Topics regarding layoffs at PPG Industries Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at PPG Industries Inc.

Vax Mandate

Well, as expected. Liberal management has fallen in lock step with the unconstitutional executive order and is requiring all employees to get the jab. No consideration for anything else.

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Prior CEO Bunch, who was a CPA? Made sales #s grow simply thru Acquistions! It worked big time!

Investors looked only on surface and it worked!!! Now company since has tried to acquire 2nd largest global Paint Company, Akznoble and failed! The party ended! Now this poorly managed company has to be judged on its own weak performance true... — read more 

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So, so understaffed

I am happy that I still have a job, however, sometimes I would have preferred to be among those who were laid off. Layoffs impacted badly not only those who were dismissed, but also those who survived. I’m overwhelmed with work because this company... — read more 

PPG is a Mess!

I have more than 18 years in the paint industry now with a couple different companies and I have never seen such a poorly run company especially at the store levels as PPG Paints. I was with Glidden when the PPG buy out happened and ever since then... — read more 

Current employee

My advice is play the game. Get yourself a 2 year certificate (they pay for school) and apply for other positions, they have so many other opportunities available. If you don't bother to search, go to school and apply. Then yes, you will feel your 5... — read more 

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Major layoffs at PPG

They laid off over 1,100 employees... I just left the company recently... Texas carried the rest of the markets but even in texas they can't put a dent in sw... ppg corporate doesn't listen to us reps in the field... It's going to be their downfall... — read more 

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March 9 layoffs

Yes the Olympic team in Lowes they are all getting laid off, their last day will be March 9th all Territory Managers and Regional Managers will be gone above that I’m not sure who kept their job. How is this the first time I'm hearing about this?... — read more 

in summary

I saw this in an article, but sums PPG up pretty neatly: in­sti­tu­tion­al­ized stu­pid­i­ty, tox­ic pol­i­tic­s and patho­log­i­cal cau­tion

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I worked there for a few years, and it was easily the most demoralizing experience in my career. That company simply does not care about their employees. Fear based culture, ridiculous amounts of unrewarded OT (like not even comp time), bully bosses... — read more 

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Outsourcing jobs

They use to care about their employees but in the last 15 or 20 years all they have cared about is the almighty dollar. Why do you think they are outsourcing jobs They don't give a damn...

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Tired manager

I have been with PPG since being acquired in 2013. I'm a manager in architectural coatings. I have worked for a few different companies in the paint industry. I have never worked for a company that cares so little about their people. They make really... — read more 

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Another 1,700 jobs to be lost

PPG just announced, they are cutting 17 hundred jobs. Such a thugs, they haven't even bothered to give more specifics. They just said that they will be cutting where needed, globally. whatever that means. I am not sure will Pittsburgh be impacted at... — read more 

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Hard work pays off. Not!

I gave this company my best five years, still payed on lower end and hardly seen any raise at all. Not to mention working hours. Not that I don't like my job,( I work in sales, it's hectic all the time, but I like it that way), but I really don't... — read more 

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Something rotten

You know that the company is rotten when "yes-man" culture takes over. I've been working in PPG for 4 years, and I see it everywhere I turn. With leaders it's all about stockholders, they don't care about people nor for the company's well being... — read more 

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