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Remaining Employees At Qorvo

After the last Major Layoff .. it’s sad while walking thru the fabs it’s a skeleton crew running what ever operations are left. Yet some people in AIT, metals and Litho are laughing about the layoffs.... Some stating they will not get layoff now... read more

Tax breaks for the new building

With all of us getting laid off shouldn't the tax breaks on the new buildings that were based upon increasing jobs, go away. Shouldn't we let our representatives know what is happening so the taxes stay in the community and not go to Oregon or Texas.


Skyworks and Qorvo merger makes more sense to deal with powerful broadcom.

Shut up Fruit company

We don't make fertilizer for your fruit any more, Go to Brodtrump and Skunkwotks. Torvo is changing business to become scrapyard.

It's too late...

It's too late for Qorvo to recover, Most of the good hardworking employees from RFMD and Triquint no longer part of this circus.


Mar 1, 2018 "Corporate America has failed Americans" StarStarStarStarStar Former Employee - Anonymous Employee Recommends Positive Outlook CEO I worked at Qorvo full-time (More than 3 years) Pros Family oriented company with great benefits Cons... read more

To the VSP qualifiers?

Few guys had about 20 years but didn’t take vsp and they were laid off last week, did they get some kind of severance? To “Mr Shut Up” please don’t troll this post.

Next in line.....

All you Looser who survived are the next in line to get layoff in Oct 18. Qorvo museum is going shut down soon.

Target Numbers to be Cut

Apopka 60% direct headcount (operators and technicians) & 30% indirect (Engineering) to be cut. GSO: Same target numbers. GSO AX coming soon.


So sad to see friends and colleagues go. Sad to see the others disheartened at the present and future of our jobs in FL. We all might like our bosses and trust what comes out of their mouths, but the reality is that we are just a number. From the top... read more

For The People

If any permanent employees got laid off and received less than 60days pay, you may want to check with a lawyer. Qorvo may have violated the WARN Act. https://www.doleta.gov/programs/factsht/warn.htm
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NC next?

Are they Finished with FL layoffs? Does anyone know the numbers? I guess NC is next.

Qorvo you are on borrowed time!

You can't compete with Skyworks for SAW and you won't be able to compete with Avago long term for BAW get out while you can and get something before there is nothing there to get at the end!

Qorvo layoffs Apopka Florida

Bill Paynes arrogance and his hired Arrogant Supervisors are clueless and incompetent and have no semiconductor manufacturing experience and everyone's fait was in there hands very sad they have no clue and Karma is a b--ch.

Lessons Learned

The takeaway from this whole experience is that you cannot trust Qorvo. If you have a family and need a job, you are a fool if you stay at Qorvo. Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and find another job with a more reputable company. The days of... read more

This week's layoffs

Layoff next week, Be ready. Since this is referring to this week, I was wondering if anybody knew more about this?

Mega Merger is going on

Skyworks and (Qualcomm+broadcom+Nxp)=> Dead Qorvo. Our company cannot compete with these Giant, we are f---ed.

Don’t blame management

There is no doubt that it stinks that the SAW isn’t doing as well, but that is the competitive nature of the semiconductor industry. I have seen managers do everything they can to keep people, they care but have to make hard decisions. The FL fab is... read more

Any update on NC fab?

Are we shutting down or someone buying us? There is no communication from management side beside that one email. This curiosity needs to end, I hate to come to work knowing uncertainty. Can please give any update so that we can go home and sleep... read more

Qorvo, You let me Down.

I left top semiconductor company job for Qorvo and now in less than two years I saw multiple layoffs and potential site closure, I have no other option than applying to Disney if I want to stay in Fl.


I am familiar with QORVO Manufacturing Operations. The issue here is with the Human Resource Department and Management. I have never worked at a place that has hired a more incompetent leadership team as QORVO has. The people they hire in the most... read more

Design Team

Nothing like working mandatory 60 hour weeks and going to the Acoustic Cafe on a short break seeing the young design engineers playin pool and ping-pong. Maybe if they were spending more time on their designs we wouldn't be having this discussion!

Management's advice

This is Management so listen very carefully. Stop wasting time on this blog and start looking for New job. I have decided to leave Qorvo under Golden parachute policy. You will find out my name in next few weeks. Future of this company doesn't look... read more

Layoff in Florida

Supervisor carried away two Mfg. Employees for meeting. I don't think they are coming back.

Move on Guys.

There are many better managed and better paid companies out there l, Get out from this Tensile environment. You will be in good condition in future.


Is tomorrow still the day? Does anyone have any info?

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