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Share repurchase....great idea!!

Guess investing in our actual business doesn't make money so let's get into financial engineering and buy shares back. I feel a merger coming!!!


So.....are we going to actually shed some folks if/when we finally sell all the eagleford stuff


Anyone know if we get a bonus this year? What was said at the company meeting ?

Time to bolt!

I guess it's time for Eagleford folks to polish up the resume....with so many divestitures, they don't all this head count!!!!! Though, with all the sales, they will need to buy something big or they will pay huge taxes. Bet we buy Parsley...then... read more
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This place makes me crazy. I watch stuff get handed to people on a gold plate while other people get blatantly shafted. You’d think they would get rid of the useless fluff but everyone knows fluff floats.....right to the top. Nepotism, favoritism... read more


why are we hiring more people? We need to reassign the overpaid "advisors" and all the "senior staff" folks to do some real work. They just sit there collecting $300k/yr doing nothing. It's appalling.
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Can someone pass me the koolaide?

We are behind and falling further behind everyday. Obviously the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. And in this case, even the left hand doesn't know what it's doing! Downsizing and simplification is what will succeed in this... read more

Serious Question...

Has anyone actually received their letter and found out what percentage they are getting for Focal Point? Smarta$$es and dumba$$es Need not reply!

Will we ever have layoffs?

Because this is ridiculous. We might as well change our name to Clampett Family Oil and Gas. It would be a far more accurate representation of what goes on here.

It is a shame...

After many years at Pioneer I had to leave when it became apparent the only direction was down. They are not going to merge or acquire anything outside the Midland basin. Which is extremely unfortunate because it lead to great talent going to other... read more

1 million in 10 my a%#

This is a pipe dream The spin doctors are spinning Drinking the koolaide
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here they come

well, they started with the end of year retirements. Now, they'll start the layoffs in late February and early coincide with bonuses and such. This is how they've done it for two years. This year, though, they don't have the hedges like... read more

Forced Early retirements

I've heard about a bunch of early retirements over the last couple weeks. trying to get rid of the high paid folks who add little value. Mgmt knows they can't keep all the over paid heavy weights with no good hedges. it's not time for pxd to do what... read more

Pioneer Security

Must be blind.Drilling personal receiving guns for work.Deer camp that Thomas owns with pioneer personal invited for work in return.The list goes on.Personal have been inform open your mouth your gone.

Layoffs coming to PXD's doorstep!

Pioneer Natural Resources (PXD +0.5%) says will terminate nearly 150 jobs in April, after saying last week it was largely withdrawing from Texas’ Eagle Ford for now, taking six rigs offline, and maintaining its activity mostly in the Permian Basin.
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By George I think I've got it!

As a kid, did you ever think you'd grow up to be a BOSS? Well pxd can make your dreams come true ! Anyone and everyone can be a boss ! Multiple tiers of bosses! Bosses for days! Maybe Q1 meeting will reveal the newest crop of middle management ?


May 4, 2015 100 people laid off. Only those related or good brown nosers got to stay. Perhaps only 97 left with 150 wells shut down
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Actually, have you ever heard of hedging?

Actually, have you ever heard of hedging? Complete the wells and get all the first year production before the hedges go away. Pretty smart actually. Combine that with expiring leases, the company might be doing just fine. Certainly better than... read more


You guys are straight up retarded to keep drilling balls out at these prices. What's that quote from the Big Lebowski - son, your in for a world of pain?

Layoffs to begin next week

It won't be a single location event. A certain percentage are being let go company wide. Good luck everybody.
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Any updates?

I have heard many (unconfirmed) rumors that Pioneer Natural Resources, which is headquartered in Irving, Texas but has a large presence in Midland, Texas (in Permian Basin) may have begun letting go of some of the workers (non-contractor people). Can... read more

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