Topics regarding layoffs at PNC

Topics regarding layoffs at PNC

RTO for remote workers

I was hired by PNC in 2022 as a permanent fully remote position. It was clearly stated that way by HR and the hiring manager. Then after a few months I was told I needed to start working from the office a few days a week. It seemed like a bait... —  read more 

Honest replies...

I am currently going through the interview process for PNC. With any organization there is good and bad, can someone who works there gives specifics on pay in IT, bonuses, stock options, medical, that sort of thing. Looking to get a 20% bump going to... —  read more 

Even more branch closings

PNC closing 135 in-store branches across five states PNC has more than 2,600 branches nationwide. It closed 105 during the first half of 2022. In May, PNC began the process of converting 60% of its branch network to a new automated model by the... —  read more 

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If you can exit, do it

The banking industry has been awful for employees for decades and PNC is near the top when it comes to the horrible treatment of its workers. There is a whole world outside of this industry, a much better one, with so many fields where our skills are... —  read more 

Careful Now

I think PNC folks in their branches should worry. BBVA has a heavy fan base in their markets. They employ locally. PNC, usually, pays more, so their branch staff are more expensive. I pray no one loses his/her job, unless it's God's will. Which... —  read more 

More layoffs at PNC Bank

It looks like the banking sector is nearing another crises, judging by all the layoffs going around. Now PNC is laying off nearly a hundred employees from the Customer Care Center in Columbus. I've been noticing more and more similar announcements... —  read more 

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Are layoffs done?

Do we know if that was it for layoffs or should we expect to see more take place next week? This is not going to be a fun and stress free weekend that's for sure, without knowing for sure that no more layoffs are coming in the following days. Good... —  read more 

Jobs lost

After 22 years with the bank, PNC started closing branches around my branch. They were merging another branch with my branch and told my employees that they should get a job elsewhere. I was the branch manager. Suddenly, just before the merge, I was... —  read more 

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PNC Employee Displacement

PNC, like all companies in the world, are always looking for ways to make the customer experience better while more efficient. The difference is that PNC gives those employees displaced during the process a choice of relocating to another department... —  read more 

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