Topics regarding layoffs at Pioneer Natural Resources Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Pioneer Natural Resources Co.

More layoffs?

I have no insights, and I don't want to be a bearer of bad news...just wondering if anyone has heard rumors about layoffs on the horizon? Some colleagues are already very worried that there could be cuts very soon.

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People ARE leaving

I find the question about why people are not leaving if they're not happy rather silly. First of all, people are leaving. Some of our best people, at that. Pay attention to the company-wide attrition, I'm relatively sure that it's at its highest in... —  read more 

I don’t get it

I don’t understand why everyone complains and acts like it’s so bad here… we make good money and if you don’t like it then leave someone else will work your job happily

Is it just me?

Everybody is excited about tomorrow possibly bringing good news regarding work from home and I'm sitting here stressing, convinced they're about to drop a bo-b on us either regarding another restructuring with layoffs or deciding against WFH or... —  read more 

Mismanaged and nuts

This place has turned into a giant tu-d. Everyone seems to be afraid of something. Poor decisions are being made. The only experienced leadership is at the MC level and they are completely disconnected. Middle management is a product of brown nosing... —  read more 

Wasted talents

Two very talented young engineers were brilliant when they came here. Their talent was really promising and I thought they would do great things here. But no. Not only did they not progress, but over time they became very average. I mean, this... —  read more 

Is it possible?

I’m a mid-career employee and was wondering how hard it will be to find other opportunities now as opposed to being laid off? Is there anyone who has left that was able to find employment fairly easily while still being employed? Is there anyone who... —  read more 

Keep calm and learn...

Problem 1 - PXD is a one basin company that provides virtually no real industry experience, unless you plan to spend your career in the Permian Basin. unfortunately, the industry and the permian basin won't last that long. Problem 2 - the upper... —  read more 

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Geoscience Managers

The majority of your staff realize that you don't contribute anything to your teams. Many geos are clearly overworked. Pioneer could get rid of you all and still operate fine. Probably better actually. Can anybody sum up one reason that any of... —  read more 

American Well Services

I don’t see anyone making a thread about how American Well Services bought Pioneer Well Services. I left the company a few months ago for a completely different industry, but I’ve heard about this. Wondering what the atmosphere is like now and what... —  read more 

Losing competitive edge?

It wasn’t until I started looking for a new job that I realized how much I had essentially lost my competitive edge here. Spending more than five years here means losing marketable skills. Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of it while I was nice and... —  read more 

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