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More layoffs today?

I know Friday is usually not a layoff day but somebody mentioned that more people received notification, and now I'm worried once again. Can anybody confirm if this is true? Personally, I think people are scared and they're projecting, but it would... —  read more 

400 laid off today at Quest

This company is a dumpster fire now. Quest used to have a great reputation as a software leader with quality support teams. Now they are just garbage. What a shame. Ever since Francisco Partners and Elliot Management took over in 2016 it has been all... —  read more 

One Identity gone

One Identity is in the process of being folded back into Quest with a (rumoured) serious amount of layoff's due in the next fortnight, including an expected massive hit to support (both One Identity and Quest) - which is already far too slim. Its... —  read more 

DM org up for sale?

Lots of cost cutting (very minor stuff like Slack) to save every penny. Add that the new CEO seems to have done some significant house cleaning and the only exec not mentioned anymore on the Quest web site is Data Management. It does raise the... —  read more 

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Another new CEO?!?!

Well the accountant from Francisco Partners found another "bottom of the barrel" candidate - the former CEO of Corel Corp. They did so well with Word Perfect and Corel Draw that they think he can turn Quest around. I'm sure that he will be able to... —  read more 

CEO "laid off"

Well technically, he resigned but the reality is that Jeff was fired. I'm surprised it took Francisco Partners this long to send him packing! Hopefully the "team" that he brought with him will get "laid off" as well. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

The pattern

Look at how Jeff (and his minions) have run other companies and you see the pattern. Sell off any tangible assets (ie buildings) under the "we're not a real estate company". Drastically cut people on day 1 (he cut close to 1/3 of Quest) to... —  read more 

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I have another "Quest"-ion

has anyone been looking at the reviews about Quest on glassdoor ? Amusing. Every time someone comes up with a seemingly honest (albeit negative) experience of the "new" Quest, it gets shot down by Lu-Ann their HR damage control specialist. I think it... —  read more 

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Netvault - breaking news?

I hear from a reliable source in the Cork office that Netvault may be close to reaching a non viable position. Margins on this product have struggled for some time now and I understand a decision is close to stop developing it further which has... —  read more 

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Quest layoffs 2018

I've been hearing about more layoffs coming to Quest sometime in the next two months. Anybody here has any more info on it? I'm kind of hoping that it's just an overblown office speculation that somehow turned into a "fact," but knowing Quest more... —  read more 

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EoY Performance??

Quest/DSG is but a distant memory now. How are the various BUs doing? I noticed that KACE seems to have had an overhaul - can it now compete with the big boys? What about the DP portfolio - is the DR still on Dell OEM? Has the team managed to find... —  read more 

Only a matter of time....

After seeing the numbers at the all hands meeting, it can only be a matter of time. Booking shortfalls north of $200 million. Fudging numbers so that the execs can take home their fat bonuses before the entire house of cards collapses on itself. Many... —  read more 

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One Identity - Here we go

One Identity remains firmly on track to be the 1st major Elliot partnership disposal. The acquisition of Balabit is considered a key marker to investors of the product's potential for further development and growth. Further to this the UK management... —  read more 

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Incoming changes

My sources indicate Micro Focus may be lining up some offer for the data protection business. Netvault may be further spun out itself as the product has little shelf life left but some creative accounting may come to the rescue. Rapid Recovery with... —  read more 

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Glassdoor ...

I find it funny the amount of recent and negative reviews Quest is getting on Glassdoor ... especially once you see the CHRO (!) answering to most of them with a broken disk "...and please contact me by email to discuss matter in more details" ... —  read more 

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