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Is Pepsi going to cut more food service heads by making restaurant reps and rec and retail reps geo reps across the country? I hate to admit that it makes sense

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New layoffs

Legacy Rockstar employees are now being laid off. Still uncertain if severance packages are included or not. Seems like a consolidation of the two Company's is going to happen, despite what the initial press releases indicated.

More of the same

So apparently we are to have one more layoff/restructuring/whatever but it is necessary because of the coronavirus. Does anybody buy that c-ap? No, we don't need to have more people cut. What we need is new management that will know how to run... —  read more 


If you put in a retirement date but still have vacation do you have to take it or will they pay you for the time. I keep getting different answers from manager and HR

Pay Scale List

You were able to download this list on a few years ago. The pay scale from low to max ranges for all the levels. HR removed it. I have asked HR for a copy and claim they dont have it anymore. Do you know where I can get my hands on... —  read more 

My Last Pepsi

Listened to a talk show this morning about how companies are stepping up for their employees while this virus thing goes on. I was brought to tears by caller who said Pepsi cut hundreds of older workers over the past two years. They were forced to... —  read more 

What’s Next?

India is projected to be the next global hot spot for the corona virus. Given the social infrastructure weaknesses and medical constraints, the expectation is that extremely strict containment measures will need to be in place to minimize precedent... —  read more 

The Future

This virus will force families into watching every dime, jobs are gonna be questionable for some time as companies try and make up losses. People will be cutting back on stuff like pop and chips. The banning of public gatherings and sports is gonna... —  read more 

Campus Hires

Seems as though it’s time of year where a number of our friends at the company like to critique our army of “fast track campus hires” Well - no surprise - I belong to that group. I’ve been promoted before too. I certainly agree that some of us are... —  read more 

Stressful Environment

Anyone feel like your future is now dependent on some shallow personal opinion your boss forms about you? There are many directors running around that have been handed jobs as pass through candidates. At one point in time, people earned their jobs... —  read more 

Got done with my PDR

No raise after busting my a– for a year! Just the most BS reasons for not giving me one; I literally have the best numbers and best attendance here but none of it matters. Already paid terribly to start with so I hate making the same pay again.


A wise person once said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for a different outcome. The only thing more irritating than people walking around this office claiming to have found a safe haven in special... —  read more 


There are so many valid concerns on this site but most people are looking at it from a perspective of loyalty and care for the company. You need to look at it from a perspective of greed and one objective, drive up the stock price. As people rip... —  read more 


Last 3 years have been stressful for most of us !! Just let me know .. hey we are getting rid of your role ... by blah blah blah .. okay .. but the company has no respect for its employees.. they think they won’t do their jobs or sabotage the company... —  read more 

No V Day Beatdown This Year?

Either PepsiCo has learned to keep a secret (doubtful) or Layoffs are not happening in February. The historic Valentines Day Masacre may skip a year? Wishful thinking? Perhaps. Anyone hearing anything worth mentioning? These are my views and may... —  read more 


The stock price is up 43 bucks year over year. The man in charge is the Donald Trump of the corporate world. Many powerful people are becoming filthy rich from efforts to squeeze the last drop of integrity out if Pepsi. Money is a much more powerful... —  read more 

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