Topics regarding layoffs at Rackspace

Topics regarding layoffs at Rackspace

Another restructuring

San Antonio-based Rackspace announces layoffs amid multimillion-dollar restructuring plan Rackspace, one of San Antonio's most prominent tech companies, is prepping for a round of layoffs amid a multimillion-dollar restructuring... — read more 

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5% of jobs going to India

The most recent round of layoffs announced in November (only to those being laid off) involve primarily people who don't work the standard 9-5 job, with those jobs going to India. The laid off 4 highly technical admins in my group, so the word that... — read more 

Friends got cut

Layoffs did happen today at Rackspace. Few former consultants of mine turned Rackers (work for an agency in San Antonio) have told me their friends got cut and are sending their resumes over. Don't know how large the layoff is but it's touching a lot... — read more 

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Non Tech Layoffs

We were told there would be between 250-300 positions cut in a meeting 1 month ago. Today is the day for cutting the majority among the identified positions. Most of the cuts seem be in non-technical position.

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Layoffs coming up? Apollo wanted to gut half the company and now a smaller percentage..not sure why no one is even talking about this

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Massive layoffs this month.

Yeah, they're doing a lot of hatcheting now. But I don't think they are reporting this publicly as they should. It doesn't sound good. With the kind of crap management we have I guess it should not be surprising.

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