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For those that survived and still complaining, please quit and leave already. Those that are staying and still want to work, don't need your bad mojo. So you didn't get the severance, boo fcuknig who. Atleast you still got a job. Ask those that got... read more

Who Will want to work at Pioneer after this?

No matter how much in a bad position the company is in and no matter how many layoffs happen, the companies in our industry are always in demand for workers, especially field guys and contractors. I can’t wait to see who will accept a job at Pioneer... read more

Long article n DMN today

Pioneer slashes jobs at home and in the Permian, putting Wall Street ahead of people

Age discrimination is out of hand

Just look around you - what's the one thing you notice? The faces that are looking back at you are getting MUCH younger after every layoff, and older employees are few and far between. Is there really nothing to be done about this? It's certainly not... read more

Extra $$

For those of us who do NOT plan on being here much past march award the august extra bonus doesnt matter. Extra paycheck is okay though

Well, I'm still here

I just wonder for how long. I'm 52, so I know my days are numbered. In all honesty, I wish I was among those laid off. At least they know where they stand and what their next step is going to be. I just tuck again - not knowing what tomorrow will... read more

The Proof is in the pudding

It seemed like pioneer might be headed in the right direction. There were definitely too many employees but the people that have been making all the wrong stupid decisions remain with the company. The problem went from quantity to quality. The... read more

Where to now?

How are things looking for people over fifty in our industry right now?

Feeling like a red-headed stepchild

Did you notice that news are all over the Ford layoffs and we barely got a mention in the past two days? I understand that Pioneer laid off fewer employees, but still, layoffs are layoffs. I guess we are not as interesting or as attractive subject to... read more

Today will be strange

Walking into the office to find people I worked with for so long gone... I'm not looking forward to it. I guess survivors guilt is a real thing. I truly wish all the best to all of those who were let go yesterday. May you find a better job in a... read more

My best to everyone affected

I've been there and it's not fun. But you will come out better and wiser for this experience.... even tho it doesn't seem that way right now. If you work in oil & gas you're going to be laid off in your career... maybe multiple times. It just goes... read more
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Posts with recent replies ONLY

I guess some of us can use this tip: See only posts that recently had replies - Big Blue Button Below (BBBB) For new folks here, there is a large "ACTIVE" button right above the first thread - you can use it to see what posts had recent replies... read more
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I was leaning towards wanting the package. I got it (and was surprised), and now it hurts like hell now that it's real. Many good friends were made here, and for the first 5 years of my career it was incredible. Unfortunately the last few haven't... read more

Out the door...

Was a great run and an awesome place to work! I am very thankful for the opportunity, the insight to what may come and the ability to plan my family for the possibility of what happened. Thank you PXD. !

The process

Lasted about 5-10 min. Went over the ISP. Gave me a few min to pack up a few things and then was walked to the elevator in the parking garage because I chose to schedule a meeting with the Employment placement as opposed to meeting right then. Pretty... read more
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Have there been any changes? Does anybody know for sure what the package will look like this round?

I wish they let me volunteer

I'm just saying. I might get laid off today. But if I'm not, if I was given a chance to volunteer than somebody who actually wants to stay here would have been able to. In any case, I just wanted to wish everybody good luck - and that those who want... read more


I have heard I will likely get the severance tomorrow. If so I want to say something positive on this overwhelmingly negative place. Pioneer gave me the stability to grow my family during an oil and gas downturn, the work life balance to care for... read more


I heard everything is happening tomorrow. I was told today to bring my stuff into the off tomorrow.


I feel for you guys. I went thru this during the dark days of 2015 and ended up with a real weird browser history. Some things you can't unsee. Anyhow, good luck to everyone and I'd give a long thought about switching industries to something that is... read more

Waiting is the Worst

Rip the freaking band aid off already. This is driving me and my family crazy. We have no idea how to plan. I kind of want to get the package (that's what she said).

Health Insurance

What happens with health insurance once the employee has been laid off? What kind of options do we have?

Is this a full week round?

I'm getting mixed info on when this round will end - some people claim it'll be done tomorrow while some say we have a full week of layoffs to look forward to. In all honesty, I'd be the happiest if it was all done today and tomorrow. Not sure how... read more
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Did anything actually happen today?

Lot of rumors circulating, but I don’t see a lot of people stating that they experienced layoffs today. I aware of the times and the state that the company is in, so if layoffs didn’t happen today, we are not in any less danger tomorrow. Aside for... read more

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