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The pattern

Look at how Jeff (and his minions) have run other companies and you see the pattern. Sell off any tangible assets (ie buildings) under the "we're not a real estate company". Drastically cut people on day 1 (he cut close to 1/3 of Quest) to... read more

Layoffs yesterday

In case anybody cares, there were more layoffs at Quest yesterday. Is it just me, or has this company lost even the semblance of job security?

Does Quest Still Exist?

Not hearing anything in the news or anywhere? What's the current situation? Was the split from Dell really the last straw?


What’s that going to do for Quest ? How many times have they tried sharepoint now and failed ? So funny.

Layoffs this month

I heard that some people are being let go this month in the US ? Can anyone confirm ? Or is it just natural attrition.

I have another "Quest"-ion

has anyone been looking at the reviews about Quest on glassdoor ? Amusing. Every time someone comes up with a seemingly honest (albeit negative) experience of the "new" Quest, it gets shot down by Lu-Ann their HR damage control specialist. I think it... read more

Netvault - breaking news?

I hear from a reliable source in the Cork office that Netvault may be close to reaching a non viable position. Margins on this product have struggled for some time now and I understand a decision is close to stop developing it further which has... read more

European HQ for sale! A sad development of the colorful times we live in.

Quest layoffs 2018

I've been hearing about more layoffs coming to Quest sometime in the next two months. Anybody here has any more info on it? I'm kind of hoping that it's just an overblown office speculation that somehow turned into a "fact," but knowing Quest more... read more

EoY Performance??

Quest/DSG is but a distant memory now. How are the various BUs doing? I noticed that KACE seems to have had an overhaul - can it now compete with the big boys? What about the DP portfolio - is the DR still on Dell OEM? Has the team managed to find... read more

DSG was dead on arrival

DSG was dead on arrive all. Michael Dell & John Swainson (and his crack team if a-- kissers) killed it. These PE dic---ads think they can revive the damned thing, but it’s too late. Good money after bad.

Only a matter of time....

After seeing the numbers at the all hands meeting, it can only be a matter of time. Booking shortfalls north of $200 million. Fudging numbers so that the execs can take home their fat bonuses before the entire house of cards collapses on itself. Many... read more

One Identity - Here we go

One Identity remains firmly on track to be the 1st major Elliot partnership disposal. The acquisition of Balabit is considered a key marker to investors of the product's potential for further development and growth. Further to this the UK management... read more

Incoming changes

My sources indicate Micro Focus may be lining up some offer for the data protection business. Netvault may be further spun out itself as the product has little shelf life left but some creative accounting may come to the rescue. Rapid Recovery with... read more

Glassdoor ...

I find it funny the amount of recent and negative reviews Quest is getting on Glassdoor ... especially once you see the CHRO (!) answering to most of them with a broken disk "...and please contact me by email to discuss matter in more details" ... read more

"Voluntary Attrition" instead of layoffs

Well according to the CEO, he has been surprised at the amount of voluntary attrition (people quitting) that has happened since he took the helm. Maybe more layoffs won't be needed but as a friendly reminder, will the last person out the door turn... read more

New positions being opened overseas

They are posting quite a few attractive offers in my country... but from what I have been reading on this site, this company doesn't really have a future then? Better stay away from it?

More layoffs at Quest Software are a certainty

Remember that Quest is now owned by "vulture" capitalists. They got sold a bill of goods from Dell and once they realized it, they changed the strategy from "try to grow a software company" to "try to save what we can". This led to the company being... read more

There is no job security at Quest

Shortly after I joined the my team it became clear to me that Dell was about to sell Quest.... Noone had indicated or disclosed that during the interview process as I was joining the company. There was a lot of unknown things hanging up in the air... read more

Bonus Payout

So Dell folks got 125% bonus, any idea why for Quest it was lower ? also, I've heard is EBITDA target is missed by more than 10% there will be no payout next year ? Anyone has a clue how big this target is ?

Cayman based doesn't make a huge difference ...

What a sorry state Quest ... $1.3Bn of debts to repay ... for the ones on bonus plan, we shall not count on it really.

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