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Details aren't finalized but plans are being socialized with each senior executive. Marketing looks to incur the biggest impact but all teams will have a budget number to meet. Timing is sensitive and not settled. Guessing that nothing will be... —  read more 

It's about to get a whole lot worse

It's time to insist on transparency from leadership. This is a difficult time for all companies but much of this uncertainty can be managed by being transparent about what we do know, today. Reading the latest 10K... —  read more 

Paul Mountford is your new COO!

Congratulations! Paul Mountford is your new COO! He just left our company as our former CEO (Riverbed). In his tenure, we had 3 massive layoffs in 18 months. He did absolutely nothing else help us grow in any way. If Pure Storage hired this guy... —  read more 

Welcome Aboard StorReduce - Prepare for Layoffs!

As with any company buyouts the inevitable will happen: company layoffs reduction in bloat/similar positions People who won't be needed: HR management (depending or cutting bloat) higher level employees (cutting bloat or reducing) sales (existing... —  read more 

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Pure Storage Still Not Cashflow Positive

Overall Pure Storage has year over year of growing -30+ million in cash flow negative. Currently, this means they are now at 245 million in the red per year and this amount is growing as well. https://amigobulls.com/stocks/PSTG/cash-flow/annual?f=pg... —  read more 

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I told you so!

Still loosing money but hey we got some new customers. No one wants to talk about the customer we lost from the beginning just new customer. Add up all of the customer from quarter to quarter and then disclose how many active customer we have today... —  read more 

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Pure shutting down Healthcare

With the CTO and lead of Healthcare leaving, I heard its not being replaced to save money.

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Numbers are way down

The numbers are not as good as they were a few years ago. Lot of people moving to other startups and also to Cohesity, Rubrik, Arista and PaloAlto. If you have stock you better sell while it is hot!

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Get out now!!

When all the highups start leaving you should follow. Why are they all jumping ship and selling their share?

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