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Thankful that I left Oracle a few years ago and thankful that it was only a short run.

JD to leave?

some strong rumors are that JD (EMEA) is moving to another position, together with some other (MS already moved, more to move in the next months). rats in the know leaving the sinking ship just before final collapse. a clear writing on the wall.

TK's Org Desperately Needs New Leadership

The lack of direction is killing us. Every month it seem like the goals completely change and we have no idea where the ship is supposed to be headed. There is no comprehensive vision for our company or products. Just a bunch of random, often... read more

Technical Debty

With the shrinking of the on prem workforce what is to become of the mountain of technical debt that Oracle has amassed through the crazy acquisition spree? As more of us get invited to the door it would seem that Oracle will reach a tipping point... read more

The Turkey

Who’s the big, big Turkey this year? Well let’s see. Who has no HW revenues, steeply declining SW revenues, no cloud, and steeply declining support revenues. It’s oracle! LE is the Big Turkey!
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HBR - best CEOs of 2017

Harvard Business Review has published its list of the best CEOs: SFDC’s MB #12; LE/MH/SC nowhere to be found. No surprises here, just a confirmation that oracle is a poorly managed company run by bad executIves.

Oracle’s ridiculous share price

At $48 per share oracle has to be the most overvalued company on the stock market. I mean, it has no sustainable revenues from any products: no HW, no on-prem products, no cloud products, yes a tail of declining support revenues from old products... read more

1018 Layoffs on October 31

Layoffs coming: 964 in Santa Clara and 54 in San Diego Effective on October 31 WARN notice available on the government's website:

LE’s irony

Ironic, isn’t it, LE could have achieved immortality, a la Jobs, had he had the good judgement to die 10 years ago, now he’ll go down in history as a guy who got lucky and then overstayed his welcome and ran the company into the ground. This... read more


I was with NAS Comms. Industry vertical failed and now we are heading towards a big change for that group..vp of sales, BD, operations, finance are arrogant. . Reps are being cheated..focus is on OD..who does not know head or tail..all the best to... read more

401K Rollovers

FYI - Tried to rollover my 401K into my IRA this morning and was informed by the Fidelity rep that I must wait 30 days to do so. He also told me that my current 401K investments were not available in the IRA and it would be necessary to liquidate the... read more

Oooops, oracle failed again!

Yet again shareholders have voted against the exec comp plan. This is now, of course, a regular and comical feature of the oracle shareholders meetings. Management proposes outrageous and unjustified pay plans for itself, shareholders rejects them... read more

Severance payment date and method?

For the ex-Sun folks with a Labor Day WARN and Halloween termination, when will the severance payment hit our mailboxes? While we are out of town for Thanksgiving? Can we get direct deposit? From the packet, "Your severance payment will occur only... read more

Unofficial official layoff report 10/29/2017

A small layoff in India this week, fewer than 10 people? The total for FY18 remains at 7,150 laid off; 17,150 laid off since 6/1/2016. Be well all and keep looking for better opportunities. Just a question of time till your number at oracle is up.

Unofficial official layoff update 11-12-17

No major layoff activity reported this past week. Total for FY18 stays at 7,150; total since 6-1-16 remains at 17,150. Note: almost $500m of restricting reserve left for FY18 layoffs - that’s a lot of people. Keep looking !

ECAL Process broken down in plain english

E N T E R P R I S E C L O U D A D O P T I O N L I F E C Y C L E ( E C A L ) ECAL is a business-driven process, aimed at achieving customer success at "cloud speed." ECAL begins with identifying priority business initiatives, use cases and adoption... read more

Oracle Talent Drain Continues

(Source Below) If you knew the guy you'd know what I am talking about here. Such a shame... Have a great weekend... The latest talent to have departed Oracle is a longtime GNOME contributor who has at Oracle/Sun Microsystems for nearly the past two... read more

Some big shake ups coming to SaaS CSMs

Currently the ERP teams do not have enough work to get thru the day. Managing 4-5 accounts each, many of those customers are not even live! ERP CSMs are watching movings, TV shows, etc during the day. Expect a huge shake up and Riffs coming (at all... read more

ECAL is a joke!

ECAs don’t use it unless to show internally. It’s a complete waste of time.

Oracle is broken - ECA beach vacay

I blew a fuse traveling and started booking follow up meetings at the customer sites near resort areas. I have been literally flying to both coasts for weeks and spending more time in the airports than at meetings when it hit me... Why am I doing... read more

Why Oracle is about to take a serious beating...

Oracle has built its empire on data. Times have changed and so has the amount of data, the velocity of change, and the amount of unstructured data. As Oracle "pivots" to the cloud with "non existent" infrastructure rife with vendor lock in and price... read more

2018 UHC COBRA info?

Have any COBRA users received any 2018 plan information from UHC? I looked on their website but found nothing about it. TIA

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