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Rebadging Planning Started ?

Loose lips sink ships. Just when you thought it was safe to go to work. Buckle up, another wave is forming in the deep blue sea.

PepsiCo will not need layoffs anymore

Best (and highest paid) employees are leaving in droves on their own. And while I know leadership is probably celebrating the fact they don't have to pay as many severances - I'll enjoy it so much when the consequences of losing most of our best... read more

Something Brewing ?

Is a certain major media source really gathering information on questionable hiring and termination practices ? I thought people sign their life away when they accept a package ? Anyone else hearing rumblings about calls ?

A Good Laugh

For a good laugh go and look at Pepsico reviews on Glassdoor. There are so many 5 star reviews lately praising Pepsico for being a wonderful company with no down sides , great work life balance, great pay, great career growth, great everything blah... read more

Don't stay on account of severance

So many people I know and see here say they're only staying at PepsiCo for severance. Do you not realize that severance is far from guaranteed? It's on the company to decide if it wants or doesn't want to provide severance. There is nothing in the... read more

Are there really no layoffs?

I see it’s pretty quiet on this board regarding actual layoffs, and at my location none are happening? Is it really possible that they stopped with the cuts for now. Hard to believe when we heard all those stories about reorganization.

Shortened Life Span

Seriously all you college grads with psych. degrees who Pepsi is recruiting, use your degree to figure out why they would need you to sell this c-ap! It's because you are young and they can steal your soul in five years max, move on to another... read more

Who monitors the SVP’s and EVP’’s?

If you follow any of the execs on social media, most seem to post like it’s their personal travel blog- about where they stay, which Super Bowl seats they scored with their friends and what fancy meals they enjoyed on the company dime. Great going... read more

Age Descrimination ?

It would seem to me that when the oldest and highest performing employees are selected from the pack for termination, someone has some explaining to do. I would also argue that discrimination laws in other countries are not as relaxed as those in the... read more

Bonuses This Year Are Pathetic

I just got my bonus. I feel like Clark when he was enrolled in the jelly of the month club. I guess the savings in the head count reductions went to all the executives pockets

Layoffs in R&D?

Any news on restructuring R&D? New CSO hinted at this in the townhall. Any specifics on time frame?
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Bonus Payout NAB

Does anyone know what the bonus multiplier is - 50%, 60% - ex employee trying to figure out payout...

Restructuring will last for four years?

I just read this in an article ( ) and did a double take. That pretty much means we will have no resolution of this until 2023? Talk about being dealt a c-appy... read more

There isn’t a company with less job security?

Seriously, is there? And I’m not saying that based from what i read on this board and what I see at the company. The fact that every year there are shifts and that older employees are not wanted has become an all-known fact. No people in my... read more

No long term future with the company

We baby boomers cost too much money and our knowledge/experiences gained through decades of loyalty with the company means zero. Those who remain will forced to required to keep the ship afloat while the legions of contractors at various outsourcing... read more

Pepsico Layoffs

My husbands last day at Pepsico/Fritolay is March 23. His job was contracted out to India and Mexico. I am angry that they are taking jobs away from American's, If they want to save money, cut executives pay and bonuses. He is already getting a lot... read more

Rule 70 - Getting Rid Of Older Employees

Is it just me or did the recent wave of layoffs appear to target older employees that had worked for the company for many years? Wouldn’t these be the employees with knowledge and experience that you would want to keep? How does a company get away... read more

An Example of a Growing Company

Aldi. Unfortunately they're not American, they're from Germany. In 2016 they had about 25,000 employees and about 1,600 stores. In 2016 they announced a capital growth program and funded it. This included remodeling about 1,400 stores (making them... read more

Where are we on the whole $2.5B thing?

How far did we get in the whole 70 percent of $2.5 billion for severance costs in the past few weeks? I don't think we are anywhere close to enough layoffs and closures to take a significant bite out of the announced $1.75 billion. I think the worst... read more

The reorg is only a sign of weakness

I know they are trying to get us to buy the story about efficiency and the use of new technologies to produce better results, but who really believes that. Plant closures, merging of regions, layoffs for me only means giving up on certain business... read more

Has anyone heard anything about rebadging?

Has anyone heard anything about rebadging? I was rebadged a few years ago and lost my benefits and severance. Then I was benched by the vendor (removed from the Pepsi account) just before my 2 year contract was up and they provided 0% assistance in... read more

Can the damage be undone?

I'm just wondering, can the damage done to the company by previous (and current) management ever be undone? I personally think no. Things are so far gone that even if the best possible people were put in charge of PepsiCo, they would not be able to... read more

RIP Amazon

A new company to outsource to death! I'll be dropping my Prime now. She's gaining quite the reputation of Outsource Queen. Wonder how much she and her husband get in kickbacks from these outsourcing companies... read more

Cost cutting is always good....

Look what happen to Kraft-Heinz after a number of years of extreme cost-cutting: There was always the rumour doing the rounds that 3G... read more

A much needed ray of positivity

As I read through this email, it brought back anxious, yet resilient memories of when I was let go from PepsiCo last February. Here is what I learned and hope that in sharing, it provides a ray of optimism during what I personally knew to be a... read more

All the signs are there - what more do we need?

Maybe it’s in human nature to think everything will work out eventually and that the storm will pass, but judging by what they are announcing, this storm is here to stay. Automation, outsourcing, reorganization, layoffs,... does it really matter what... read more

Its not Automation its Outsourcing

PepsiCo is laying off corporate employees as the company commits to millions of dollars in severance pay, restructuring, and 'relentlessly automating. This is not true. The truth is that theyre shipping those jobs to India. It just better politics to... read more

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