Topics regarding layoffs at Phillips 66

Topics regarding layoffs at Phillips 66

Which Refinery is next??

From the investor call: Mark Lashier: "We're constantly looking at what refining assets belong in our portfolio long term and what is the best way to deal with those that maybe aren't having a long-term future. And you've seen us exit Alliance. It... —  read more 

Moving Too Fast??

It seems we’re moving so fast on Transformation that nobody seems to really know what changes are going to work and which aren’t. We’re just flying by the seat of our pants.

Good Transformation News

I just watched a video that said that Transformation was going to last through 2024. That means it’s going to collapse in on itself probably sometime next year. By then everybody will realize that it’s failed and it’ll all be swept under the rug... —  read more 

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November 9th

This is the day p66 leadership meets with investors in New York. It’ll be interesting what claims the make to them about how wonderful transformation is.

Moving Parts

The more I learn about Transformation, the more convinced that it’s going to fail. Rather than stream lining things it appears to have created a bunch of little reporting groups. Way too many moving parts to ever be successful.

Zhanna G’s lies over lies

She and her cronies created a mess of the ‘cloud transformation’ project and could not show the so called synergies she promised. Then brought In McKinsey to lay off people (which they are famous for anyway) and now moved on to head the alternate... —  read more 

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Town Hall

We have a town hall this week. Here’s what’s going to said: The company is doing great, the refinery is doing great and has some wonderful projects coming and has a great future. And lastly, Malformation was unfortunate but totally necessary and will... —  read more 


Now that the layoffs are over for now and it’s so close to end of the year, the rate of attrition will really slow down until the VCIP announcement. After that I look for the rate to skyrocket.

Updates Week of 10/24

There are multiple threads with active comments, so trying to consolidate into one thread. Have you heard of any layoffs in your office this week? There have been reports of additional security and people being called to rooms in Houston on the... —  read more 

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