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Fake news about May 31

The end of May will come and go and NONE of the doom and gloom predicted by the malcontents on this board will come to pass. They will post some silly excuse as to why there was no massive layoff, and will immediately predict that the new date for... read more

Fake news..?..hope so..

It seems like main focus of this forum is on Sales and hardware RIFs.. However-- there are 100s of idle employees in delivery/consulting for months now.. who would have thought in Q4 Oracle allows that.. These people have dated skills that nobody... read more

Audit activity

What’s your sense of audit activity and forced cloud deals coming on the heels of audits last quarter or two? Up, down, same ?

Oracle Korea workers go on strike

"The labor union had met with the company more than 10 times since last December, but couldn't reach an agreement," said Kim Chul-soo, leader of Oracle Korea's labor union. "We conducted a strike vote and decided to call the walkout after 96 percent... read more

HD reorg after his expected departure

Former employee here working at a real cloud company. I saw HD at our corporate office complex where I work now full time. He obviously was not there to form a partnership,but was in full interview mode. This lines up with the other posts on how the... read more

The silence before the storm

Good luck to those in the firing lines. Hopefully it's not as bad as I am hearing it will be. Don't be stressed because it's out of your control. The decisions have mostly been made. The best thing you can do is start looking for your next career... read more

Are layoffs done for the week?

I'm rather new to Oracle and I'm not really sure how layoffs are done here. Is everybody notified on the same day or does it spill over into the following day or two? I really, really need this job right now, so not being sure is taking its toll on... read more

Unofficial official layoff report 5/20/2018

So clearly there were layoffs this past week in multiple locations and multiple groups. Of course, no word from oracle how many. My best guess is 150. That would bring the TYD for FY18 to 8,900, and since 6/1/2016 to 18,900. Good luck all in advance... read more
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What is it like to have job security?

According to this survey, 59 percent of Americans still know that. I'm pretty sure none of them work at Oracle. The latest data from an annual Gallup survey shows that 11% of Americans believe they might lose their job within the next 12 months but... read more

Which Cloud business is bets?

I got offers from all big cloud players Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Oracle. Not sure which is best for me? Can you tell me why Oracle is best?

Oracle layoffs are over

The major RIFs are finished. Remaining employees will be working maintenance or transition to the Cloud. There may be some minor reshuffling in Sales, but the worse is over. Anything else you hear from this board is pure fabrication. Notice how they... read more

CD going to pick up RG's folks

Looks like CD on apps side is gonna get some of RG's cloud stuff with RG becoming the keeper of the on premise sales folks. Makes sense he came from tech end anyway.
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People from Dev teams move

I recently checked my linkedin contacts at oracle and noticed that most of them (highly skilled people) moved to other companies: AWS, google, Microsoft,, vmware, nutanix ... All are experienced and skilled people and are leaving... read more

How to know you are being laid off

I know these lists are a dime a zone, but this one really hit home for me once I checked off number 6 (They ask you to train a new hire.) I guess I should be much more worried about the end of the month than I was so far... read more

America, lowest unemployment rate in 20 years?

This is not about Oracle, sorry, but it is truth for those seeking it. This article neatly explains how our government pulls the wool over our eyes with its massaged, purposefully deceptive economic statistics and what the TRUE state of the American... read more

Don’t wait for the package rather get out ASAP

It might take you a year to find a new job, so how do you think a few months of severance is going to work out for you? Your Oracle skill set is dated and not in demand. Consider getting out now and don’t let Oracle victimize you again.

Thursday, May 31 will be D-Day

Will the long awaited BIG RIF be on Thursday, May 31? I have a bunch of Oracle stock I've been holding on to and the stock price should go through the roof.

Employment verification

I was recently laid off and am actively looking for a new job. My prospective new employer wants to do a background check. However, they are under the assumption that I am still working at Oracle. Does anyone know what kind of information oracle... read more

Lay offs confirmed for Thursday May 31st 2018

Interesting twist on the layoffs, new rumor is that Sun will be spun off to Fujitsu. Also field sales and field sales engineering are going to be let go. The Sun deal wont require layoffs as the majority of the employees will change hats. Field sales... read more

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