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Honest Poll?

I plan to leave after bonus. Is anyone else? I think the one asset with unnecessary 2 corporate offices is unsustainable. PNR will merge or be bought. Either way not a good deal. Anything further will be Involuntary

Reflecting on VSP

Our brothers and sisters at Denbury now have a VSP "opportunity", what advice do the takers, later ISP victims, or survivors have for them? Get it while the gettin's good?


Think there could be an impact on us if ProPetro goes under with everything they are doing? Don’t we have their stock as part of the deal? They are up to some shady stuff.

What happened to the work from home policy?

There were rumors a few months ago that there would be a new work from home policy announced at the employee meeting. I would work a lot better with my coworkers, if I didn't have to see them everyday.


Lets Debate a quick payout versus a high salary!


Exxon it is! Will we get good packages....

Pioneer is at the beginning of the end

I think Pioneer is at the, "Beginning of the End." Corporations like nations have a rhythm to life, they fail from within. There is a birth, growth, rapid growth, plateau, and death. The GEOs would call it a bell shaped curve, you have a beginning... —  read more 

ISP survivor

Well it took me 6 weeks to find a job! Thanks for the money Pioneer!

Only 3 more bucks!!!

3 more bucks and we will hit our 52 week low!!! Its good to have goals ya know! I would say its march bonus keeping me around but that's looking like a wash. Could someone please buy us out or ask for more volunteers for a package???

Why the hell are we hiring?

I feel as overworked as the next person but we are dropping like a stone and the only folks who are happy are the unaffected in title and pay who have never worked for another real company. Yet we are trying to hire senior positions. This makes no... —  read more 

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My feelings

I want to take a giant poo on this place and call it a day.

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New LCO Building

Does anyone else feel like this is just a monument to poor decision making? The employees are pressured into cost savings, while the execs waste more money on a building that will be half empty. Why not just renovate what we have? Plenty of space... —  read more 


Chevron please raise your offer! We are ready to accept........

Meetings with no point

They let go the only person who I went to for solutions! This new guy is an id–t with no experience!


Please announce a buyout or merger!

Engineer Exodus has begun

If management does not pull their head from out of their @$$es they will lose a lot of good engineers. How are you (middle management) not communicating to your superiors that a retention payout is badly needed in light of employees having to deal... —  read more 

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