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It is what it is

We all know right sizing means layoffs so let’s be honest. Scott should have the balls to call it what it really is. I would respect someone for speaking plainly. So it’s downsizing people. It’s happening and this time the packages will not be as... —  read more 


This is EXACTLY why you don’t believe them when they say no layoffs. After everything they put us through latest year, here we go again.

LinkedIn post

Someone said pxd is such a great company...great companies don’t beg for proration so they can claim force mejeure to get out of firm transportation penalties when they won’t meant their volumes next year. S— it up and take the hit.

Honest Poll?

I plan to leave after bonus. Is anyone else? I think the one asset with unnecessary 2 corporate offices is unsustainable. PNR will merge or be bought. Either way not a good deal. Anything further will be Involuntary

Reflecting on VSP

Our brothers and sisters at Denbury now have a VSP "opportunity", what advice do the takers, later ISP victims, or survivors have for them? Get it while the gettin's good?


Think there could be an impact on us if ProPetro goes under with everything they are doing? Don’t we have their stock as part of the deal? They are up to some shady stuff.

Only 3 more bucks!!!

3 more bucks and we will hit our 52 week low!!! Its good to have goals ya know! I would say its march bonus keeping me around but that's looking like a wash. Could someone please buy us out or ask for more volunteers for a package???

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