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The order has been given to stop complaining.

Regions CIO is trickling down through her directs that complaining about her outsourcing plan for technology will not be tolerated. I apologize, her off shoring plan. Off shoring sounds so much nicer.
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Regions is the problem

What Regions is doing and has been doing is not investing in their people anymore. They stopped. They say that employees asked for the change but I’m not sure what employees they are talking about. It certainly is not the retail side. They were the... read more

So sad Regions

Regions is laying off and forcing the wrong people out. The ones that are staying behind are destroying Regions Bank. There is no proper training in any roll at Regions and the only bit of training they provide is around banker integrity. They watch... read more
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Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat?

I bet you all thought “Treat” was an option. Ha! Not in the Regions world! Only Tricks and Severence this year for all of us.
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Regions poised to outsource like never becore

Despite the fact that John Turner bragged to the Birmingham Biz Journal about 1000 job postings at the giant, Regions employees are not of high mora. Mr Turner also has an initiative to outsource as many of those openings with over seas contractor... read more
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Bad Bad Regions Bank

Horrible what Regions is doing to their employees and their clients. Never seen anything like it. Their warm banking feeling has disappeared. The employees look like washed out zombies whenever I would go into a branch. My banker after many years... read more

Greedy, Cowardly Sons of B--ches

Upper Management are basically cowards. They hide behind company things like “evergreen”, and “try to focus on growth and not simplify”, yet every day they walk by and act normal to employees they already know will be cut. They just need us employees... read more

No reason for official layoff at Regions Bank

No reason to officially layoff since everyone is being forced to quit before they get fired for not meeting impossible goals. The employees that are left are no longer happy because they are being stretched thin trying to cover the shorthanded... read more

Evergreen 2018 is the Fakest and Worst Ever!

The uppers are pitifully out of touch with their worker bees. They've spent all year bragging about how much money the company made last year, and then they can't spend any money on their workers for customer appreciation week. They've got a script... read more

Where to go if laid off?

Who out there is willing to hire older workers and pay them what they are worth in experience and knowledge? It looks like those two things are no longer important. Everybody is willing to employ people who want to work for cheap and that's it... read more

So many better ways to handle this

Regions is handling this whole Simplify and Grow in the worst way possible. They are dragging it out longer than it should be. They are telling employees to focus on the “Growth” part of the initiative. Which is basically “we need your focus to get... read more

More info on layoffs?

I've seen it mentioned here and heard it elsewhere as well that DPO is getting hit soon, but is there any news on rest of the Regions? Somehow I doubt it that if they start laying off people, they 'll focus on only one unit and ignore everything... read more

DPO - it’s coming

DPO team leads are being cut by 50%. DPA positions are being told their job is moving to riverchase in Hoover. If you’re not willing to move, you will be let go. Record profit and huge tax cuts but regions is eliminating jobs at a fast pace. Congrats... read more

unhappy employees

I’m a current employee and unfortunately they are laying off, getting rid, firing the wrong people. The stress is the worst it’s ever been, 90% of employees are unhappy, upper management has their heads in happy clouds and their priorities are not... read more

Morale is at an all time low

Morale is at an all time low! 99.9% of the current employees can’t stand working for Regions Bank. It’s stressful, forcing goals on all branch employees is the worst it’s ever been. Making life better is a thing of the past! The CBM’s and CBE’s are... read more

Next Round of Layoffs Coming in Months

With those that survived this round many are thinking they can breath a sigh of relief. However, the next round of layoffs are around the corner. Ultimate goal is to offshore almost all technical positions.

Half our team was laid offf today.

Why not just call people and tell them not to come back to work ever again rather than call them into an office one by one with security standing outside the door to escort them out. This bank has no compassion for its employees.

Wrong people were laid off

People who have been with Regions the longest and who actually know how everything works were laid off, while some of the most useless people are still here. It's all about the pay. Do they really think that some cheap millennial fresh from college... read more

Human Resources Mistakes

There is a pattern of tenured employees losing their jobs, and being replaced by inexperienced Millenials that are doing the same job with a different title and less pay.
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Layoffs already ongoing

I know about a dozen that's been laid off and several that were about to be demoted for silly reasons and ended up finding a better job at a better bank. Regions is about to get overwhelmed with constructive dismissal lawsuits. Any more info on who... read more

Regions Bank is such a mess right now

Regions Bank is such a mess right now, that corporate is posting fake positive reviews on Indeed and Glassdoor. Morale has hit rock bottom, and it is every man for themselves in the branches right now. I got out and went to work for a common sense... read more

Mother of All Layoffs by September!

Regions workers should be getting word of a huge layoff in consumer banking by the end of September 2018. Currently searching for a cute phrase that means the same as layoff. Regions is currently trying to force out as many workers as possible so... read more

Upper Management Plans to Run Employees Off

Not an official layoff, but it will cause the same effect. This bank lost all common sense at some point in 2017, and Regions will lose a lot of good employees that will bring their loyal customers along with them. Regions has gotten too big, and has... read more

260 employees to be laid off

They announced last week 260 employees to be laid off in the first quarter
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