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Minimizing severance

Lots of discussion underway about strategies to minimize severance. Being last is not always best. Work hard but you will not get a second bowl of soup. The leadership is laughing all the way to the bank !!!!!!!! Is this true? The severance is low as... read more

IT - 3 out of 5 Upcoming Months

If you are in IT, you are already aware your time is coming - it's just a matter of when. Reliable sources indicate the next two months have impacts (most outside of the US). Then, come early Fall, back to the US for the next round of layoffs. This... read more

Is anybody still loyal to PepsiCo?

Loyalty used to be a huge thing here, but with the way management has been treating employees lately, I don't think anybody has any good will or loyalty left to give to this company. Or am I wrong? Maybe some parts of the company have it better than... read more

Top Heavy

They lay you off when they are Top Heavy, so they DON’T have to pay pensions for a 3 Year Vesting Period, versus 5, when they’re Not Top Heavy. Does anyone know if PepsiCo was Top Heavy in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 ?

Is two-week notice mandatory?

Just wondering, is giving PepsiCo two weeks notice mandatory? I want to quit and considering how miserable I am here, I really don't want to stay here a day here than I have to. I can start my new job next Monday if I want to. Do I have to wait out... read more

Code of Conduct only applies to non-management

One thing that is apparent is that leadership is exempt from the mandatory Code of Conduct training that the rest of the plebs must take. I got flagged once by daring to expense a cheap takeout dinner for myself and others while we worked most... read more

Not all corps are the same

Corps are as different as those who run it. After several years I was laid off in Feb and found work in March. Big difference. Although like most they utilize outsourcing but the company does not simply send any and all overseas. They know the... read more
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Tata TCS

TaTa aka TCS. Poor work ethics, poor communication skills, poor people skills. Employees are payed on the very low end and demanded to do more than they are capable of. Paper Tigers - maybe have certs but no experience. The most skilled persons in... read more

Call Center Type Department

New to the company. Brand new department. All we do is pay bills from 6am to 630pm. What are the chances of this type of department being outsourced in 2 years ?


If I've been here for a short time, am I in danger of being laid off?

The new simplification plan

Keep all meetings to 30-45 minutes. Spend last five minutes of every meeting recapping Post meeting rules in all conference rooms Keep all emails to 200 words or less And this is only the beginning

Harvard Business Review

I can see in 10 years that this will be a Harvard Business Review case study on how to pillage and destroy a once great company all for short sighted gains. At how the greedy and selfish management k--led the idea of careers, and relationships... read more

Chicago plaza lease ??

Is the Chicago plaza lease still up on Jan 2021 ? would that mean all IT will be gone a few months before the lease ends? Any info on Chicago cuts this year?

What happens when outsourcing fails?

Third party companies can never do the job with the same level of quality as loyal company soldiers that Pepsi is giving up on so easily. Even more, how do they plan to create new people that believe in the company after treating the ones the had so... read more

So Stressed

I tell myself every Sunday night that tomorrow will be fine. Unfortunately, I don’t believe it anymore. Too old to start over, but too young to stop working. I wish my company respected employees as they once did. Young people starting out; one piece... read more

Take One For The TCS Team

For every screw up, FTEs jump in and bail out TCS. FTEs keep the failure rates down and expedite recoveries. TCS steps up and takes the glory. Leadership then uses it as an example of how independent TCS is in problem resolution and how incident... read more

Watching outsourcing take hold - and fail.

Since they've started outsourcing IT functions, it's been like watching a dumpster fire every time there's been an issue involving one or more of the contracting companies. Now that they've accelerated the process it's like watching a demolition... read more

Major IT screwup impacts PBNA

Ops team lead by TCS has messed up royally this week while upgrading systems that has an impact to all of PBNA operations. Unbelievable that a routine systems upgrade that they planned for 5 months could not be executed without issues. Who is paying... read more

So many people leaving at once

I'm starting to think I missed some important announcement - we lost EIGHT people in our department in a little over three weeks. What's that all about? I know people are leaving PepsiCo left and right, but never to this extent. Does anybody know if... read more

Constant reorganization is hurting the company

Are our leaders aware of that. Every year it’s the same and yet nothing good came from all of the reorgs in which many of us grabbed the bitter end in one way or another. Any chance that this will stop? When will they wake up and admit that this... read more


Anyone find it interesting PEPSI laid off approx 40 admins in NY and now they are posting admin positions? Just wondering if all those laid off who applied were interviewed?

FL Projects Lead To Next Layoffs?

I’m hearing rumors of several “projects” taking place at FL HQ. Any word on timing for those projects to be completed? From the “interviews” being conducted questions seem to point at reducing headcount. If we know the timing of project completion... read more

Potato lawsuit

So we are setting up an IT hub in India and we just sued local farmers in India for copyright infringement for growing the same variety of potatoes that are used in Lays chips. Timing couldn't be any better.

Global Team in Plano, TX Layoffs

The Global Team in Plano, TX was hit this week. Team members were either walked out or given 60 days notice. Sounds like people of all ranks were impacted. Any details?

Security ???

With so much unrest and animosity in Pepsi, makes you wonder if it’s safe to go to work. Somebody is gonna pop a cork.

This place is the worst

I have worked at plenty of big companies over the years, but I can safely tell you that there's no place that's worse than PepsiCo when it comes to management politics and horrible work environment. Never have I wished so hard to be laid off, instead... read more

When will the outsourcing end?

I mean there should be a line after which more outsourcing is not posile. What are they gonna do, outsource the whole company? Judging by the amount of outsourcing that took place we have to be more or less close to that line. Will the time come when... read more

Which parts are next in line to be reorganized?

I know that reorganizations have become a part of Pepsi culture and are something that we confront almost on a daily basis at our workplace. On a more precise level would like to know which parts of the company have the most chance of being next in... read more

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