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PLT Investor

Joe, How low can you go? Your leadership is visible in the current stock price. I’m sure you are looking for heads to chop. Why not start with your own?

More layoffs to come

Low cost model will k–l them in the future ...all jobs going to Mexico. Services and tech support roles will be 65% out of Mexico as company will pay pennies on the dollar. Zoom will be their doom

No on Poly

Layoffs ‘done’?!? Far from it. EMEA HR jobs being outsourced to Mexico...many many more changes coming soon. Future is far from rosy.

Swindon UK site to be closed

From November all employees to 'work from home' fours days a week. The hostile takeover by Polycom is nearly complete. Joe and friends have destroyed a 50 year old brand. Go team!

The HAMMER has not even begun to land

Extensive executive reshuffling and backstabbing going on before kingdoms die and an aggressive workforce redistribution happens. All happening before the end of the year. Good luck!

Age Discrimination???

Plantronics has been suded by former employee claiming age led to layoff

Poly Means MANY

Apparently so as the POLY logo is already taken. Say it ain’t so Joe! Whoops, Marketing jobs coming open :-) —  read more 

Plantronics DEAD!

Took Burton little time to destroy what PLT built over 30 years. KK somewhat responsible. Recent CFO change raises questions. PLT employees left aggressively looking for jobs. PLT had a solid name in the industry whereas a Polycom really had... —  read more 

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More PLT Layoffs Coming

Burton taking the low road. No public announcement about layoffs. Sources inside PLT suggest Burton splitting them up to avoid California EEO requirements. Predict another round of layoffs beginning early next fiscal quarter. Targets will be mainly... —  read more 

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Screwed By Exec Management

Kannappan took his money and ran! Sold the people that helped build the company a bill of goods. Had direct reports fined by the feds and turned his ear when managers brought serious issues to him. Old PLT is dead!

It's a takeover

Just the begining - few hundred to go. Polycom employees filling up senior management positions. Joe (CEO) former Polycom employee got his bonus and that's the most important thing! —  read more 

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