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Confirmation on Layoff Meetings

Several meetings took place both in person and via conference on a layoff schedule for HW. Managers were asked to rank employees in order of importance and then recommend who to let go in March and who in June. HD will absorb org in June. Trick here... read more

WSJ article

Take a look at the 2/21 WSJ article about GE’s crash - it’s oracle in everything but name. The next one will have oracle’s name in it.

how many more years can EBS survive?

i heard that the head of EBS QA has transferred to fusion, also many of my colleagues who have worked in oracle for many years left EBS recently, should i stay in EBS, and wait?...when would it replaced by fusion? many more years can EBS... read more

An open letter to SPARC Hardware management

Dear MH: Here’s hoping that when you leave Oracle you will be treated with the same dignity you showed your own workforce in BUR in September. Hope you get a Fedex delivered to your house and instructions to tune into some clown like ES who gives you... read more

SEC investigating Oracle

I am hearing rumors that SEC is investigating Oracles cloud biz. This comes as no surprise... Anyone hearing the same? Please share what you know and what you experienced while employed at the company.

New groups, replacing consulting?

have noticed new groups in Austin center looking for business-- few emails today with signatures read as: " Information Management Team /North America Technology Division/Oracle| Austin, Texas " " To engage Team submit here: read more

Top ten Highest Compensated CEO’s in USA

Top ten Highest Compensated CEO’s in USA Thomas M. Rutledge $98M @ Charter Communications $29B Leslie Moonves $68.6M @ CBS $13.2B Fabrizio Freda $47.7M @ Estee Lauder $11.8B Mark G. Parker $47.6M @ Nike $34.4B Mark V. Hurd $41.1M @ Oracle $37.7B... read more

Contact your local media and reps

All of you in locations that have been/ look like they will be affected by coming layoffs - alert your local media and your stare and Congressional reps to oracle behavior. Bring them up to date on oracle strategy and the layoffs that’s already taken... read more

Unofficial official layoff report 2/18/2018

Looks like 250 in Spain got their walking papers this week. That brings the total for FY18 YTD to 8,025 and since 6/1/2016 to 18,025. Looks like more layoffs coming as oracle completes shift to digital sales before end of FY. Good luck all!
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Unofficial official layoff report 2/4/2018

No major layoffs this past week. Total for FY18 remains at 7,775; since 6/1/2016 at 17,775. Expectations of significant layoffs to come before end of FY. Keep looking! And best of luck in your job searches !
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Get rehired by Oracle?

I was RIF'd but I love Oracle too much that I want to find a job with them somewhere somehow. Has anybody who got RIF'd been rehired by Oracle? How did you manage it?

Prepping for next round

So do most in NA feel that we'll get standard 60 days WARN for field sales and field sales engineers? So before the typical reorg, does that mean April 1? Have seen several Oracle Digital people move to field roles so managers are clueless to higher... read more

Spanish layoff letters send out

Following the consultation period between the Company and the Employee Representatives as part of the collective dismissal procedure, you are hereby called to attend a meeting with the Human Resources Department on Wednesday, February 21st, 2018 at... read more

2017 W2s?

Any former employees received their 2017 W2s from Oracle? Still waiting for mine.

Thread missing

There was post here earlier, and I don't see it anymore. Is someone deleting this posts? If so, why?

Unofficial official layoff report 2/11/2018

No major layoffs this past week. Total for FY18 YTD remains at 7,775; total since 6/1/2016 at 17,775. See other threads for potential major layoffs coming done the road. Keep looking for new jobs. Be well all!

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