Topics regarding layoffs at PepsiCo Inc. (Pepsi)

Topics regarding layoffs at PepsiCo Inc. (Pepsi)

Restructure timing

Is the restructure and layoff happening for pepsi before year end or around review time? This was the 5 year plan. Covid derailed it, but looks like it’s back on track.

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It's disgusting

At the cost of losing my job, I talked to the manager and tried to explain to him that the amount of work I do is huge, that I am overworked and that the expectations from me are unrealistic. I received an answer that the expectations are not... —  read more 

Move on

Don't be one of the people who end up stuck in a years-long wait for things to improve because they're too scared to take their fate into their own hands and leave for greener pastures. I'm still here because I still enjoy my job and I'm paid well... —  read more 

Why work hard?

Is there a reason for doing anything but the minimum at PepsiCo these days? If there is, I can't find it. We are underpaid and we keep losing our benefits, so compensation is certainly not it. Nobody but those who know the right people can get a... —  read more 

Earnings are coming up

We'll know in a couple of days how bad the layoffs will be. EPS is flat compared to last year ($1.72) which is not a good thing but there seems to be consensus about revenue growth year over year so who knows. In any case, we know they'll find a... —  read more 

Admin restructure

More admin jobs going to GbS. They can’t keep the us admins on payroll. Goal is to eliminate all. Payroll is in the works. 2 roles leaving US in upcoming months. Expect cuts in the group.

PepsiCo Gives Back???? NOT!

why are we not able to access the matching donation website? It is classic of them saving money. Not sponsorsing Super Bowl SAVED millions - which should be shared with employees/charity. I donate as best I can and expect me company to match as they... —  read more 

Huge workloads

I have more work to do than ever. Stress is also greater than ever. How much has your workload increased lately? I certainly do twice as much work compared to last year.

Everyone can do better

PepsiCo manages by fear because it knows that many here think they can’t find a better job. That is not correct. The only problem is that most people start looking for new opportunities only when they hear some rumors about possible cuts. Why is... —  read more 


I am panicking on how I’m loosing money on my 401k. I have a feeling recession will be next and I will lose it all. Should I withdraw now but pay that huge penalty but at least have enough to pay off my house?

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