Topics regarding layoffs at Oracle Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Oracle Corp.

Let me in coach …

How long can you trade or release players without firing the coaches or the general manager. We all know that you can’t fire the owner, but people can stop coming to the games. Stop ticket subscriptions!

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Failing to fix the issues

It’s hard to understand that Oracle has a negative mgjt style & they make themselves look bad when they defend themselves, degrade others. Positive leadership is not weak as they seem to think. Accountability, motivation, incentives, setting... —  read more 

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I envy those who left

In fact, I'm glad that all the talented people left a long time ago, but I also envy them a little for that. If I got a solid opportunity, I wouldn't hesitate to leave. This place is no longer good for mental health. I believe that an... —  read more 

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RIFs as the only solution

It's true that O is in trouble in several areas, but I wonder if RIFs are the only solution. Leadership seems to think so and doesn't look for any other solutions, which is really frustrating.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

To one and all. From the level of activity on this board, it is obvious that some folks are already taking time off. Enjoy, and come back fortified for December 1st. We have much to be Thankful for!

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Oracle is Cerner now

The old Oracle Is left to die They know that can’t compete. Things have changed and they accept that & do not want to throw good money at what know will no longer work Didn’t take long after CloudWorld for it to be known that Cloud isn’t what... —  read more 

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It can be a curse …

To be very good at what you do. It cuts two ways! First, because you are so good, you can be vert comfortable in your role, and not feeling the pressure to expand and grow your skills. You may be disinclined to seek out other employers, or even... —  read more 

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To All going through it my gift

As one who left Oracle this year after having enough quite frankly and no job lined up, I can tell you it's going to be OK. If you are a faith based person lean on it and your family. Don't fret. Put thing into action. Breathe and take that walk and... —  read more 

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Recruiting Layoffs

A quarter of the sourcing recruiting team was laid off today. No explanation beyond downsizing. It was not a complete shock considering there is not a lot of hiring work we are able to work on.

NAA Layoffs?

Is anyone aware of any incoming RIF’s in NAA and, if so, in back office? Back office applications perform well but the fear still exists for me.

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