Topics regarding layoffs at PepsiCo Inc. (Pepsi)

Topics regarding layoffs at PepsiCo Inc. (Pepsi)

Stepping stone

Now I fully understand those who advise me to use this place only as a stepping stone. What worries me is whether PepsiCo is actually a good stepping stone because a former colleague, who got the job here about the same time as me, is now in a... —  read more 

The PepsiCo Way

Managers make you feel safe and a worthwhile member of your team. A Boss gives you anxiety and makes you feel worthless and useless. The PepsiCo way clearly supports the boss mentality within this toxic environment as we promote diversity over... —  read more 

Limiting OT

I was just told that people in my position have to limit our hours to 45/week. I am doing the job of 2 people and constantly fixing errors from MBS which creates moew than 45 hours.

Replacement time…

I'm starting believe more and more that the colleagues who left will not be replaced, even though we were told at the beginning that they would…. I'm exhausted from doing extra work since the time they left…. How long does it take on average... —  read more 

work that...quits

"We now see hybrid work taking shape to varying degrees. Some of our associates have been collaborating in-person (in office or travel), actively engaging with each other multiple days per week, some are coming in 1 day a week on average, some are... —  read more 

Career advancement

I think that a lot of us here put in great efforts but never manage to advance in our careers. How far have you progressed here? Those who have made significant career progress here, how did you succeed in doing so?


Payroll ka's...I know for a fact or job will be eliminated by the end of the year. Announcement coming in June. Thank an admin. On a UM call for spilling the beans. Think upstate

New Pepsi logo

Yet the new brand is anything but a simple nostalgia play. Instead, it’s built to distance Pepsi’s association with sugar, as black—the same color from Pepsi Zero Sugar—cuts through the red, white, and blue palette to bind the brand together... —  read more 

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