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Apple/Qualcomm settlement

What does that mean for Texas or maybe Hillsboro now that Qualcomm has settled with Apple. The news is reporting the settlement requires multiple years of buying only 5G chips from Qualcomm. It is having Intel exit the phone business. The articles... read more

Major layoffs?

Anyone hearing anything about major layoffs in Greensboro NC headquarters?

Who is next

I wonder if we need Continuous Improvement, Training, and Industrial Engineering anymore since the decision was made to close Apopka. The decision was made not to improve us anymore.

Info on Apopka area layoffs

My name is John Peery with The Apopka Chief newspaper. We are a local newspaper covering, as our name suggests, the immediate Apopka area. If anyone has information on the layoffs, especially details, I would love to hear from you via email. My email... read more


With the main customer cutting back for the next quarter due to phone sales in China, will we be cutting back in Texas?


Layoffs carried out at Florida site today, three operators gone from my shift, this is scary sh**t.

Grant and Stilwell gone. What will it mean

https://finance.yahoo.com/news/qorvo-announces-paul-j-fego-213000285.html Grant and Stilwell are replaced what does that mean for the Apopka, Hillsboro, and Greensboro plants? They were replaced with a TI person. Texas probably has no worries as it... read more

Another VSP?

1st VSP round offered before low-band cave-in...2nd round to help reduce costs?

Oregon layoffs

Heard from upper management that there will be layoffs at the Hillsboro, Oregon campus

any updates to this company?

Anyone have any updates? Saw a lot of talk of buyers and things like that...meanwhile stock soaring and CEO sells $2mm of stock yesterday.

Are the layoffs done?

From what I'm hearing, the number of those laid off this week is not that high, to the point that I am worried it is far from over. Could we be looking at more layoffs in the next week or two or was this really it? Also, am I misunderstanding the... read more

Is Qorvo (Greensboro) worth relocating to?

Considering relocating family from Virginia to Greensboro to work for Qorvo, headquarters office building. Place seemed quite during working hours. What is culture, work/life balance like? Are there any amenities onsite (cafeteria/exercise room)? Is... read more

Almost wish they would get it over with

Almost wish they would get it over with, but every day is a little more money and a little more time if there is severance. I hate dreading every time someone calls and says I have a phone call. Everyone is nervous and on pins and needles.

Life after Qorvo

I was a laid off candidate after a long Career and in my mid-fifties. I started a job search and I wish I could say it wasnot easy. However I was incredibly fortunate to land a new position at a company that wanted/needed my experience. This may come... read more


Since payroll is with ADP some you might be intereted in that boards latest post: https://www.thelayoff.com/t/SxVgsWF#replies

The wait is nearly over

Word on the higher up street is NC layoffs begins next week. Just FYI for everyone living this day by day uncertainty. It will soon be over and for those let go, you can now move on to a better life. For those that remain employed with Qorvo Circus... read more

Is Oregon getting sold?

Saw a group of people this morning measuring the site and looking in and around all the buildings. Are they getting ready to put the site up for sale?

Bonus and Tax Cuts

I just saw a National TV station claim all the US companies giving a bonus to employees due to tax cuts. I saw Qorvo‘s logo claiming to give bonuses due to the tax cuts. My question is, did anyone get a bonus due to Trumps tax cut? FL didn’t


WTF??? I still cannot believe that this has been going on this long and still no one is talking or letting us know when we are losing our jobs. Bob, at least show us some due respect for us providing you with all your money and your big houses... read more

Been Working From Home

Has anyone else been 'disrespectful' of the WFH policy? It's not that I don't appreciate my job, it's that I'm smart enough to realize I do a better job from home. So if they fire me for doing my job well (from home), then I feel it's their loss, not... read more

Horrible Health Benefits

Worthless insurance benefits. I need medicine a monthly basis. Qorvo and UHC have me pay 394 a month out of pocket with their plan. I have never ever had this kind of horrible insurance. Obamacare was much, much better and the same price
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More layoffs next week?

What are the chances we'll be having layoffs at GSO next week? People have been talking in the office about Fl being hit with small to medium scale layoff in the past several weeks. It looks like Qorvo is determined to implement these cuts that will... read more

"bagging" tools

As tools get "bagged" for lack of need, will they need even less of us to run them and maintain them. The distances between equipment will make it harder to spot problems.

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