Topics regarding layoffs at Phillips 66

Topics regarding layoffs at Phillips 66

Consolidation, EOI, layoffs

Most likely outcome: consolidate similar functions, and then solicit EOI due to redundancy. Finally a layoff to reach the reduction goal. IT’s attrition is better than expected lately, likely most people are waiting for EOI. The market could not be... —  read more 

Earnings report

Since layoffs usually come after a bad earnings report, what are the chances we're in for some cuts after today? I've been looking around and from what I can see, things are looking good ahead of the investors' call, but you can never be certain when... —  read more 

There will be no layoffs

Why in the world would you worry about layoffs at a time like this? Things have never been better for O&G than they are now. Relax and enjoy it while it lasts (and it will last for a while, I think we can all see that). I don't understand people who... —  read more 

Areas set for layoffs

I have heard IT and Finance will get hit with layoffs. I have also heard Procurement will get laid off. Any insights to which departments will get hit with layoffs? I have also heard of more finance restructuring, not sure if that means layoffs or... —  read more 

Sad News

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Alliance Layoffs

Sad situation. Bob Herman goes to the refinery a month or so before the terminal announcement and tells the employees that the refinery will be running again in the spring either by P66 or a new owner. Comes back a few weeks later and lays everyone... —  read more 

Alliance Oil Terminal

What an asinine idea. Herman & Company botched the sale and now this idea just when refining is heating up again. Maybe trying to shake down the state and local officials for tax breaks/incentives??

Covid Vax Mandate!

P66 is embracing Bidens (OSHA’s) Emergency Temporary Standard and will be forcing employees to vaccinate or pay the consequence. The government is turning corporations into the VAX police, why is P66 rolling over and complying with this obvious... —  read more 

Phillips 66 Vs Chevron Phillips

Has anyone worked at Chevron Phillips or know anybody that works there? Is this a good company to work for? Good compensation? How often are the layoffs there? Thanks I know they are a JV with Chevron and Phillips 66

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What, Me Worry?

Despite our $509 million Q1 loss, there's absolutely nothing to be worried about. After all, look at all the inclusion and diversity we have! Rest well, as our financial standing goes down the drain, that we did it as Forbes 178th Best Employer for... —  read more 

The number is still unknown

"In the coming months, some of the 60 employees and 15 contractors will be moved to other positions within the company, with others being laid off, according to a statement from the company. The number being laid off is... —  read more 

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