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SodaStream- a big price for sparkling water

According to media, buying SodaStream was a bold move. Tend to disagree with that, more likely it was a move made out of fear of the predicted decline of the soft drinks market, so nothing bold or wise about that. I also don’t see sparkling water... read more
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Maybe new CEO will value his people

PepsiCo has always fired people AKA Layoffs. In the 25 years I was there it was great company because of the people not the management. I experienced 22 large layoffs in my 25 years. Always laying off people after 20 to 25 years except upper... read more
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Ramon At Parkwood

Ramon was at Parkwood yesterday. You think he was there to determine the huge layoffs come November?

Tropicana for sale

All, I have extremely reliable sources that claim the new CEO’s agenda has selling the chilled business and consolidating our portofio. I hear Q4 2018 or Q1 2019 for time frame. CDSD was first to go.

All is Quiet

For the first time in months all is quiet. We are beginning to see investment for what we hope will be future growth and opportunity within PepsiCo. Hoping all is good with everyone. It sure would be nice to see us doing well again and for employees... read more

Nothing will change

Nooyi, Laguarta... It's all the same. Those who believe something will change now are deluding themselves. Leave and don't look back. I know I'm still looking for a new job, the change at the top did nothing to change my mind. This is a sinking ship... read more

Living in fear

No matter how good you are, what your PDR scores are or who you know, the fear of a layoff affects everyone. A company that takes pride in being fun and embracing diversity will also walk you out on a moment’s notice. Has morale ever been this low?

So much for Performance with Purpose

Indra’s legacy will be that she was a failure, the board should have booted her years ago


They did a survey this year with select participants. This was to say they did survey and share with senior team and only had those participate who would reply kindly (fake) on culture, atmosphere, etc.

Contact Local Media

If layoffs occur in your office, region, location - speak with media. Be professional and respectful - share the TRUTH Ex- employees need to be honest on exit interview

Interviewing--- never getting offers.

Many people in my department including myself have interviewed for numerous positions throughout the company. None of us ever get the job no matter how good we interview. Feedback is always positive from the hiring managers. Is it possible we are not... read more

Why are so many people leaving Chilled?

It seems like many good leaders have left the organization in the last couple months. What’s the main issue? It doesn’t seem like executive leadership is interested in retaining talent.

Trop dsd

Is trop dsd ending...pepsi is getting trop naked products so are they going to coexist with pepsi trying to steal trop dsd business?

Reliable sources confirm

That Pepsi is going to start closing plants and ship the products to a centralized warehouse. Then the products will be distributed from a state of the art warehouse. Corporate greed at its best!

No layoffs for drivers

Pepsi can not keep drivers bc the job is not worth the pay. 12-15 hours a day, handle 10,000-13,000 lbs of product a day 2 to 3 Times a day. No breaks, no lunches bc you would be out that much longer. Management and the company do not give a crap... read more

AMENA layoffs coming soon

Mike Spanos almost confirmed what everybody was fearing. After the massacre in R&D, it is time for other functions to face music now and it is mentioned that this will be brutal. No firm dates as yet, but very likely in early August.

Why does PepsiCo let executives rot??????

The company is filled with career directors who sit in the same positions for double digit years. Year in and year out, the company faces the same problems and these people cannot fix them. This is the definition of insanity. A company filled with... read more

...just move on...

Why not simply seek employment elsewhere? Like any corporation PepsiCo owes you nothing and they certainly don't care about you. It's a business that is looking out for the business. You are just a number in the cog. Best to stop whining... read more


AMENAs B2+population needs to be cut dramatically, and focus resources on actual top line growth & innovation. PepsiCo has become a financial company just living for the EPS and focusing on dividends. All the focus is on profit and not growth. What a... read more

Made the decision

I finally made the decision to leave. I'm really glad i did, PepsiCo has turned into a joke. Nepotism and b---s--- politics ran rampant. Frankly, I think that anybody who can should pack their bags right now and leave as well, before they are dragged... read more

Tomorrow- 7/9

The last round of layoffs in Winston Salem happened on 2/13 after the Q4 Forum. Seems reasonable to think there might layoffs happening tomorrow after the Q2 Forum??


It's happening very soon everywhere, every level, every location. We are [email protected] Q3 results this week, we will look good on Wall Street. Then they coming looking for heads to make Q4. It's so disgraceful that Wall Street does not dig deeper into IKN... read more

Transportation puppets

They follow the VP like scolded dogs. As long as you agree with the boss and celebrate the many accomplishments he takes credit for then you will be a valued employee.

HR implosion?

Several leaders resigned. One gave 24 your notice. What makes the organization world class? I hear the words but never see the results but unhappy employees scared for their jobs. HR will ALWAYS run PepsiCo

Tropicana warehousing

Moral is extremely low in Jersey City and the senior director has been completely invisible. On a staff of 32, 4 people have already left since April and several more are about to leave. Senior leadership gave up on the site since they don’t want to... read more


PepsiCo just keeps sinking lower than I ever thought possible. It's not enough that best employees are shown the door or treated like crap in hopes that they'll leave on their own. No, to add salt to injury now we are all expected to train our own... read more

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