Topics regarding layoffs at Pioneer Natural Resources Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Pioneer Natural Resources Co.

Special MBA for MIT grads

Fake news or real? I sure have been hearing a lot of rumors out there about PNR allowing 2 MIT grads to leave PNR to get an MBA full time and then come back for a special carrot. Does anybody know the real scoop?

Promise based management

My manager has made so many false promises that I don't even listen to him anymore. Why is he doing this? Does he really think that after so many broken promises, someone will still believe in them? We should make a list of all the promises that... —  read more 

Increase Drilling Program

Increasing the drilling program, due to high oil prices, would be a colossal mistake. The speed of the current program is nearly unattainable, adding more inventory would break the program. Not too mention, by the time the program does ramp up, the... —  read more 

Post Bonus Exodus?

I’m hoping this is the year I have the courage to leave this place. I’ve modeled out my earnings for the next 10yrs and it’s depressing to think I’ll be stuck in the same role with nothing to show for it. Depressing. It used to feel like Scott... —  read more 


Our rich CEO states that OPEC is doing a good job balancing supply, because that is what gave us a record quarter and will continue to fatten his wallet. This while energy prices are driving massive inflation and causing American families to... —  read more 


My take from the meeting yesterday is that we are excited to participate in the destruction of American energy production, because somehow that is good for business. Totally makes sense. We just need that pesky polluting country on the other side of... —  read more 

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