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Removing the Bloat

The company got expensive, the Wrap Rate (person doing the work's salary combined with the overhead charges) made winning new work difficult. Each engine developer / manufacturer (RR/GE/PW) has smart folks and management. It comes down to who can... —  read more 


So what is your guess for when the axe is going to fall ? Tomorrow last Friday of the quarter ? Wednesday the last day of the quarter and pay day? Or some time in early October like many are saying ?

Time to Cut the Fat

This company has built up so much waste in the past 10 years, and specifically in the last 8 months. All these support groups "working from home" such as ACE, OpEx, Enterprise Capacity, the list goes on. People working ~30 hours a week throughout... —  read more 

Can we all just agree.....

Let’s not lift a finger for these fat cat f—ing bureaucrat, rolling-in-the-dough, drinking our blood sweat and tears, inconsiderate, lying “leaders” and see just where their precious stock price ends up. Why do they make thousands for every... —  read more 

Do you have a plan?

Do you already know what you'll do if your name is on the list? I know I should be using this time to prepare so I'm not "caught with my pants down," but I honestly don't know where to start. I updated my resume, but can't find any places to submit... —  read more 

# of people impacted

Think about... 15,000 people. Many have families, spouses, kids, parents. Plus, think about businesses that benefit from those 15,000 having jobs, local restaurants, gas station... I'd say this round of cuts will easily impact 100K people somehow. I... —  read more 

13 million a day

Just a rough estimate on the cost to keep 15,000 workers on the payroll. A week here and a week there it adds up to real money. Gotta save for the 4th quarter dividend of 712 million. That bill is coming due soon.

DT at Pratt

Do we think digital technology will see cut too? We are 230 people supporting our global workforce of 33,000. Infant we hired 3 new blue badges last month.

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