Topics regarding layoffs at Pioneer Natural Resources Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Pioneer Natural Resources Co.

Rules to Live By

My previous post got removed for whatever reason, but here is the repost. Pioneer forgot to follow its own rules to live by, especially those related to RESPECT values. No wonder they were worried when the news about the PE merger got leaked to... —  read more 


In this round of layoffs Pioneer forgot to follow its own rules to live by, especially those that fall under the respect values. No wonder they were unhappy when the news of the merger were leaked to press. The did not want people to associate... —  read more 

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Who is next?

I just watched our CEO’s interview on Bloomberg where he says there will be only a few independent shale producers in a few years? Everything is changing very quickly and I would not be surprised if some more consolidation happens soon. After... —  read more 


So of course we are all glad to have kept our jobs (for now). But the morale is shot. Different supervisors, different roles, ambiguous PMP process targeted at getting rid of people in March w/out any package. No target bonus, maybe half of target... —  read more 


So Scott Sheffield is now bailing out his son’s company (Parsley) after laying off 300 of Pioneers employees. Is that how many employees Parsley has? What a coincidence.

Who will get cut?

Jagged Peak Energy gets eaten by Parsley, Parsley gets eaten by Pioneer, Pioneer gets eaten by Exxon, Exxon gets eaten by share holders. In the end everyone becomes waste if your not one of the kernels of corn. Its the natural order of the Oil and... —  read more 


I would not have believed what I read in the WSJ today on the merging of Parsley Energy and Pioneer. This merger will not require the exchange of cash rather it will be an equity exchange; probably 1 share of PNR for 5 shares of Parsley Energy. ... —  read more 

My apologies to field employees,

So after months of stress field employees who don’t know what individual contributor means but showed up to work through the pandemic while the rest of the company “worked from home” can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Those spared managed two or... —  read more 

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Book of the month club

Glad a book by an octogenarian friend of our fearless leader got a solid plug today. God forbid we had any progressive thinking and leadership versus swinging by the seat of our pants

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Love and hate for pioneer

Pioneer was great for some time, I met some wonderful people who hopefully I will stay friends with going forward. As I got my call yesterday, my manager started on telling me how I great I was, how knowledgeable i was. He kept on going for a little... —  read more 

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