Topics regarding layoffs at Pratt and Whitney

Topics regarding layoffs at Pratt and Whitney

Record Retention

Does anyone know how long they hold onto personnel records before it is destroyed? I never printed out my PFT’s which were all pretty good while I was there. I don’t plan on reapplying in the near future but I’m wondering if I do reapply in the... —  read more 

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I'll happily volunteer

Next round, whether it's next month or next year, I'll be happy to volunteer. This place hasn't been the same since the last layoffs and I don't think it ever will be. With the economy as it is, this is not the time to just walk away but if I could... —  read more 

IAM Contracts next year

Should be entertaining next year watching the IAM go to battle with corporate over what is supposedly fair and going on strike outside all the turnstiles. With all the white collar jobs hit this year, they will be going after blue collar jobs next... —  read more 

I don’t know how to feel

Woke up this morning, had my cup of coffee and thought about the company that laid me off after working there so many years. I still don’t know how to feel. Should I be angry because I was let go? Or should I be relieved that I can finally breathe a... —  read more 

Widen your search

I just landed a new job, but not before I widened my search to other industries. It didn't occur to me at first - I guess I'm a creature of habit - but a friend recommended his company (telecom) and it worked. When you work at the same position for... —  read more 

Pratt's future in CT?

Hayes response when asked if the announced North Carolina facility is in-sourcing work or cost reduction measure "No, there is a whole series of things that Pratt is doing associated with this new facility we're building down in North Carolina... —  read more 

Too many friends gone

I know I'm extremely fortunate to still have a job but when I found out who and how many of my coworkers - and friends - have been laid off, it broke my heart. This place will never be the same after this. These people gave so much to the company... —  read more 

Is the package fair?

“Layoffs started/happened this morning at 8 am. The package is the same as the VSP – one week of pay per year worked, unused vacation days paid back and a lump sum based on the years worked, between 2,000 and 6,000 + 1 year employee scholar program... —  read more 

Discriminatory layoffs?

Noticed almost every single layoff I heard about at facilities all around the country were white males only or at least >95% and not at all balanced relative to the current workforce diversity mix. Did anyone else see the same thing?


The way they treated us, keeping us in dark for so long and doing silent layoffs here and there without any clear communication about our future significantly affected our mental health and that of our families. Who has some respect for him/herself... —  read more 

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