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How much responsibility lies with Indra Nooyi?

I'd say a lot, but who am I to judge, right? Sales meltdown continues, if this was me I'd be fired.
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Time for a new CEO

Leadership within Pepsico has definitely been lacking. You only need to look at our CEO who believes she is somehow better than everyone else. The reality is, her focus on creating a lean company is the right thing to do. However, Indra has failed to... read more

Get rid of current Frito-Lay management

After the restructure of operations 2 year ago in the field and headquarters Frito-Lay lost millions of $in productivity, as well as conversion. Frito-Lay lay managers ,are out of touch and not held accountable for the losses. Frito-Lay is in free... read more

No one gets a package from Pepsi anymore

No one gets a package anymore! They convert us to Cognizant employees and Cognizant dumps us through "benching"...a practice where they pay us to find another position at another account because you've trained someone in Chennai to do your job for... read more

This is long overdue

This is long overdue. The vast majority of managers at Pepsi hired people merely so that they could justify their own jobs. What the higher levels of management did is still a mystery. One revelation for certain is that management existed merely to... read more

The 70 Rule

We continue to cut here -10% by November. I hear each department is being asked to cut 10% of expenses. I'm also hearing the 70 rule. Add your age to your years of service. The closer it gets to 70 the more likely it is you will get caught up in the... read more

November layoffs at Pepsi

Yep, I'm hearing pretty well substantiated rumors about a November action in Plano HQ also. November seems to be the date that gets repeated among employees who overheard or know something, and around the boards I've been checking. It would be nice... read more


Anyone know whether rumor about Chicago IT moving to Plano is true? Also rumor about cuts in Sept/Oct??

Another layoff

Every time a new vp/pres is announced we have layoffs. How many this time?

Change is good !

This would be good for the shareholders, just like Nelson Peltz was who lit a fire under Indra. There is still an unbelievable amount of non-value add BS to cut all around the Pepsico empire but the current management is blind to it and/or just... read more

H1B Attorney Sarah Blackwell at The Whitehouse

I keep on calling guys, see my posts the past few months. Keep at it the message is getting out there.
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And so it begins...

The rebadged PepsiCo workers with Cognizant are being benched. This means they will no longer work for Pepsi and have 7 weeks in which to find another position within a different Cognizant account. Problem is, Cognizant is not helping with the search... read more

Corporate Cronyism at its Best

Put these two together - one from two years ago that shows the cause of the problem at Pepsi, one from yesterday showing how the problem is beginning to be recognized and addressed by our government... read more
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New H1B Guidelines

Trump admin cracking down. Let your voices be heard.

H1B on 60 Minutes

Called it in my post below on getting the word out to media outlets. More air time on this disgrace is a great thing. Next prediction. Indra will leave the company soon and with her the senior management swamp will be partially drained. Her and... read more
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H1Bs hiring process explained

"Don't worry we're just here to work!" "We're going to back soon. Our family's are overseas, we just want to make a little and go back!" "We're just like you, what are you guys racist or something?" "Nah, our good friend was definitely the best fit... read more

Indra version of diversity

So Indra talks lot about diversity. So let us talk. Explain how systematic replacement of already diverse IT work force with one made up of fewer american citizen and more of SINGLE foreign ethnic group diverse ? Because that is what happening with... read more

Bureaucratic nightmare

What is up with this place? I'm about a year in and no guidance as to what I should even be doing. I work on a project given to me by my boss later it's get eliminated and I'm told it's not even a priority. My boss is a 20 year vet and does nothing... read more

H1B scam make our collective voices heard.

Everyone, We need to make our collective voices heard on this issue. This disgrace against American workers has to stop and there are platforms to do it. I have connections at Breitbart and other alternative media outlets, and I will tweet directly... read more

Frito lay RsR

Anyone out there seeing an extreme amount of extra's (RSA's) being hired? Anyone seeing DTS (large format) routes being cut and guys forced back to run truck routes? New Walmart ordering systems being implemented in your areas? Performance pay being... read more

Cognizant Rebadgers Off the Pepsi Account

And so it begins! An untold number of rebadged Pepsi employees that have trained our replacements have gotten an email that our last day on the Pepsi account is 12/31. We have been moved into the "Customer Deployable Pool." We have 8 weeks in which... read more

Pepsi Layoffs 2017

It's hard to predict things, but folks are saying that there might be cuts in Purchase.

ACS and CIO to combine

I heard that they're collapsing CIO and ACS again. (THAT split was a bonehead business move.) And, of course, more offshoring.
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Severance Packages?!

It may be a well-duh! moment for most others, but I just found out... Our severances were already paid by PepsiCo to the outsourcing companies at the time that the outsourcing contracts were signed. Pepsi was the one that requested the 80% reduction... read more
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Call these people! Be heard! Get the word out!

Sara Blackwell, Esq. is the attorney representing Disney against HCL and Cognizant. She is absolutely wonderful. I have spent a considerable amount of time speaking with her and she is willing to file for your protection with the EEOC for free. The... read more
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Pepsi adjusting pay levels at CSC.

Hearing rumors that Pepsi reviewing pay bands/levels at the CSC due to the new overtime law. Sounds like most level 4 positions and anyone making below the 48,000 threshold will be dropped to level 3 and forced to punch in/out with no overtime... read more

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