Topics regarding layoffs at PepsiCo Inc. (Pepsi)

Topics regarding layoffs at PepsiCo Inc. (Pepsi)

Typical signs before layoffs

I am relatively new to PepsiCo. The atmosphere was very tense at one point that I thought there were going to be layoffs, but it didn’t happen. Hypothetically speaking, aside from earnings reports or missed revenue goals, what else may be the signs... —  read more 

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Huge workloads

I have more work to do than ever. Stress is also greater than ever. How much has your workload increased lately? I certainly do twice as much work compared to last year.

Everyone can do better

PepsiCo manages by fear because it knows that many here think they can’t find a better job. That is not correct. The only problem is that most people start looking for new opportunities only when they hear some rumors about possible cuts. Why is... —  read more 


I am panicking on how I’m loosing money on my 401k. I have a feeling recession will be next and I will lose it all. Should I withdraw now but pay that huge penalty but at least have enough to pay off my house?

We need better leadership

Let's get real here. Until the entire leadership team is replaced with executives who know what they're doing PepsiCo will remain doomed. The incompetent bunch we have right now is the root of all of our problems. I wonder what else they need to do... —  read more 


After the layoffs, admin support moving to GBS, and not backfilling a colleague, I am so overworked. I recently attended a conference and discovered I have 2-3 times the workload as people in other companies. I have complained about my workload... —  read more 

Career growth

It's devastating that I'm still in the same role I was in when I first started working here. I tried to make some career progress in a variety of ways. I worked hard, I did my best, all in vain. Has anyone here managed to make a significant career... —  read more 

No stability

I try not to worry in advance but I'm always thinking of other options. I don't believe there will be any layoffs for a while. Still, I don’t think my job is too secure either. I have seen many times what happened to people who thought they would not... —  read more 

No surprises

The only people who advance in the company are the corporate wonks who spout the company phrases. They can be completely oblivious to the area they are supposed to "lead" and their motivations are fueled by not getting into to trouble. PepsiCo's... —  read more 

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