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PepsiCo For Sale???

Could PepsiCo really be up for sell? If it is, the recent layoffs make sense; especially the sweeping layoffs in R&D... read more
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The Human Costs

Asia (Mar 20) - D's spouse came broke the tragic news on Monday - he has committed suicide by hanging himself in his hometown on Mar 7 and she wanted his colleagues to be aware what had happened. In his parting note, he said that he cannot accept the... read more

Tropicana. CDSD Atl

As of right now, PBC is trying to steal our customers!! Anyone know if we will be let go, and when? It s---s having to compete with your own company.

Tropicana. CDSD Atlanta.

As of right now, PBC is trying to steal our customers!! Anyone know if we will be let go, and when? It s---s having to compete with your own company.
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The times they are a changing.....

Smartspend, cutbacks, zero budget for social activities, and minuscule yearly payrises. Let’s face it, PepsiCo is no longer a ‘great place to work’. For those already at a certain level there is no incentive to work hard. Lots of colleagues are... read more

Frito-lay hubs closings

Frito-lay is going to be closing down several small hubs this month and a lot more come October . They are moving everything to an automated warehouse in Rancho Cucamonga California Pushed this up for info, but I'm curious why they would close stiff... read more

Jersey acuity plant shutting down?

I’m hearing rumors out of White Plains that the land the plant is currently on will not be leased again in 2 years. Most likely dissipating the business in to the CDSD channel and finally being rid of the union labor. Rail operations there have begun... read more
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What does it take to get fired?

Not getting along with my boss. How easy is it to get fired? Will there be an official warning letter before hand then a few months trial period known as PIP in some other firms (Big 4 usually). We have had talks here and there, but nothing concrete... read more

Leaving on my own or waiting to be laid off

I'm pretty fed up with PepsiCo and the way it has been treating it's employees lately, so I am ready to leave on my own, but I keep thinking that the moment I do, there'll be another round of layoffs and I would have missed out on a severance. Should... read more

Time for a new CEO

Clearly PepsiCo has lost its way. The company is floundering around trying to figure out who or what it wants to be. Consumer trends are changing and our CEO has failed to deliver a vision for the future. It’s time for a new CEO. Indra has taken her... read more

No layoffs before July?

I heard July and then again November. I'd really like to know if there is any truth to this? To be completely honest, I'd be happy if this was true because it would simply mean that I can relax at least for a few months before I start to stress out... read more

Illogical Layoffs happening everywhere...

Competent, knowledgable people canned. Lazy slackers promoted, this kind of thing happening NOT JUST AT PEPSI. Yes, you all know it's going on at Pepsi, now peek your head over the rim of your fishbowl and see how it's going on everywhere. Doubt... read more
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PepsiCo Old Timer Retired JIT

Yet another sad disappointing round of lay offs and the crazy thing is, there is no logic in those that were let go. We had some very, very, very smart intelligent contributing and "hard working" people let go. I have watched over the many years the... read more

Recent Promotions

Just read an email where 9 employees were promoted to Director and Sr Director. Let’s get this straight. The purpose of the layoff was to “flatten out the organization to make it easier and faster to get things done”. So, we add more people at the... read more

A little off topic but

... I was one who had a job elimination in 2010 after the buyout. I received 26 weeks pay and insurance and a lump sum of of projected bonus, and a lump sum of 35 weeks pay for the 35 weeks I worked there. I started in1975 loading trucks and worked... read more

Capability Gap

There is a serious capability gap in some locations in PepsiCo US. I moved from the AMENA sector to work for Pepsi in the US 2 years ago, and most of the people in management positions (L10 & L11) in my location (Beverage Concentrate plant) wouldn't... read more


Can anyone confirm the rumor of March cuts/changes on Ops team
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We can always go work for Coca Cola...

Or not. Layoffs going on everywhere folks. Open your eyes, don't be so myopic and focused on Pepsi. This is much bigger than Pepsi.

Warehousing layoffs

Leadership made some very poor choices in who they laid off. There was no eye to the future and everyone who they kept will be retired in the next 2 years or so.

Layoffs November

Anyone hearing another round of layoffs in November? If true, you have got to be kidding me. Why didn't they just do it this time. Heard it could be more field focused.


Town hall was a lot about diversity. I wonder how many "diversity" people were let go??? Probably none.

Layoffs a good thing? BULL!!!

Sitting here in a town hall this morning. Listening to our leadership team tell us why these layoffs were so important and why we should be excited about it. Crazy. Who can be excited anymore? No one wants to do anything extra. We all know where the... read more

Despicable behavior

The next step will be to offer long term employees a severance package to leave. They will have to sign off so they can not sue. If they don't take it many of them will get caught in the reorganization process with much younger people being hired to... read more

Current Employee

The company is run so 60 years ago. I just came from a successful tech company and what will be key is they have to get rid of senior leaders. This company is ALL ABOUT politics - not good ideas - which is why the company is producing backwards ideas... read more

IT needs to be cleaned out

IT at PepsiCo is bloated with a bunch of overpaid bureaucrats who spend their entire days in meetings. Then you have the Indian contractors who just take orders but don't have a clue what's going on. You have security which is now the most... read more

How long before next round?

Who wants to bet we'll be hearing about more potential layoffs within a month? Things at PepsiCo have now started to move in a certain direction, and I don't see they'll be stopping any time soon. Layoffs will continue for as long as there is anybody... read more

Is R&D the only function affected?

Not sure if this is happening in other functions other than R&D. I have lot of R&D guys sacked over the past 2 weeks across the sectors. In the first place who overstaffed R&D in the first place?

House of Cards

Who ever said there was permanence, stability or security in ANYTHINGl particularly employment?? If the public is no longer drinking sugary soda, there is NOTHING PepsiCo can do except hope to replace that gap with other marketable consumables, which... read more

Stress Levels

Although everyone is stressed right now, some are more stressed than others. Of course those laid off are more stressed, despite utterly silly comments saying they are "the lucky ones" and nonsense like that. Yes, how lucky, they no longer have an... read more

Layoff perspective from my HQ perspective

I've worked in the field and HQ for 40 + years retiring not too long ago. Take this for what it is. After 40+ years of working in various HQ leadership roles and having been in multiple GM roles on the GTM side: I would sum up the state of the... read more

Today I cried

I was not terminated, but the stress from the last several weeks has been horrible. I cried for all the unnecessary stress that all of us went thru. I cried for all those who gave years to the company and were shown the door. I cried for the great... read more

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