Topics regarding layoffs at Pioneer Natural Resources Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Pioneer Natural Resources Co.

Is your job safe?

Several posts here asking if job is safe. Just go to the ExxonMobil jobs website and check out the postings. Note the number of job postings in India compared to the number of job postings in the USA. Note the types of job postings for India. Do the... —  read more 

Same pay as in Houston

ExxonMobil doesn't offer any perks for working in Midland over Houston. Pay is exactly the same. They have a 10% additional pay but it can be cut at any time. It was cut immediately when COVID hit and took months and months of benchmarking, studies... —  read more 

woodlands 50 years

The Houston Chronicle in the Sunday edition ran a large article of the 50 years anniversary of The Woodlands. . In my 40 years working in the petroleum industry, I have lived... —  read more 

Don’t Come Here

If I can save one person… the truth of EM is even worse than the rumors. Two Houston therapists I have as friends shared that EM employees are known in their circles to be deeply unwell. This is a known fact. Do not come here. If you do, you’ll... —  read more 

Attrition rate

What do you think the percentage of employees that Exxon expect to say yes to their relocation offer is? They say they’ll offer 90 percent. But 40 percent of those 90 percent say yes? Can the initial 10 percent of rejections that want to go re-apply... —  read more 

So what do you do here

All the management that has promoted people because that person was in your click lol those days are coming to a End. Sadly some good people are stressed about their jobs and actually do the work (boots on the ground) pioneer is a good company the... —  read more 


Does anyone have a clue what they will do with the water subsidiary? Does XTO have a third party disposal company handle it?

Lots of press

Looks like Exxon’s communications department is reporting to news outlets that SS negotiated jobs for all. The LCO office will not be closed for 2 years! Am I the only one that sees this as impossible!!!

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