Topics regarding layoffs at Phillips 66

Topics regarding layoffs at Phillips 66

What, Me Worry?

Despite our $509 million Q1 loss, there's absolutely nothing to be worried about. After all, look at all the inclusion and diversity we have! Rest well, as our financial standing goes down the drain, that we did it as Forbes 178th Best Employer for... —  read more 

Cold and uncaring

Do not expect to be treated well if you plan on staying for a long period of time. Many new or young employees get valuable training through this company, and then move elsewhere in order to advance their careers. With that being said, I'm not sure... —  read more 

How are you all doing?

How is employee morale? I left P66 two years ago and even then things were bad. From what I'm reading, things have not gotten better, but the opposite. This makes me feel for all of my friends who still work at this place. Has anything improved since... —  read more 

Passing through

I was laid off in the last round and just want to wish everyone an enjoyable holiday season. For those who still remained my wish for you is to survive another round of layoffs. For those who have found something my wish for you is to enjoy growth... —  read more 

Who got laid off?

Everyone heard about last week’s layoffs. But I haven’t heard much about who got laid off. What groups were they in? IT? BD? Projects? Ops? Were they engineers? Midstream or refining?

Glad I’m here

Before the pandemic I was seriously contemplating leaving. I put the effort into finding other companies that would benefit through my experience and knowledge. Then all hell broke loose, states were shut down, corporations were losing millions if... —  read more 

Where are you looking?

I've started looking for a new job but its slim pickings out there. Everybody is having layoffs and if they're not, they're certainly not hiring. I keep hearing of people quitting to go to new jobs and I'm truly curious to know where they are going... —  read more 

Success Share Announced

Hello anonymous coworkers, I’m a new engineer here so this is my first Success Share. Everyone has been somewhat doom and gloom about VCIPs next year. I’ve never really worked anywhere with real bonuses before Is there a loose correlation between... —  read more 

There have been no layoffs

So far, 100% of P66 employees have received their pay through this pandemic. As to the comments about getting rid of older workers, my experience has been the deadwood usually is first to be eliminated. Problem solved, work hard, get results, you... —  read more 


40 million Americans out of work. Many without health benefits. Yet people on this site who have not missed one paycheck are complaining. Because you are asked to work for your pay? Really? Unbelievable! You have a choice, if you don't... —  read more 

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