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PepsiCo Withdrawls Chicago Stock Exchange

Think about this for a moment. PepsiCo recently withdrew from the Dow and now they are withdrawing from the Chicago Stock Exchange. Could be to save money as they said. However, it’s been my belief that a merger is imminent. To me that’s a very real... read more

July 1 layoffs at PepsiCo

It is true. Layoffs July 1st. I've been in meetings in Plano, Tx. IT jobs going to Mexico and India. TATA taking over. Also, if you are a contractor and not re-badge to TATA, will be let go. We are falsely training people that will be gone in 6... read more

Pepsico hates people

I'm so glad I don't work there anymore. I could not stand the way the company treated people - layoff after layoff. Also the ops VP wanted to outsource the entire warehouse function to a 3PL. He didn't even care that it was going to cost more money -... read more

100 Impacted in Plano

About 100 employees impacted in Plano as a result of moving work to North Carolina and India. S--- A$$ company. PepsiCo was once a great place to work and have a career. Now.... People just hang out waiting for the next layoff.

PepsiCo has no choice!

Am I the only one on planet Earth? Employees need to step away from the workforce mindset which is thinking that company's are looking out for their best interest. This company has always operated in an investors market. If this company has to layoff... read more

PepsiCo layoffs in July?

The only thing I am hearing is July. I might add that I’m not hearing a lot of people speak of that timeframe. Could be someone speculating without any real fact. At this point it’s anyones guess. The last I read, Indra signed up for $1B in... read more

Layoff question

If you were laid off in February but your termination date is April, does it mean you claim employment until April?

Layoffs after earnings report?

Do we know anything about what we can expect from the earnings report? I'm seeing conflicting opinions online, but there is one thing everybody agrees on: if earnings fail to meet expectations, we can expect to see more layoffs. Which frankly makes... read more


Any news about AMENA HQ closure? They closed the R&D and pruned the admins. With businesses suffering across AMENA and Dubai bring a very high cost location to pamper all the expats, is it inevitable that Dubai will be shut eventually?

Can I volunteer for a layoff?

Is there any way to volunteer for a layoff? My manager keeps telling me not to worry, that I am safe from layoffs, but that's far from what I want. I've been done with PepsiCo for a while, but I'm to scared to simply quit without some kind of a... read more

No rebadging this time around...

I've heard that Tata will take over all of the sustain roles, from the Directors on down, and that rebadging will not be an option. Instead employees will be given X amount of months to train their Tata replacement as a condition to get their... read more

Laid off employee suffers heart attack

This is a sad story about a laid off R&D associate in India who suffered heart attack few days after the boot. Luckily his wife took him to hospital in time to save him. To add to the misery, his company insurance just got over and he had to pay from... read more

Happening everywhere

I ran into this article recently, and while it's about IBM, it could just as much be about PepsiCo. Same methods are being used to phase out older and most experienced employees who make more. It's a good read to help realize that what's happening... read more

July Layoff

Hopefully it’s just noise but we are now hearing of additional layoffs coming this July. I don’t know anything more than that. Just a passing message from another employee. If it’s true, we should all be concerned. Not just about a layoff but the... read more

Why is PepsiCo run by HR?

It seems like every important decision is made by HR, compliance or legal. This company has very little creative input from its associates.

How many will be laid off if we are sold?

If you think this was bad, just imagine the carnage we'll see if PepsiCo is truly acquired by another company. Especially if there are a lot of similar positions that can be easily consolidated. Nobody in their right mind should be cheering on any... read more

Kraft wants Pepsi Co.

Massacre of Admins in AMENA

Stories never end , this time it is from one burning platform that has the look , feel & facts of overpaid expats whom are layered over and over with personal preferences and alliances ,it is the Dubai Office. The office accommodates around 200 to... read more

PepsiCo For Sale???

Could PepsiCo really be up for sell? If it is, the recent layoffs make sense; especially the sweeping layoffs in R&D... read more
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The Human Costs

Asia (Mar 20) - D's spouse came broke the tragic news on Monday - he has committed suicide by hanging himself in his hometown on Mar 7 and she wanted his colleagues to be aware what had happened. In his parting note, he said that he cannot accept the... read more

Tropicana. CDSD Atl

As of right now, PBC is trying to steal our customers!! Anyone know if we will be let go, and when? It s---s having to compete with your own company.

Tropicana. CDSD Atlanta.

As of right now, PBC is trying to steal our customers!! Anyone know if we will be let go, and when? It s---s having to compete with your own company.
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The times they are a changing.....

Smartspend, cutbacks, zero budget for social activities, and minuscule yearly payrises. Let’s face it, PepsiCo is no longer a ‘great place to work’. For those already at a certain level there is no incentive to work hard. Lots of colleagues are... read more

Frito-lay hubs closings

Frito-lay is going to be closing down several small hubs this month and a lot more come October . They are moving everything to an automated warehouse in Rancho Cucamonga California Pushed this up for info, but I'm curious why they would close stiff... read more

Jersey acuity plant shutting down?

I’m hearing rumors out of White Plains that the land the plant is currently on will not be leased again in 2 years. Most likely dissipating the business in to the CDSD channel and finally being rid of the union labor. Rail operations there have begun... read more
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What does it take to get fired?

Not getting along with my boss. How easy is it to get fired? Will there be an official warning letter before hand then a few months trial period known as PIP in some other firms (Big 4 usually). We have had talks here and there, but nothing concrete... read more

Leaving on my own or waiting to be laid off

I'm pretty fed up with PepsiCo and the way it has been treating it's employees lately, so I am ready to leave on my own, but I keep thinking that the moment I do, there'll be another round of layoffs and I would have missed out on a severance. Should... read more

Time for a new CEO

Clearly PepsiCo has lost its way. The company is floundering around trying to figure out who or what it wants to be. Consumer trends are changing and our CEO has failed to deliver a vision for the future. It’s time for a new CEO. Indra has taken her... read more

No layoffs before July?

I heard July and then again November. I'd really like to know if there is any truth to this? To be completely honest, I'd be happy if this was true because it would simply mean that I can relax at least for a few months before I start to stress out... read more

Illogical Layoffs happening everywhere...

Competent, knowledgable people canned. Lazy slackers promoted, this kind of thing happening NOT JUST AT PEPSI. Yes, you all know it's going on at Pepsi, now peek your head over the rim of your fishbowl and see how it's going on everywhere. Doubt... read more
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PepsiCo Old Timer Retired JIT

Yet another sad disappointing round of lay offs and the crazy thing is, there is no logic in those that were let go. We had some very, very, very smart intelligent contributing and "hard working" people let go. I have watched over the many years the... read more

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