Topics regarding layoffs at PepsiCo Inc. (Pepsi)

Topics regarding layoffs at PepsiCo Inc. (Pepsi)

The best day at PepsiCo

Was that the day you came here or the day you gave notice that you were leaving? In my case there is not much of a dilemma. I had high hopes when I first came here, but now that I’m leaving I’m much happier. I finally got a new job, and I was... —  read more 

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Greener pastures

There are many who say that they found much better paid jobs after leaving PepsiCo and that the job market is much better now. Is that really true in most cases? How long have you been looking for a new job and how much are you getting paid more... —  read more 

Feedback at pepsi

Hello everyone. New here. My director during my last connect with him told me that I needed to be aware of how I was being perceived. When I asked for a specific example he said I can give you 5 and started going on how I was making others feel. He... —  read more 

Question about transfers

I had asked my manager what the process was on transferring into another BU. He basically told me not to bother with the process because he wouldn’t approve it. Is there any way I can get a transfer without his authorization? If not then I will need... —  read more 

Going down the sewer

I’ve said it a few times to colleagues and I’m going to say it here. This company is heading to the bottom at a breakneck speed. It was a horrible ride and I’m glad to be hopping over to another well-recognized company known to have respect towards... —  read more 


PepsiCo stockholders are happy today but employees who were given good reviews and small raises are dealing with prices of everything they buy going through the roof. If this company cared one bit about employees they would give a mid year raise... —  read more 

Uncertainty is the worst

When I feel like layoffs are around the corner but they still haven’t announced anything, the motivation is zero and the anxiety is astronomical. How do you even find the will to get the job done while waiting for them to let you know if you are a... —  read more 

Image Or Integrity

What is genuinely heart breaking is watching a company that invests so much time, effort and social media space to convince the world how great it is when employee testimonials overwhelmingly convey a complete lack morals and ethics. Many of us share... —  read more 

Layoff Support

I wish there was some type of support group or something where we can air out ALL our grievances over the pain of being laid off, having to train our replacements every single day for MONTHS (with a smile), possibly being retained but downgraded… And... —  read more 

What happen?

Why does it seem more and more that PepsiCo is trying to cut its way to being profitable? The only way they seem to be improving the company's numbers these days is through layoffs and other reductions in costs. What happened to actually finding... —  read more 


So. Since we got cr---y raises even with really good reviews, and they blamed it on Covid, I assume they see the inflation numbers recently, and will give us a mid year raise?

I need some time off

Is there a way to get stress leave approved at PepsiCo? I need to stay away for a few weeks or I will break. I'm so overworked and stressed out that it's having a disastrous effect on my mental health. I'd quit if I could afford it, but I can't. I've... —  read more 

I can't wait

I feel sorry for all those who have dedicated their years and loyalty to this company and for whom layoff would be the worst thing that could happen at this moment, but I hope that they will soon tell me that they don't need me anymore. Many say... —  read more 

Bored at work?

Maybe it’s a little arrogant to say, but I wouldn’t regret getting laid off because I’m very bored with the job here. Nothing has changed for years, it seems to me that I do one and the same thing all the time and there are no more challenges. I do... —  read more 

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