Topics regarding layoffs at PETsMART Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at PETsMART Inc.

Bad News for Technology Team

This goes out to the technology team at PetSmart. Your new EVP/CITO is bad news. Trust your own gut on GF's character. He comes in, and destroys any morale or comradery that exists, and then outsources whoever is left before moving on in 2-4 years to... —  read more 

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JK is a good leader

For those that do not understand Business - Nor have ever worked for a Fortune 500 Company they would not understand how a CEO must guide and evolve a company, a family owned company at some point must evolve - and yes the culture will change, when... —  read more 

Poor Petsmart Employees

With the announcement of JK as you’re CEO I thought it fair to let you know what you are getting. Your town hall meetings will feel like a beat down, JK will take bad sales and rip you apart and he inspires nothing but trepidation. Expect... —  read more 

Petsmart Layoffs - June 2017

There was announcement on Tue that about 5% of the total # of employees will be cut a the HQ in Phoenix. More things are being moved online, Chewy acquisition is a proof. I am not sure where we go from here. In AZ we have about 4000 people working... —  read more 

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