Topics regarding layoffs at PNC

Topics regarding layoffs at PNC

2024 layoffs

Pnc should keep all the tellers. They are all good and work hard. They should get rid of pnci financial consultant's. They are incompetent and they prey on the elderly and refuse to help when asked. Out with them!

Who gives a fu-k

You know. As I sit here tonight thinking of all of the people whose hearts have been broken but this despicable company , just remember that you are a human. I had a coworker DIE while they were employed by PNC and they didn’t give a fu-k. Life is... — read more 

Any actual branches closing??

I feel sick about the layoffs, but does anyone know if there any actual branches closing?? And I heard about the Jan. 2024 terms too; my advice is to start looking now if you still work there - or - wait and see b/c if you stick it out, you at... — read more 

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I still can't relax

Am I the only one who's still stressed out over layoffs? I know it's over but my mind seems to refuse to accept that. It could be because I know it's only a matter of time before the next round or I'm just burnt out in general, but I just can't seem... — read more 

Start looking now

I've been browsing job boards and it's good to see that there are many open positions available in our sector. I'm not sure how long that's going to be true, considering all the layoffs happening here and at our competitors, so I'd advise all of... — read more 

Employee workload?

I quit a few months ago because I was being crushed by the workload. Up and working by 7:30 AM because if I didn’t I wouldn’t be caught up by 9 AM when people got on. Regularly working until 8-9 PM was the norm because we didn’t have enough staff... — read more 

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Layoff invite

For those who were laid off what did your invite say? Usually when I’m safe from a layoff it’s an “organizational update” but this time I got “employee update” that says “don’t discuss this meeting invite”. I’m wondering if I’m getting laid off... — read more 

Disgraceful company

I and another one of my teammates were laid off. The company saw record profits the last two years and then laid off many people across several organizations. My teamate was leading 3 products by herself asking for more help, and had been at the... — read more 

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