Topics regarding layoffs at Oracle Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Oracle Corp.

Happy Father’s Day …

To traditional Fathers, and to those trying to fulfill the roles of two parents; enjoy your day. It is hard trying to make a living for your families, especially if you feel unappreciated, by either your family, or Oracle, but take this day to... —  read more 

Oracle sucks

Oracle treats its employees like complete dirt. Not doing anything this year and will focus on finding a new employer. I will travel and enjoy the summer while doing the absolute minimum. Anyone else milking it for the summer?

Cloud observation

Quote - “We believe that this revenue growth spike indicates that our infrastructure business has now entered a hyper-growth phase" Is this the same infrastructure business that runs in co-lo sites, rather than their own data centres? The larger... —  read more 

The Lord of Lanai

Bloomberg businessweek’s feature on how LE is changing the island he bought, and $crewing over residents and employees. The Tom Cruise story is pretty amusing too. What tools these ultra rich freaks are.

It's nothing new

The fact that Oracle is no longer a company which tries to keep talented and good employees is nothing new. This has been happening for years now. Does anyone remember roughly when this became a place where the most talented are not as desirable... —  read more 

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