Topics regarding layoffs at Quest Software Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Quest Software Inc.

Time to go Patrick

Patrick, you say you are a data driven decision maker and ignore emotion or intuition. How much more data do you need to admit you have failed? From your initial hiring choices through to the situation you have created now. Accept the data and do the... — read more 

Things are looking bleak

It's just a matter of time before we have major cuts. I've started looking already to see how things are looking out there and prepare myself for every eventuality, and I can say that the situation is less than stellar. I can't find any good remote... — read more 

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We need leaders

We have too many bosses who like to call themselves leaders but their actions speak otherwise. We need people who are willing to take risks to ensure a better future for the company and not those who are more than happy with the status quo and who... — read more 

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Useless european management team

The european sales management team is useless, too busy sitting on their elbows and being di-ks for the sake of it. Cant complain, the amount of times its been covered up only to see them promoted. If you're not a favorite, you might as well work in... — read more 

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Food for thought

Well, I left Quest as I wrote about doing in another thread about 2 months ago and my only regret is that I did not do so sooner. My pay increased by 300 percent. Yes, you read that correctly 300 percent and the perks this new company offers, free... — read more 

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No more layoffs!

The long trickle of layoffs looks like it's come to an end...there's nobody left! Support outsourced to Panama Development outsourced to various Eastern European countries QA isn't necessary if there's no development Marketing was shut... — read more 

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Time to leave

How they think anyone who has been with the company for more than 3 years would think that a new tag line and another restructuring was going to lead to anything is beyond me. If you can’t generate sales your problems go beyond anything a new tagline... — read more 

More layoffs today?

I know Friday is usually not a layoff day but somebody mentioned that more people received notification, and now I'm worried once again. Can anybody confirm if this is true? Personally, I think people are scared and they're projecting, but it would... — read more 

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