Topics regarding layoffs at Regions Bank

Topics regarding layoffs at Regions Bank

Still the same problems?

I left here last year and finally got some relief. The close colleagues I had there also left the company. I conclude that there are still the same problems and that nothing is changing for the better? If things don’t get any worse, it’s not any more... —  read more 

Plenty more layoffs to come

Rumors are circulating that end of year 2019, first and second quarter 2020 next phase plans for layoffs are finalized and underway. In case somebody was (mistakenly) thinking this was over, here's a reminder that there's plenty more to come -... —  read more 

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S&G next phase details.

Another round of layoffs is coming the first week of January. Managers will have one FTE of their choosing to pink slip. Additionally they will have to choose another FTE to be on the "Red" team. The "Red" team is those who are slated to be laid off... —  read more 

Simplify & Grow Still Ongoing!

Don’t be fooled by the corporate spin. Simplify & Grow is not over. Employees are still losing their jobs. Today the Dunedin office was told their employment would end at end on 12/31. Per CEO 16 of 67 S&G initiatives are completed to date. I would... —  read more 

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Anything new on layoffs?

I see a lot of job openings lately, which makes me think there is a chance Regions is getting ready for a major round of layoffs. It wouldn't be the first time they hired a bunch of folks to be trained ahead of a layoff. Which is really diabolical... —  read more 

id--ts are Taking Over

So Regions has run off their knowledgeable, experienced employees, and they have brought in so called leaders that have never managed more than a Walmart linens department. Some of these branches have become a joke. Does Regions not know that these... —  read more 

Will the layoffs ever end?

They keep escorting people out of the building and making us pack their things, even their personal things. We spend hours a day packing up belongings for those they payoff and then have to do our job and their job on top of it with no incentive pay... —  read more 

Coming soon!

Email went out documenting the following: That the new standard will be 15 direct reports. Middle management cuts coming soon. Yet another new bonus restructure. Multiple departments to lose incentive pay.

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Greed is Good

For those simplified in 2018, feel good knowing that your sacrifice helped others. Specifically it helped management and those that survived with a nice bonus that will be delivered for the $1.5 Billion in Net Income they made. I am sure the greedy... —  read more 

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Smart Layoffs

Regions does not want the bad rap that comes with layoffs, so they are attempting to make life a living hell so that people will quit on their own. Even the "fully staffed" branches are shorthanded because they have to cover the short-staffed... —  read more 

Simplify and Grow Initiative

Regions executives are trying to push what they call the "Simplify and Grow" initiative, which does involve layoffs. The push does not discriminate on position - everyone from new tellers to area managers with over 20 years at the bank has the... —  read more 

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Regions is the problem

What Regions is doing and has been doing is not investing in their people anymore. They stopped. They say that employees asked for the change but I’m not sure what employees they are talking about. It certainly is not the retail side. They were the... —  read more 

So sad Regions

Regions is laying off and forcing the wrong people out. The ones that are staying behind are destroying Regions Bank. There is no proper training in any roll at Regions and the only bit of training they provide is around banker integrity. They watch... —  read more 

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Bad Bad Regions Bank

Horrible what Regions is doing to their employees and their clients. Never seen anything like it. Their warm banking feeling has disappeared. The employees look like washed out zombies whenever I would go into a branch. My banker after many years... —  read more 

Greedy, Cowardly Sons of B--ches

Upper Management are basically cowards. They hide behind company things like “evergreen”, and “try to focus on growth and not simplify”, yet every day they walk by and act normal to employees they already know will be cut. They just need us employees... —  read more 

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