their ways around restrictions. Clueless brainless and narcissistic VPs and Directors who doesn't reward hardwork and result but rewards narcissism... read more

Oracle Stock down again today

Down 2% today. Hit the $45 range at one point. Before you say it's just the general trend: HP and HPE up 3 and 6% AMZN up couple points MSFT up .6% Intel up IBM up

The irresistible force of the cloud

For once I agree with MH. I can sign his words about the endless opportunities on the cloud market an SaaS as my own. The only problem here is that Oracle’s leaders seem to know everything that needs to be done in order to become market leaders in... read more

Total Chaos

Corrupt managers demand loyalty from developers instead of actual work. Loyalty includes sabotaging other developers and managers for them. Total chaos. Loyalty is rewarded with bonuses. People actually doing real work are resented and attacked. How... read more

Seems like no hikes in IDC this year

Just heard various rumors from multiple people saying that IDC will not see any hikes this year. Some are sti hopeful of a miracle end but thats very less number. Most seems to have accepted the fact that no hikes are coming. Any rumors or facts if... read more

Locking customers in

Even though this article reflects only the position and attitude of one competitor company and I don’t see anything wrong with trying to secure that your customers use a wider range of the company’s products, if it has the means to do so, I see this... read more


my opinion : sales on the decline everyone is leaving or about to leave. jump ship before its too late

Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's The Update

Over the past month, several of us have been able to piece together some of what is transpiring, despite the fact that our workgroup is not based in the US. Some of this remains rumour, but much is already confirmed and underway. Oracle is, as... read more

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