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Unofficial official layoff report 2/17/2019

No major layoffs reported this past week. Total since 6-1-2016 remains 20,396. Likelihood of layoffs after the earnings call looks ominous. Keep looking while they economy is still going strong!

Blatant racism at Oracle

“In the document, the Labor Department also claims that Oracle strongly prefers hiring Asians with student visas for certain roles because they are “dependent upon Oracle for sponsorship in order to remain in the United States,” so the company can... read more

How was this quarter?

We are coming up again on the end of the quarter. How were sales this quarter? Was there a massive recovery? Have customers started to flock to Oracle in droves to buy into the Oracle cloud? Or was WB right to get out?

Get Out of Oracle

Oracle engineering is made up of psychos and freaks!! Get the hell out!! The ship is going down, MH is beached on the shore, thrashing his tail. Every other thrash takes out a deck on the ship! Engineering rats, leaches, thugs and freaks gnaw on the... read more

Town Hall Meetings

I have observed that there have been a number of town hall meetings lately for different teams. Usually these are few and infrequent. Is this a new drive for more openness or a broad effort across the organisation to get them in before re-org so that... read more

Oracle has issues but Oracle also has potential.

A good post: Always thinking of leaving but never leaving because I'm too afraid to leave. I'm over 50 and working from home and being isolated and being in my role has destroyed my career. some of that destruction through a conscious choice to be... read more


Anyone hearing when the next round is coming? What orgs and areas?

I haven't gotten a raise for over 7 years

I'm not a VP of anything and I haven't gotten a raise for over 7 years. Nothing no bonus, no raise but I did get 2 "promotions" with no salary increase. I'm at the mid-point of the fake salary ranges and the explanation is that I'm being compensated... read more

Oracle investors are just plain stupid

How can anybody be so dumb that they still own oracle stock? Mind boggling! Oracle cloud offerings s---, customers hate oracle, cloud revenues are pure fiction, and management, especially the 3 stooges, are grotesquely overpaid baboons. If you have... read more

Unofficial official layoff report 2/10/2019

No major layoffs this past week. Total since 6/1/2016 remains at 20,396. Do not get lulled into believing that there are not more layoffs coming, there are.
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Morally what Oracle does is very questionable

Morally what Oracle does is very questionable. As an employee - if you honestly give your all to Oracle - work hard and to the best of your ability - put in your 8-10 hours a day - take weekend and out of hours calls with good grace - keep yourself... read more

Oracle layoff package UK?

Hi all, I've been hearing that the UK has a decent package etc, but does anyone know how much is it etc? Also, do you guys know what happens to a consultant that at some point decides that can't travel anymore (and there are no other positions... read more

Thinking about leaving?

A Quick Poll - Who's Thinking of Leaving? Are you thinking about leaving the company right now? If so, upvote this post please. What would stop you from leaving the company? Is the writing on the wall or is the company going to come back, stronger... read more


Just wanted to support DOL's allegation that people on visas get underpaid. I am being underpaid almost 10% than the market standard. and 8% below the prevailing wage set by DOL. I have been underpaid for the last two years.

Focus on Java m

When is the next layoffs at Oracle

I am very fond of layoffs. I have had experiences with 6 layoffs. Each one gave me an opportunity to explore another company in the world. I wish I get my 7th one soon and happily seek something outside Oracle.

Oracle Alumni

Do we have or could we start an Oracle Alumni group that offers mentor ship, guidance, references to helps people wishing to move out of Oracle or within. In most companies outside, there are always big observable number of Oracle Alumni working... read more

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