Topics regarding layoffs at PepsiCo Inc. (Pepsi)

Topics regarding layoffs at PepsiCo Inc. (Pepsi)

Breaking point

It’s not nice to be ungrateful at work at a time when people are losing their jobs en masse and in general, working here has been nice for many, many years. However, backstabbing seems to have spiraled out of control and it's becoming unbearable... —  read more 

SOPs and Policy

Why is it so hard to find these things at PepsiCo? Is there way to get them without asking managers? Seems nobody is doing anything the right way.

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Oklahoma cuts?

Has anyone heard anything about Oklahoma getting axed? It’s a fairly old place and they say all the the company recycling comes here. So I wouldn’t think they cut that?

Lay-off rumours ?!

Something fishy is going on up here in Canada . We’re apparently sending out only 4 trucks with Pepsi and Diet Pepsi only on Friday something about a “warehouse revamp.” Mandatory townhall meeting for warehouse only tomorrow . Managers also... —  read more 


How many at PepsiCo are currently looking for a new job? How many have thought about quitting the company even without a backup option? This is something we need to made known to the leadership team. I think they have no idea just how many of us... —  read more 

I hate this place

Instead of having a relaxing breakfast with my family and getting ready for tonight I'm here checking to see what's the latest thing PepsiCo threw our way. I'm at a point where nothing would surprise me, including a layoffs announcement today of all... —  read more 

Merry Christmas everyone

For this affected by layoffs or voluntary retirements, it will get better. Enjoy the time with family and realize there is life after PepsiCo. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Wishing everyone a better 2021.

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Just to recap

FLNA cut Zone Sales Leaders, replaced them with territory managers who make less who do the same job. They kept the same number of ZBM’s. Not sure how this revolutionizes the field other than to reduce payroll and get rid of people who actually... —  read more 

Pepsico Double Speak

I just Googled Pepsico.Com and up comes this page that says : Racial Equality Journey: Hispanic Initiative This sounds a little hypocritical coming from the company that gave the world the FRITO BANDITO , the MOST ICONIC ETHNIC STEREOTYPE... —  read more 

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