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Covid 19 death in London

All, An employee of TCS working on the 2nd floor CS has sadly passed away yesterday. There is no comms from elite executive team. So much of care for employees. If you were in 2nd floor of CS, please take proactive step to self isolate or even... —  read more 

Bonus due to COVID19?

Will Refinitiv provide a special compensation award to help ease the financial burden of the coronavirus pandemic to its employees, like some companies are doing?

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Attrition is getting worse

Not that I blame people for leaving this place... But I do blame the company for being in no hurry to hire replacements for many of them, so we end up with twice more work than we are supposed to have - and not enough time to do it all. If this... —  read more 

When complete liquidation?

This year or next? All moved to India already? Gdynia affected? There is live after TR/Ref my friends!

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Change at the top?

Rumours of someone walked out of the building yesterday and today a change on the Refinitiv Executive Team page.

LSE/Refinitiv Deal - Possible Sale of Assets

Is anyone concerned by the phrase in the Reuters article dated January 21st "triggering...possible sale of assets"? I'm worrying about different parts of the business that makes less sense to the LSE like maybe the old BETA in Brookfield? LSE... —  read more 

Any news for Brookfield, Wisconsin?

Brookfield is entering the "layoff month" and there hasn't been any word as to whether or not there will be layoffs of any type (big or small). They are heavily development related and closely connected with Eagon, Illinois. If anyone has heard... —  read more 

DW Gunning for DC

Just as there was the open target of JG it is understood that DW has the cross hairs on DC. The word is lots of back room discussions with shareholders and stakeholders with a public "not true". You just never know, given the recent talent choices... —  read more 

What is future of BETA systems in Brookfield WI

BETA Systems has been rebranded through the years and is now called Refinitiv but most people and clients still call it BETA. They do back office brokerage for several brokerage firms. Biggest client is WFA. What is their future?

Retract the KYCaaS Layoffs. MAS is back!!

Word on the street is that the Singapore Bus Dev team are about to dust off the KYCaaS aprons and claw the laid off staff back.... MAS want to kickstart the KYC utility programme again. Big game changing targets over the next few years from the MAS... —  read more 

Comment pulled

Earlier this morning, a post was made about the head of Refinitiv Labs, TB, getting the chop along with someone else. The post got pulled. Anyone else able to confirm or deny? The signature name was very funny so didn't know if that might be the... —  read more 

Is the office in Zug really closing?

Someone mentioned on this board yesterday that layoffs are happening in Zug due to the closure of the office there. As far as I can see, none of the other posters commented on that or gave any more details. Is the Zug office really closing? Has that... —  read more 

Q4 2019 Refinitiv Layoffs

Sounds like Q4 2019 is going to be another bloodbath. So starting a separate thread for the latest wave of Q4 2019 layoff notices to avoid posts getting buried in other posts. And reposting some notices from @11jP4X34 as well. Over 400... —  read more 

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Anyone happy at refinitiv?

Nearly a year since I was laid off. It was miserable waiting for the axe to fall. Now things are much better for me. Just wondering is it working out for people still there?

Eagan-based Technology is being shut down

Eagan-based Technology (~175 folks) is being shut down by Q3 2020. Sounds like most end dates were not until at least Dec. 31, 2019. Some folks have been offered relocation, which sounds like St. Louis being the main transfer spot. Made into a... —  read more 

Sales Layoffs?

How about Sales? I heard they are gonna be next This was asked by @11lyU62q-1ydg in a reply to a different topic. I wanted to ask a wider range of people the same question, so I made it a thread. Has anybody heard about Sales being hit in the... —  read more 

All the non strategic locations are on the line?

Looks like all the non strategic locations are on the line. So except Brookfield and St. Louis everyone else?? And it will be interesting to see what kind of package they offer and what will be the end date.. I would like to know the same... —  read more 

Rockville office to close soon

Rumors are the Rockville MD office will be closed. It had 500 people at one time now maybe 40. Most will be shown the door. a few offered the chance to move to Brookfield.

Can we change our business strategy?

Move away from layoffs to something that might actually result in some positive changes down the line? I'm tired of the same old thing done over and over again without any results. It doesn't take a genius to see something needs to change. Although... —  read more 

Refinitiv should be ~ 445 people total

20 x 10 person dev team (and thats really generous) = 200 Support, deployment, etc = 200 people (generous) Legal, etc = 20 Hr = 5 (not sure why 0 isn't the right number) A few decent pms = 20

A question for the newest layoffs

We had a 'Townhall' yesterday where they explained their ultimate plan (with not much detail) where our boss said that we may or may not follow some or all of what we listened in on. My questions, since we are going (or some of us already have gone)... —  read more 

H2 Changes rumors

Anyone got rumors to share on the upcoming structural changes being announced on 27th for H2?

Nobody wants Reuters

Pasting the thread in the page next door. I don't know what the heck we are paying $325m a year for. Corporate debt is exploding in China & India - where is the news coverage?? They're not covering what matters to... —  read more 


Looks like next week

Where's the Leadership?

Figuratively and literally. 3XSQ, London and other layoffs and they are once again cowardly and silent. Pampering themselves at great company expense in Bali while cost cutting with others livelihoods. The weakest most incompetent and shameful... —  read more 

Executive Lounge Team

The same week they returned from sunning themselves in Bali at shareholder expense they posted about how excited they were about the next Dave and Babs executive vacation in Marrakesh. This shower of industry lightweights have spent years holding... —  read more 

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Refinitiv deal with London Stock Exchange

Looks like an announcement very soon on tie up with London Stock Exchange. Any one got any news on this, other than what is on main news sites (including Reuters ) ? Sit tight, it's all going to kick off again.

Risk business

Any rumors of if and when this is getting sold off???

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