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There are other options out there

I left on my own terms a few years ago and it was best thing I ever did. It was a tough decision but living/working with that fear that every year was your last year at a company you used to love was no way to go through life. I miss the people but I... read more
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This is the most lay-off chatter I’ve ever heard

I am going on 40 years with the company, hearing it is going to be ugly. I am in PES on the east coast and even other field service techs are hearing Pepsi is blowing up it’s team. The coke Guys I mean... The only thing I heard for certain is the... read more
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Life after being laid off at Pepsico

I got laid off last year (Feb 14, 2018) and I can give you some of my feelings and experiences all along. I got a call on 2/14 morning that I was gone, by end of the day my access to the network was terminated, they gave me entire day to copy files... read more

IT is a nightmare

This is horrible. I’ve been with the company 30 years and I always feel like I’m next to go. I am a valuable asset and they look at my like a cost. My age + years of service is 90, is that lucrative? This company is a sick psychological experiment

As a Unit Manager I am offended

As a Unit Manager I am offended. Small Bonus once a year. Over 60+ hours a week on call 24/7 have full P&L response ability. Route ride with SDL for a full day only to go back to the office to do my job. Frontline may think that we do nothing but... read more

Useless Unit Managers

Are they going to eliminate them? Surf the net all day and collect their bonuses and trips for their families and frinds. The most useless position in Pepsico

Chicago Plaza - Retirement Home/Assisted Living

Biggest waste of money in PepsiCo ghost town Monday’s and Friday’s - got to love support from home. used for executive meeting Tues-Thurs aka expensive dinners all week gossip hang out for millennials. Lucky if you get 2-3 hours of work a day check... read more

India restructuring news

Just heard big names in India are on their way out. HR boss, Ops boss, external affairs boss, insights boss and few more people down (all banded) are leaving in few days or weeks. Will have to wait for confirmations. Is the worst yet to come?

Making Money

How much more money does he need to make? He’s filthy rich why deal with all the BS when you can love large and give your family every opportunity to enjoy life!

Need more layoffs

Most “born and bred” PepsiCo execs would have no idea how to operate on tight budgets.

When can we expect more layoffs?

This year has been really quiet on the subject of layoffs so far, which is for some reason making me even more nervous. Do we have any idea on when we can expect an announcement from PepsiCo management on more cuts? I'm pretty sure they are coming... read more

Think about it folks

Think about it folks...Why did Indra step down, abruptly in my opinion. Why is she leaving the board in "Early 2019"? Did you watch her town hall where she was visibly shaken talking about leaving PepsiCo. Now we have Al leaving and I highly doubt it... read more
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The grass is really greener on the other side

I left Pepsico after last years bonus. I was a unit manager that always performed near or at the top. I was under paid compared to my peers by 30k per year. I Left the organization and got a 100% pay increase for less responsibility and more perks... read more

I got laid off in February

Best career move that I was ever forced into. When my boss laid me off he said, “In less than a year you will be much better off and happier.” He was right. I was recruited by a better company, paid $50k more, and am not blocked by career execs. I... read more

Lay-off news.

Any news on layoffs? When, where, which levels, which functions, how many?

The strategy of the new CEO

This was an interesting article that raises the question of the business direction that the new company CEO is going to take. Will we see just an extension of practices an policies that were implemented by IN, or will we witness some changes in the... read more
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Call speak up = get laid off

They know who calls the speak up line. If you are considered a person who could potentially cause problems, you will be gone. Best advice: do not think for yourself in a corporate setting.

We waste a lot of time worrying about layoffs

Seems like we waste a lot of time worrying about a lay-off. You leave Friday feeling good and go to bed Sunday feeling like everything is going to end Monday morning. If not for my pension I’d leave tomorrow. Anyone planning for a career at PepsiCo... read more

Other post-layoff services?

Does PepsiCo offer any other post-layoff services to its (former) employees? Maybe job counseling, retraining, or something like that? Or is that way too much to ask for from them?

The company culture is one that will retaliate

The company culture is one that will retaliate if you speak up. A woman at Gatorade spoke up about marketing expenses being recorded inaccurately on purpose to hide excessive t&e and gift giving (direct code of conduct violations). HR “investigated”... read more
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Plano layoffs

Yes, major layoffs are coming to Plano very soon. I heard that R&D and IT will be wiped out.

More layoffs

Just confimed our Market is gone, being rolled in to another Market. Some Salary employees will be receiving packages. Announcements coming Friday or Monday. Do you happen to know if the people who are being laid off have already been notified or are... read more

Project Odyssey

Heard this today....since last year was Project Phoenix when the layoffs went on. Guess Odyssey will be the new CEO’s start to cleaning house again. Hopefully it will not impact many, besides the managers that don’t do squat, we run so lean now it is... read more

PBC letter

Did anybody see the letter sent to PBC employees today? What does he mean by market restructuring? Less markets?

Shareholders above everything else

I can understand putting shareholders above your employees, that's pretty much the new normal in today's running of business everywhere, but PepsiCo has gone a step further and is now putting shareholders above customers and customer service. How do... read more

Chilled layoff

Any truth that top brass is being laid off? Declining sales and stale ideas. It’s been the same top people for years making the same mistakes like no investment in infrastructure (unless you count expanding a building they don’t know that is still... read more

Welcome to the new AMENA

Finally it is started! Resignations in Dubai started, domino effect coming soon. Half the Dubai PEP associates are in Finance. Get ready Finance. Sr. Directors+ doing only presos and politics get ready as well. Org has to become efficient there is no... read more

Don't stay if you are miserable

Too many jobs out there to stay with one that makes you sick or miserable. I think we are all feeling the imbalance these days. PepsiCo had better wake up soon or they may find themselves irrelevant. They need to make more investments for the future... read more

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