Topics regarding layoffs at Pioneer Natural Resources Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Pioneer Natural Resources Co.


Any murmurings on bonuses this year? I know last year we had a 1.7x multiplier on our target bonus. I would think it would be the same or better this year with how much FCF we produced.

Cost of Living/ Raises

I hope you all will enjoy the 6% raise given for the new year. You all have earned that part of the generated billions in free cash flow. Don’t expect to receive any normal market/merit raise in March. IMO, it barely scratches the line of where they... —  read more 

Variable divideds down?

Although I don’t think this was a surprise to everyone, it’s looks like the beginning of a bad trend. 2023 may be a rough year and I bet many think Pioneers dividend payout will pull money out of whats needed to survive rough times. Why is everyone... —  read more 

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PDC Schedule

Is the PDC schedule driving to people to quit? 12/12 for 2 weeks has got to be awesome for home life, kids, marriage, and personnel time. Also, with so much time off, nobody needs PTO. How can a department care so little for their staff?

Easy money

Did I just read that "life here is easy. Do nothing and get a good paycheck"?? Really? Anyone else think so? In that case I'm obviously making a big mistake because for me working here is not easy money at all. I work for three people and that's... —  read more 

Going Private?!?!

After Continental Resources announcing a possibility of going private, will PXD follow suit eventually? I see many E&P companies doing this to get away from activists that are trying to destroy their stock.

Promise based management

My manager has made so many false promises that I don't even listen to him anymore. Why is he doing this? Does he really think that after so many broken promises, someone will still believe in them? We should make a list of all the promises that... —  read more 

Increase Drilling Program

Increasing the drilling program, due to high oil prices, would be a colossal mistake. The speed of the current program is nearly unattainable, adding more inventory would break the program. Not too mention, by the time the program does ramp up, the... —  read more 

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