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Layoffs cancelled

George is gone, SM, CA, and AR run the company again and they like to invest in people. Easter couldn't come soon enough, he is Risen!!!! Go ahead and punch a Finance guy in the [email protected] next week for being a Yes Man Coward to Georgy Porgey

Will Apple keep San Diego modem office

I heard they hired many excellent engineers from Q. If they do still keep it, that says to me that long term they still plan to make them in-house eventually. Does anyone know?

A win win situation, but why did Apple come ots sensec now?

No doubt that at the end of the day, this was the best outcome of the Apple dispute. Continuing a partnership is always much better than any litigation , in my book/ But why did Apple com to his senses in this moment. Did they really see that they... read more
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Excellent position

I have no doubt that Apple will likely attempt to sever their dependency on Qualcomm when they make eventually make their own modems (they've made incredible strides with their SoC's under Johny Srouji), but it will still be at least a few years... read more

Now and then April18,2018

One year later,Layoff notification on April 18,2018 Life moves on. I got new job offer 4 weeks later and took 5 weeks vacation.

Apple paying Qcom $6 bln

$6 bln check. $9 in royalties (up from $7.50): https://appleinsider.com/articles/19/04/18/apple-payment-to-qualcomm-estimated-at-6-billion-with-9-per-iphone-sold-in-royalties #winning

You don't beat Apple

But you can feel a victory. David vs Goliath, we never got to the fight, but we never backed down. The principal showed up, clarified penalties, and Apple walked away. They are a classmate but certainly not a friend.

When did Qualcomm turn into a joke?

When did we go from being a company everybody wanted to work for to a company anybody with any aspirations is doing their hardest to either run away from or avoid completely?

Party like it’s 1999

old timer here resting and vesting. Today and yesterday market remind me of 20 years ago. Enjoy the ride. Sell a few hundred RSU in the morning, go to lunch meeting, then back to office to sell a few hundred more after 10 point gain. Hire that... read more
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What are they gaining with layoffs?

Has the time really come when a giant company like Qualcomm has to lay people off in the name of simple cost-cutting. As a fabless company that relies mostly on knowledge, laying of experienced and knowledgeable people is a dangerous game that could... read more

Internal Transfers at Qualcomm

Anyone has experience with internal transfers at Qualcomm - from team to team, from group to group. I am interested to hear if this is doable at all and what the potential pitfalls may be. Thank you!

Where do I sign to work at Apple?

Only serious responses please. I've been debating it for awhile but now that we're buddies with them it doesn't feel like me back stabbing my teammates at qcom.

Well, Q layoffs won't be ended...

According to two people with knowledge of the situation, another round of layoff will be coming no later than May. Also, one of the executives was being asked to leave. More to come...

Do business during working hours ?

I hear there are plenty of folks who are doing businesses during regular business hours ? Is HR aware of the situation ? Do managers/exec know such activities and not taking any action ? How does qualcomm ensure that these folks are productive? As a... read more

Any sign of layoffs?

Not that I;m trying to evoke layoffs but it’s been unusually quiet at my location and within my team. Are layoffs going on in any part of the company these days?

Why are people leaving?

I understand the traditional fear of the company taking a fall, but from what I’ve seen there are not many competitors on the market that give better work conditions than Q ( in terms of bay, benefits, vacation….). On the other hand, I see people... read more

Where is your hummer?

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The next inflection point for Qualcomm

It seems like I have heard of some really key modem hardware and software people that have left in the last year (some key RF people as well). New grads will not be able to backfill the talent. So my prediction is that Qualcomm will have another... read more

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