Topics regarding layoffs at Pioneer Natural Resources Co.

Topics regarding layoffs at Pioneer Natural Resources Co.

Geoscience Managers

The majority of your staff realize that you don't contribute anything to your teams. Many geos are clearly overworked. Pioneer could get rid of you all and still operate fine. Probably better actually. Can anybody sum up one reason that any of... —  read more 

American Well Services

I don’t see anyone making a thread about how American Well Services bought Pioneer Well Services. I left the company a few months ago for a completely different industry, but I’ve heard about this. Wondering what the atmosphere is like now and what... —  read more 

Losing competitive edge?

It wasn’t until I started looking for a new job that I realized how much I had essentially lost my competitive edge here. Spending more than five years here means losing marketable skills. Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of it while I was nice and... —  read more 

Not a merger

Why do they call it a merger, when in reality it’s just a handover of the assets. Interviewing PE employees for the positions of those who were let go in October. Business needs my a.... The level of dishonesty is beyond.

Covid Parties

MC: work from home rest of year Management: Weekly/daily harassment of ummm, yeah, we’re gonna need you to come in to the office every day now even though you’ll just be in videomeetings all day

Freedom of Speech

Have you noticed that any negative opinion on this website about SS and PXD is removed. Started happening after the merger news. The two posts after the rules to live by were removed.

Rules to Live By

My previous post got removed for whatever reason, but here is the repost. Pioneer forgot to follow its own rules to live by, especially those related to RESPECT values. No wonder they were worried when the news about the PE merger got leaked to... —  read more 

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