Topics regarding layoffs at Regis Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Regis Corp.

Pi---d off

Regis offers managers and stylist $250.00 if they stay until the closing date but sdl’s get paid way more than that when they lose their jobs or their positions are taking away. The managers and stylist are the ones standing on their feet all day... — read more 

Pi---d off

Almost 3 years with this company....faithful, loyal, dedicated and my job was taken from when they completely blind sighted me by shutting my location down. Single mom who is now having issues collecting unemployment because its not working.

Closing down 600 salons

they are shutting down approx. 600 salons throughout Regis. I am currently working at smartstyle in florida, and they just told my manager about our salon closing and they want us to sign the transfer that they sent us, in 48 hours after we got it... — read more 

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Smart Styles / Regis

Regis Corp are selling off all their Smart Style salons just to stay afloat. Smart Styles are their number one money makers so for them to sell at that level is clearly sign of the companies demise. I worked for Regis in the Louisville KY area and... — read more 

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Former employee

My new job wants a phone number to my former employment trade secret (Regis owned)but the store is no longer there. Is there a corporate number they can call to access my former employee information.

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Regis Layoffs 2017

I know that people are concerned but I heard from someone pretty high up in our corporate office that they planned layoffs but that plan was abandoned, so we are safe here in Edina.

Regis West Coast

We are expanding, will not have layoffs in 2015, we are adding more offices across the region, not sure what is going on with the rest of the company

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