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Success Share Announced

Hello anonymous coworkers, I’m a new engineer here so this is my first Success Share. Everyone has been somewhat doom and gloom about VCIPs next year. I’ve never really worked anywhere with real bonuses before Is there a loose correlation between... —  read more 

How are you all doing?

How is employee morale? I left P66 two years ago and even then things were bad. From what I'm reading, things have not gotten better, but the opposite. This makes me feel for all of my friends who still work at this place. Has anything improved since... —  read more 


40 million Americans out of work. Many without health benefits. Yet people on this site who have not missed one paycheck are complaining. Because you are asked to work for your pay? Really? Unbelievable! You have a choice, if you don't... —  read more 

There have been no layoffs

So far, 100% of P66 employees have received their pay through this pandemic. As to the comments about getting rid of older workers, my experience has been the deadwood usually is first to be eliminated. Problem solved, work hard, get results, you... —  read more 

Bogus Site

This is a bogus forum that doesn't allow honest views. My posts have been removed without violating site policy. They are just trying to create negativity and angst. Not seeking the truth

Shame on you Garland

Words cannot express the disappointment I feel watching that video. That is a thread, come to work or layoffs. That Trumpian way of thinking. Yes few cases, but be smart enough to realize that it is because things are no back to normal! And that we... —  read more 

Stock Buy-Backs!

Man all those billions of dollars spent on buying back stock (at over $100 per share...) rather than investing it into the business or into modernization and work from home technologies is SURE paying off now! What would we ever have done with those... —  read more 

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Toxicity & Budget Cuts

P66 has become toxic in a number of departments. There are other posts on here about politics and infighting, but that is just a symptom of what is going on. The big issue are the budget cuts and restraints on hiring that some business units are... —  read more 

Phillips 66 history discussion

Who started the fire? Eldas Phillips, brother Frank, PPC incorporate Kansas/Texas, panhandle they, started drilling wells. Town they pick is Bartlesville, make gasoline plus NGL, Borger has refinery, a new type of gas. Driving car feeling fast, 66... —  read more 

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Information Security

Information Security are clueless unless all the answers are handed to them on a platter. You have used some fancy words like "local cache" and "intranet" - and you can watch all the espionage movies in the world and dream we have the ability to see... —  read more 

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Q3 report and webcast scheduled

Here we go, time and date are all set up: HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sep 20, 2018--Phillips 66 (NYSE: PSX) executive management will host a conference call webcast at noon EDT on Friday, Oct. 26, to discuss the company’s third-quarter 2018 financial... —  read more 

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Layoffs in Bartlesville and Houston

Anybody knows if layoffs in Bartlesville and Houston were all done last week or if we can expect more? I was hoping last week was it, but then I read there might be more coming and now I'm nervous all over again. Any chance somebody has any more info... —  read more 

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Expressions of Interest

Why is the company not offering employees the chance to express interest in being laid off? If they did this they would get the head count reduced to where they want it and nobody would have to leave that didn’t want to. In fact they would get so... —  read more 

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Be prepared if you are over 50

Phillips 66 seems to be laying people off not by how well they do their job but by how old they are and how long they've been with the company. Nobody over 50 is safe here. This week will be really bad, especially for the older workers. I'm just not... —  read more 


I used to carpool with a guy that was a regular follower of this website. I used to post stuff all the time on here that was completely fabricated, and would laugh when he would get in the car and say "my buddy told me..." It's the simple joys in... —  read more 

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