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HD Departure possible cause of ECA Reorg?

I also just got informal confirmation of an October ECA reorg. Apparently this is all because of the upcoming departure of HD to SFDC or MSFT. RG then feels he can clean house and have one of his IBM or HP yes-men run this group. It means lots of... read more
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Is there even going to be Solaris

Recently I've read that the next Solaris was pushed for the next year, but the way things are going currently, the only things that are happening are cuts in both development and maintenance teams and resources. Anybody else thinks that Oracle will... read more

ECA Reorg

Looks liked the reorg for the ECAs under HD is lined up for execution. Consolidation of the different management chains for ECAs and removal of redundant management is in play. As far as the ECAs, if you have not been flagged as being ECAL compliant... read more

Expect additional layoffs Dec 1

The market is getting wise to Oracle. Analysts expected additional acquisitions and investment in infrastructure with strong cloud growth expectations from the September 14th earnings call. Instead they got "organic growth" and a "machine learning... read more

LE's cloud announcement

Is LE getting collateral calls from his lenders now that oracle stock is tanking. Getting desperate LE? Sure looks like it!

Inofficial official layoff report 9/17/2017

No change this past week, total for FY18 remains 7,000; total since 6/1/2016 remains 17,000. With analysts call over and downward guidance expect more layoffs as per the other threads. Please report here as they happen. Good luck all!

Oracle's cloud strategy

In case anybody's been wondering: It's a long, long, long interview, just warning in advance.

Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's The Update

Over the past month, several of us have been able to piece together some of what is transpiring, despite the fact that our workgroup is not based in the US. Some of this remains rumour, but much is already confirmed and underway. Oracle is, as... read more

not enough data centers?

The idea that the only reason we needed to lower cloud forecast is that our data centers can't keep up with demand is complete fiction. Yes, it is true that our investment in data centers has been anemic and that has hurt our top line... read more

More ES cuts coming!

Just when you thought you were safe, there are more cuts being planned for ES's org for early next year. Target groups include a significant hit for the linux groups and the rest of zfssa. It's not clear whether the pillar org will get a trim.

How to get the paystubs under WARN?

Hi all, As the new company is currently working on transferring H-1B for me and they need last 2 paystubs, I am posting for wondering if someone here might know how to get that when being under WARN. Any contact information regarding this matter... read more

Stock down almost 8%

Which means the street isn't buying into our story of growth and no-touch databases. Probably means Papa Mark and Mama Safra are going to take some of us out to the back shed and tan our hides with a good RIFfin'!

Oracle won't be able to compete

Amazon Just Made a Huge Change to its Cloud Pricing Amazon is shaking up how it charges businesses that rent its cloud computing services. Starting next month, customers will be able to pay by the second instead of by the hour, Amazon Web Services... read more

Oracle's growth is not organic

There were bizarre statements in the earnings call and major red flags in the financial statements. Their announcement that executives were now going to be compensated primarily on cloud revenue is very strange, considering that SC and MH already... read more

Nobody receives heads up on layoffs

I think in the majority of cases no one could reasonably expect that their manager is going to give them any heads up. In the vast majority of cases the manager is not going to want to deal with that. They will want it short and sweet at the end and... read more

Unofficial official layoff report 9/10/2017

A 30 person JDE engineering layoff in Denver reported this week. Total for this fiscal year remains at 7,000; 17,000 since 6/1/2016. Next expected major layoff is rumored to be enterprise sales, smaller layoffs will continue on a weekly basis here... read more

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