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Plano layoffs

Yes, major layoffs are coming to Plano very soon. I heard that R&D and IT will be wiped out.

More layoffs

Just confimed our Market is gone, being rolled in to another Market. Some Salary employees will be receiving packages. Announcements coming Friday or Monday. Do you happen to know if the people who are being laid off have already been notified or are... read more

Project Odyssey

Heard this today....since last year was Project Phoenix when the layoffs went on. Guess Odyssey will be the new CEO’s start to cleaning house again. Hopefully it will not impact many, besides the managers that don’t do squat, we run so lean now it is... read more

PBC letter

Did anybody see the letter sent to PBC employees today? What does he mean by market restructuring? Less markets?

Shareholders above everything else

I can understand putting shareholders above your employees, that's pretty much the new normal in today's running of business everywhere, but PepsiCo has gone a step further and is now putting shareholders above customers and customer service. How do... read more

Chilled layoff

Any truth that top brass is being laid off? Declining sales and stale ideas. It’s been the same top people for years making the same mistakes like no investment in infrastructure (unless you count expanding a building they don’t know that is still... read more

Welcome to the new AMENA

Finally it is started! Resignations in Dubai started, domino effect coming soon. Half the Dubai PEP associates are in Finance. Get ready Finance. Sr. Directors+ doing only presos and politics get ready as well. Org has to become efficient there is no... read more

Don't stay if you are miserable

Too many jobs out there to stay with one that makes you sick or miserable. I think we are all feeling the imbalance these days. PepsiCo had better wake up soon or they may find themselves irrelevant. They need to make more investments for the future... read more

Overwhelming pressure

Does anyone on this board agree that the pressure of working at PEP has become overwhelming in the last year? I’ve worked at PEP for almost 4 years as a sales representative, and don’t get me wrong, working in sales has always been tough, but in the... read more

AMENA LAYOFFS / DEC 2018 to FEB 2019

Lays offs across AMENA were confirmed by Mike Spanos on the last Townhall. Dec - Feb is the "implementation" date. What will be interesting is to see how the functions will change... And specifically, who in the functions will stay and who will be... read more

Clear buzz in Dubai

There is a clear buzz about impending downsizing coming up in December here. Any news from other parts of the world?

SodaStream- a big price for sparkling water

According to media, buying SodaStream was a bold move. Tend to disagree with that, more likely it was a move made out of fear of the predicted decline of the soft drinks market, so nothing bold or wise about that. I also don’t see sparkling water... read more

Maybe new CEO will value his people

PepsiCo has always fired people AKA Layoffs. In the 25 years I was there it was great company because of the people not the management. I experienced 22 large layoffs in my 25 years. Always laying off people after 20 to 25 years except upper... read more

Ramon At Parkwood

Ramon was at Parkwood yesterday. You think he was there to determine the huge layoffs come November?

Tropicana for sale

All, I have extremely reliable sources that claim the new CEO’s agenda has selling the chilled business and consolidating our portofio. I hear Q4 2018 or Q1 2019 for time frame. CDSD was first to go.

All is Quiet

For the first time in months all is quiet. We are beginning to see investment for what we hope will be future growth and opportunity within PepsiCo. Hoping all is good with everyone. It sure would be nice to see us doing well again and for employees... read more

Nothing will change

Nooyi, Laguarta... It's all the same. Those who believe something will change now are deluding themselves. Leave and don't look back. I know I'm still looking for a new job, the change at the top did nothing to change my mind. This is a sinking ship... read more

Living in fear

No matter how good you are, what your PDR scores are or who you know, the fear of a layoff affects everyone. A company that takes pride in being fun and embracing diversity will also walk you out on a moment’s notice. Has morale ever been this low?

So much for Performance with Purpose

Indra’s legacy will be that she was a failure, the board should have booted her years ago


They did a survey this year with select participants. This was to say they did survey and share with senior team and only had those participate who would reply kindly (fake) on culture, atmosphere, etc.

Contact Local Media

If layoffs occur in your office, region, location - speak with media. Be professional and respectful - share the TRUTH Ex- employees need to be honest on exit interview

Interviewing--- never getting offers.

Many people in my department including myself have interviewed for numerous positions throughout the company. None of us ever get the job no matter how good we interview. Feedback is always positive from the hiring managers. Is it possible we are not... read more

Why are so many people leaving Chilled?

It seems like many good leaders have left the organization in the last couple months. What’s the main issue? It doesn’t seem like executive leadership is interested in retaining talent.

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