Topics regarding layoffs at Pure Storage

Topics regarding layoffs at Pure Storage

Layoffs, recent...

Hey there, There have been a handful of layoffs for US employees, as they shift more focus on Europe and India. It seems US high-level or high paid individuals have been most affected. I have been affected. Its still a wonderful company, but they... —  read more 

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Who has been laid off?

Looks like there might have been layoffs at Pure yesterday but there's no info on it. Does anybody here know what happened and who was affected? I have to admit, I'm getting really tired of constant layoffs and not being able to focus on my job... —  read more 


Details aren't finalized but plans are being socialized with each senior executive. Marketing looks to incur the biggest impact but all teams will have a budget number to meet. Timing is sensitive and not settled. Guessing that nothing will be... —  read more 

I told you so!

Still loosing money but hey we got some new customers. No one wants to talk about the customer we lost from the beginning just new customer. Add up all of the customer from quarter to quarter and then disclose how many active customer we have today... —  read more 

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Numbers are way down

The numbers are not as good as they were a few years ago. Lot of people moving to other startups and also to Cohesity, Rubrik, Arista and PaloAlto. If you have stock you better sell while it is hot!

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