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Why does PepsiCo let executives rot??????

The company is filled with career directors who sit in the same positions for double digit years. Year in and year out, the company faces the same problems and these people cannot fix them. This is the definition of insanity. A company filled with... read more

...just move on...

Why not simply seek employment elsewhere? Like any corporation PepsiCo owes you nothing and they certainly don't care about you. It's a business that is looking out for the business. You are just a number in the cog. Best to stop whining... read more


AMENAs B2+population needs to be cut dramatically, and focus resources on actual top line growth & innovation. PepsiCo has become a financial company just living for the EPS and focusing on dividends. All the focus is on profit and not growth. What a... read more

Made the decision

I finally made the decision to leave. I'm really glad i did, PepsiCo has turned into a joke. Nepotism and b---s--- politics ran rampant. Frankly, I think that anybody who can should pack their bags right now and leave as well, before they are dragged... read more

Tomorrow- 7/9

The last round of layoffs in Winston Salem happened on 2/13 after the Q4 Forum. Seems reasonable to think there might layoffs happening tomorrow after the Q2 Forum??


It's happening very soon everywhere, every level, every location. We are [email protected] Q3 results this week, we will look good on Wall Street. Then they coming looking for heads to make Q4. It's so disgraceful that Wall Street does not dig deeper into IKN... read more

Transportation puppets

They follow the VP like scolded dogs. As long as you agree with the boss and celebrate the many accomplishments he takes credit for then you will be a valued employee.

HR implosion?

Several leaders resigned. One gave 24 your notice. What makes the organization world class? I hear the words but never see the results but unhappy employees scared for their jobs. HR will ALWAYS run PepsiCo

Tropicana warehousing

Moral is extremely low in Jersey City and the senior director has been completely invisible. On a staff of 32, 4 people have already left since April and several more are about to leave. Senior leadership gave up on the site since they don’t want to... read more


PepsiCo just keeps sinking lower than I ever thought possible. It's not enough that best employees are shown the door or treated like crap in hopes that they'll leave on their own. No, to add salt to injury now we are all expected to train our own... read more


Read an article yesterday that suggested Kraft/Heinz May be interested in buying PepsiCo. Not a new story of course. However, it makes sense. Bringing the companies together would mean greater buying power, synergies in distribution, sales, back... read more

Warehousing Incompetence

They laid off the JC director and are now rehiring as a L11 less than 4 months later. The associates are confused and trust in leadership decisions is close to zero. There is an exodus on the horizon. The leadership has made some terrible decisions... read more

Cognizant layoffs

Is it true Cognizant layoffs are slated to start today? If it is, is it just Cognizant or will anything else be hit?

Next layoffs round

We are hearing next round after 100 days of summer and will include admins. Streamlining and consolidating jobs. Luckily I’m near retiring and taking the pension lump sum and running away. This company is not what it used to be. Posted by... read more


All you snowflake Millennials complaining about the company trying build new revenue streams. Back when I started we took risks like expanding and merging. The company didn't exist so that you could pull a fat pension for clocking in and clocking... read more

July 2018 Job Cuts

We are hearing next round after 100 days of summer and will include admins. Streamlining and consolidating jobs. Luckily I’m near retiring and taking the pension lump sum and running away. This company is not what it used to be.

Warehousing Team

Made some questionable moves that have significantly impacted the business. After the reorg, the average age of the team went up! There is a bunch of 30+ year guys hanging on by a thread. Chilled warehousing is a mess and the senior director couldn’t... read more

Why do we keep acquiring?

PepsiCo is in trouble, people are getting laid off left and right, and yet we keep acquiring other companies, the he latest one being Bare Food. What's the point? I truly feel sorry for the poor workers of this company (and other companies) that has... read more

Over payment

Have any of you received over payment notices since your separation from the company? I’ve received a couple and not quite understanding why all of the hr ducks were not in row prior to the separation. I’m sure I’m not the only one this has happened... read more

Winston-Salem CSC being shut down

Hearing rumors that the Winston-Salem CSC is being completely shut down. Congnizant contract has been pulled. Cognizant contractors will not be renamed. Pepsico jobs will be moved to Plaino. IT to India and Mexico.

Capacity Planning

Our Director is setting up one on one calls with the remaining employees to understand their skill sets to see if they can be leveraged elsewhere as most I/T activities and will be handled by TCS. The “capacity planning” will occur in 6 six months to... read more

PepsiCo Withdrawls Chicago Stock Exchange

Think about this for a moment. PepsiCo recently withdrew from the Dow and now they are withdrawing from the Chicago Stock Exchange. Could be to save money as they said. However, it’s been my belief that a merger is imminent. To me that’s a very real... read more

July 1 layoffs at PepsiCo

It is true. Layoffs July 1st. I've been in meetings in Plano, Tx. IT jobs going to Mexico and India. TATA taking over. Also, if you are a contractor and not re-badge to TATA, will be let go. We are falsely training people that will be gone in 6... read more

Pepsico hates people

I'm so glad I don't work there anymore. I could not stand the way the company treated people - layoff after layoff. Also the ops VP wanted to outsource the entire warehouse function to a 3PL. He didn't even care that it was going to cost more money -... read more

100 Impacted in Plano

About 100 employees impacted in Plano as a result of moving work to North Carolina and India. S--- A$$ company. PepsiCo was once a great place to work and have a career. Now.... People just hang out waiting for the next layoff.

PepsiCo has no choice!

Am I the only one on planet Earth? Employees need to step away from the workforce mindset which is thinking that company's are looking out for their best interest. This company has always operated in an investors market. If this company has to layoff... read more

PepsiCo layoffs in July?

The only thing I am hearing is July. I might add that I’m not hearing a lot of people speak of that timeframe. Could be someone speculating without any real fact. At this point it’s anyones guess. The last I read, Indra signed up for $1B in... read more

Layoff question

If you were laid off in February but your termination date is April, does it mean you claim employment until April?

Layoffs after earnings report?

Do we know anything about what we can expect from the earnings report? I'm seeing conflicting opinions online, but there is one thing everybody agrees on: if earnings fail to meet expectations, we can expect to see more layoffs. Which frankly makes... read more


Any news about AMENA HQ closure? They closed the R&D and pruned the admins. With businesses suffering across AMENA and Dubai bring a very high cost location to pamper all the expats, is it inevitable that Dubai will be shut eventually?

Can I volunteer for a layoff?

Is there any way to volunteer for a layoff? My manager keeps telling me not to worry, that I am safe from layoffs, but that's far from what I want. I've been done with PepsiCo for a while, but I'm to scared to simply quit without some kind of a... read more

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