Topics regarding layoffs at Phillips 66

Topics regarding layoffs at Phillips 66

When will the layoffs happen?

The emails all said something to the effect of, “…in the coming weeks those leaders will pick their teams…”. Does that mean layoffs will happen within the next couple of weeks?

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Bleeding Talent

Never seen a company go through such a self imposed implosion like P66. We are losing talent left and right and keeping the management in place that drove them all to look elsewhere. I’ve seen people leaving in droves recently for competitors. ... —  read more 

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All talk, no change

I’m not going to lie, I was excited by the idea of change at P66. It is needed, but once again I was fooled. There isn’t really going to be meaningful change in a good way. The org changes announced will do very little. McKinsey and BT are too busy... —  read more 

Success Share Announced

Hello anonymous coworkers, I’m a new engineer here so this is my first Success Share. Everyone has been somewhat doom and gloom about VCIPs next year. I’ve never really worked anywhere with real bonuses before Is there a loose correlation between... —  read more 


Does anyone know much of a percentage Blackrock owns in P66? Are they the ones in the drivers seat behind business transformation and Inclusion &Diversity?

Alliance Oil Terminal

What an asinine idea. Herman & Company botched the sale and now this idea just when refining is heating up again. Maybe trying to shake down the state and local officials for tax breaks/incentives??

Earnings report

Since layoffs usually come after a bad earnings report, what are the chances we're in for some cuts after today? I've been looking around and from what I can see, things are looking good ahead of the investors' call, but you can never be certain when... —  read more 

There will be no layoffs

Why in the world would you worry about layoffs at a time like this? Things have never been better for O&G than they are now. Relax and enjoy it while it lasts (and it will last for a while, I think we can all see that). I don't understand people who... —  read more 

Areas set for layoffs

I have heard IT and Finance will get hit with layoffs. I have also heard Procurement will get laid off. Any insights to which departments will get hit with layoffs? I have also heard of more finance restructuring, not sure if that means layoffs or... —  read more 

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