Topics regarding layoffs at PepsiCo Inc. (Pepsi)

Topics regarding layoffs at PepsiCo Inc. (Pepsi)

I can't take it anymore

I have incomparably more work now than a year or two ago. They keep adding more to my plate and I’m facing a total burnout. I am looking for a new job and I hope to find it soon, because I will not be able to sustain this pace here for a long time... —  read more 

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I really can’t believe that hard work doesn’t pay off at all and that in the end only those who are favorites of their bosses are promoted. I don't want to believe that this is always the case, even though I haven't been able to get a promotion for a... —  read more 

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401k Question

I was let go last year. My severance just terminated but I found a job outside PepsiCo immediately. Should I leave my 401k with Pepsi? Move it to my new company? Too young to cash it out.

No respect

PepsiCo seems to have lost any remaining respect for the people who do the actual work and we're now at the stage where the management has declared war on regular employees. They are laying off the best people, cutting benefits, refusing to give... —  read more 

Speak Up

Has anyone ever had success with the Speak Up hotline? Our warehouse is corrupt and the supervisors lie and cover for each other, so nothing gets resolved. I'm in Fort Smith.

PepsiCo Vaccine Mandate Question

How is PepsiCo dealing with employees in states with LAWS (apologies, but I don't want that overlooked) protecting them from mandates by means of allowing employees the option to vaccinate or test weekly, provide proof of antibodies, etc?

Duck you and Duck Pepsico

Pepsico is run by wall street. You are run by pepsico. You either join it to improve the BRAND or to leech away at it’s revenue. Please leave if you’re the former and find what you’re good at. No judgement

Avoiding big companies

I used to work in a small company and I had a great time working there. I came to PepsiCo only because I thought I would have more opportunities to grow. However, it turned out that this was not the case. And I'm more than disappointed. Now I am... —  read more 

Totally insane

I have several years of experience in other companies. Wherever I started working, at least in the beginning, it was good and only later would things start to get complicated. It's different here. I have a feeling that the company wants to get rid of... —  read more 

Working that Works Sham

Anyone see the email from Hugh? Treasury needs to start coming in every Wed oh and data shows that employees optimally should come to the office 2 to 3 days a week. What happened to working that works? Obviously people are not coming back into the... —  read more 

New hires are lost

Since they are hiring new, naive young people without much experience, so that they can squeeze them out as much as possible, then it would be necessary to make an effort to introduce these young new hires a little better to what their job will be... —  read more 

Job security

If you're looking for a place that has none, PepsiCo is your company. If you're looking for a place where you'll worry about layoffs every single day but at the same time pray to be laid off so you can get out of this mess, again, this is your place... —  read more 

Terrified of a severance

I have spent the last 10 years thinking I was going to be axed. I will be one. Its so lucrative I can't believe I was nervous. I am going to double dip on income for a year and then retire. Best thing to ever happen to me.

The worst job

This is the worst job I've ever had and the worst company I ever worked for and I can say that with conviction after only three months here. How did I end up in this mess? Nobody seems to know what I - or anybody else, for that matter - should be... —  read more 


Recently switched jobs. I hated working at pepsico (r&d) so much that I completely changed sectors, and let me tell you… I am so much more content and happy with what I’m doing on a daily basis. Tasks are clearer, expectations are clear, and there’s... —  read more 

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