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People dont show up to work anymore

As a stock holder in Qualcomm I demand investigations into groups with people not showing up to work on regular basis. In my group about one third of the people do not show up on any given day. I can provide specific information if anyone is actually... read more

Layoffs 2019

Got a green signal from recent QCT all hands saying there are no layoffs planned for this year so far. Seriously, how much should we trust on that ? Provided some groups are still hiring. Do we expect to see drastic cutoffs after FTC trial goes... read more

Short-term focus & aggressive cost-cutting?

Does this sound familiar to Qualcomm shareholders: Kraft-Heinz stock collapses - down 28% - as its short-term focus & aggressive cost-cutting are destroying its business. Stock down 62% in 2 yrs since its failed hostile takeover of Unilever in Feb... read more

Glassdoor Ratings of Qualcomm

On Glassdoor, only 49% of employees approve of the CEO. And those 49% positive ratings are likely leftovers from Paul’s era. When will the board wake up that SM is killing this company? When the employees walk, you lose everything.

The roadblock in talks with the FTC

Seems that chances of this ending this anywhere else but in court are getting slimmer and slimmer by as every day goes by. Looks to me like the FTC think they have a good case and that’s why they’re not backing down. Should we be worried?... read more

The saddest part of getting laid off

I got laid of in August 2018. I gave the team my email and phone numbers in case they had any questions, no one has contacted me in 6 months. I guess I was obsolete after all 😟


Q is increasingly a target for an aggressive take over. What was $82 stock now trading near 5 yr lows; weakened by on-going litigation and financials in ever increasing state of disarray. 20% down y-y ? Suppose a marauder comes along with a $65 bid... read more

Elegant exit


Did they complete the buyback of 30 b yet ?

There was some noise around progress of buyback worth xx amount at $61 per share average , do we know how much still buyback is pending ? Looks like the stock is holding at 50ish. Once BB completed, I wish good luck !!!

More work for the lawyers

https://www.morningstar.com/news/DowJones/BWIPREM_20190215005529/qualcomm-investigation-initiated-by-former-louisiana-attorney-general-kahn-swick-foti-llc-investigates-the-officers-and-directors-of-qualcomm-incorporated-qcom.html How much litigation... read more

The Qualcomm management seem to be paralyzed

The problem is that Qualcomm management (minus mindless spending of licensing fees) doesn't really know what to do to pull out of the nose dive. They seem to be paralyzed. I guess hearing that they can't even come up with enough money for a 25 year... read more

One nasty place now

Good times long gone. My director has spent the last 3 months engineering to push out a long timer. She was average, but ok performer. Pushing her out was just plain nasty and pointless.

I wish it was my turn

I really want to leave Qualcomm - but I don't want to leave without severance. I feel like I'd be throwing away money. So I feel like I'm stuck in a prison of my own making. Anybody else feels like this? Anybody actually decided to leave despite high... read more


Nearly 11am and time for folks (Esp SW) to start arriving at the office, ready to get coffee and read email before noon lunch.

So much winning..........

Top flight legal team burning through the $$$ https://9to5mac.com/2019/02/12/qualcomm-antitrust-2/ Time and $$$ foolishly spent.

Poaching Resources

Google is poaching Qualcomm and Intel engineers for its new chip design team https://www.theverge.com/2019/2/11/18220436/google-pixel-ai-chips-team-division-bengaluru-india-hiring

Qcom End game

If people havent realized yet, this is the end game that qcom management is playing. End is very near guys. In a very short time (couple of years maybe) qcom will file for bankruptcy and protection.

Director / principal backing each other

Leaders are a leader for certain reason. They need to be humble and accommodating. In my group they harass everyone except my senior director . It’s my way or get out of the team says the principal. We will ensure you are screwed by the VP. U better... read more

QCOM is still for 5 years, no progress

Your problematic employee ( Pdm Mgmt Director) is out. Person was very very arrogant, according to some. Now QCOM must have been thriving. What happened? Pdm Director can change company standards and once again bring it to forefront of all players by... read more

Is it time to evaluate the business practices?

This litigation is getting out of hand and no matter of the outcome of all the processes this much lawsuit gives a good picture that a majority of the market is unhappy with the way Q does business. Maybe it’s time to reevaluate these practices on... read more


Divesting and retrenching to core mobile. Just as well we can rely on the old CDMA core monopoly with no competing modems............right ?

My last day 14th Feb

Happy that leaving after 15 years of service. It is not worth working in drowning ship. Most of the good people are already left. Who are staying in qcom either they never get job outside because of their skills and knowledge. Based on the talents I... read more

QCOM Endgame

Tim Cook is Thanos, he has gathered all of his Infinity Stones (kftc, FTC, tftc, ndrc, EU, etc.). Steve mollenkopf is the Master of the Mystic Arts, did he cast his spell in time?!?!? Will Paul Jacobs (AntMan) come back to save the day? Would the... read more

Great for SM, his crew and VPs

Stock buy backs are GREAT for moving $$$ into senior managements bank accounts : https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/03/opinion/chuck-schumer-bernie-sanders.html Super sh-- for stockholders and employees !

A's Black Site

How sad! Compared to this, Q's contractors are treated 30dB better. A is such a hypocritical company. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2019-02-11/apple-black-site-gives-contractors-few-perks-little-security

Halo and Life are Gone

Two of our highest profile bets from 6 years ago are history, sold off for sc-ap instead of bringing them to market. 2Net was all about eHealth, and Halo has the only avenue that got the QC name publicly visible in Formula E. Good to know we're... read more

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