Topics regarding layoffs at PepsiCo Inc. (Pepsi)

Topics regarding layoffs at PepsiCo Inc. (Pepsi)

Sloppy Company Balance Sheet

Well, we need ideas. Our mismanagement has us in a predicament. PepsiCo has 9 billion $ in short term debt coming due soon in the next year. We’re probably going to refinance, but we aren’t in good shape due to the interest rate environment being so... — read more 

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Pepsi ?

Reading all the comments on layoffs and packages. It’s been quiet on the Pepsi side . No cuts, layoffs or packages. Is it over? Was that it?

Athena and S&T

Heard we can expect layoffs well in September. It’s clear that it’s a numbers and favoritism game at this point with plenty of respected leaders walking out due to her poor management. The lack of communication and change management during this reorg... — read more 

Any S&T Updates?

Folks in the various S&T threads have already spoken to the insanity that is this "non-update update" pattern. I share all the sentiments, so to cut to the chase - has anyone observed additional cuts in the last week and/or heard anything new in the... — read more 


Starting to see new org charts roll out at PFNA. It really seems like the company continues to overcorrect with more and more senior leaders being female and POC. It’s blatantly obvious now that the white man has to future there. They’re slowly... — read more 

Not worried

PepsiCo has been unbearable to work for the last five years at least. I am not worried about layoffs one bit. I will gladly take a severance package to leave this dumpster fire. I'm honestly not sure why so many people are worried about this when it... — read more 

S&T is a Joke

Since the bombshell announcement of the S&T merger in November, employees have been left dangling in the wind. Promised clarity in January turned into another empty promise in February, and now whispers of April or May for "finalization" leave us... — read more 

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