Topics regarding layoffs at Refinitiv

Topics regarding layoffs at Refinitiv

Any word about layoffs?

I don’t know about other locations but at mine, it has been quiet for some time in terms of layoffs. Almost too quiet. If experience has taught me anything it’s that layoffs come in waves. A period of no layoffs followed by a period of layoffs. I... —  read more 

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Set to fall?

I never thought I would find myself in such a situation and, it may sound a bit arrogant, now I hope to become redundant. I think that the company is on a very wrong course and that it is set to fall. Although I am an optimist by nature, I believe... —  read more 

David Craig going

Assume it's his choice as he is staying till end of year but whatever happens he'll not be short of benefits. For those of us lower down the chain any news on UK layoffs? Assuming they will be picking off the 10% who are marked down as under... —  read more 

Startup company

Anyone here who left to join a startup? If so I’d love some feedback on how that is working out for you. I’ve been offered a position with competitive pay and benefits with a small startup but I’m unsure if I should take it or not. I don’t want to... —  read more 

Motivation, creativity

I don't know what's your situation like, but I have never had less motivation for work. Creativity is at zero. I'm thinking, is this just a passing phase and is it just up to me to quit because I have nothing more to give to this company, or have you... —  read more 

Going out with a song!

Remember this "rap song"? "It’s like a Fintech and a Spaceship got together and mated; TR in our hearts as we progress anew; Put that orange in the background and replace it with blue..." So what's the LSEG... —  read more 

Eagan closing!!

Is that true Eagan office is closing down on December and all employees have been let go? Seems like lot of old timers in London have been let go, my linked in feed is full of looking for work statuses. But wonder why there are job openings... —  read more 

It's done for now

I wish I could tell everybody we're safe from now on, but everybody knows by now it'd be a lie. However, I believe we are safe at least for a while, including this week. Barring some unexpected COVID-19-related layoffs in the next month or two, we... —  read more 

Cruelty abounds

Seems for most they are asking people to work full notice periods. For some so far in APAC this is many months... play fair Refinitiv and pay people in lieu, can’t expect those leaving to dig you out of the mess up to the completion of the LSE deal... —  read more 

SAM organization

Besides technology, layoffs are also in SAM (sales account management) world, particularly customer success org. Not sure which regions, or may be it is global. The idea was to follow Bloomberg model where there is no segregation of account managers... —  read more 

Ready, set, go...

It’s coming very soon! Allegedly already agreed with a third party to take on much of the network/infrastructure space, expect a large scale out source to an existing partner precluded by ‘rightsizing’. Anyone outside of India should get... —  read more 

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