Topics regarding layoffs at Pratt and Whitney

Topics regarding layoffs at Pratt and Whitney

Job move

I'm already with RTX and looking at moving to another facility in Socal. Our current location is Union. Does P&W have union representation ? Also, do these "smaller" facilities tend to come and go or once they're opened they stay open

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Quick retirements

What’s going on with the 2 week notices of tons of people retiring Nov 30th? I have heard mixed rumors of something with pension? Nothing was communicated nor published.

Every Day is He-l for me

My 5 years with Pratt has caused me to have severe anxiety, depression, and panic attacks, which I've never experienced anywhere else. The toxic culture, demanding environment, borderline rude co-workers. I'm ready almost every day to give my notice... —  read more 

Woke HR rating

When hiring new hires, hiring managers get hiring “points” per HR for their teams if they hire other than White so Raytheon can be more diverse… wait 5 years and see if the Company will be better being diverse rather than hiring the smartest and... —  read more 

If it says 'mandatory vaccination'

, should I take that to mean that PW cares about my health or what? I don't like discussions between pro-vaxxers and anti-vaxxers, let the vaccine be discussed by doctors, but I'm glad if this company is concerned about our health (sarc.)

Got Vax?

Raytheon in the news regarding COVID 19 vax. The Vaxers and antivaxers are engaging in an active discussion across the Web. Thing is there is a potential that good people are going to leave because of the mandate. It is a sad thing that this is... —  read more 

Record Retention

Does anyone know how long they hold onto personnel records before it is destroyed? I never printed out my PFT’s which were all pretty good while I was there. I don’t plan on reapplying in the near future but I’m wondering if I do reapply in the... —  read more 

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I'll happily volunteer

Next round, whether it's next month or next year, I'll be happy to volunteer. This place hasn't been the same since the last layoffs and I don't think it ever will be. With the economy as it is, this is not the time to just walk away but if I could... —  read more 

IAM Contracts next year

Should be entertaining next year watching the IAM go to battle with corporate over what is supposedly fair and going on strike outside all the turnstiles. With all the white collar jobs hit this year, they will be going after blue collar jobs next... —  read more 

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