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Acceptancenow DM layoffs 04/16/18

Anyone have anything to comment about all the acceptancenow district managers that have been laid off??? I hear the core will also be losing DMs as well...

The purge continues

It seems everyday that a handful of new people are no longer with the company. I hope these people are jumping ship, but I doubt it.

IT Mostly Outsourced, Execs Mostly Super Rich

We outsourced a majority of IT. This company is being packaged up for a buyout so the CEO and other execs can cash out and ride off into the sunset. It's funny how they just changed the 2nd floor cubes of the IT department (that was just let go) to... read more

Week of 03/06/18

RAC headquarters will be laying off 30% of their IT staff starting mid-week. Truly a sad situation

Is this why?

Someone I know works for this place & tells me a member of upper management says it’s ok to let the store managers do nothing while the store assistants practically run the store. This might be one of the problems. You must have managers who expect... read more

No promotions based on skill

I’ve been with RAC for a number of years and have yet to see promotions based on experience and leadership skills. It seems that employees who show a working knowledge of our company are passed over for those who are less qualified. My experience is... read more

Integrity is everything

I’ve been with Rent-A-Center for a little over a year. It’s all I could handle. Store managers and above show no concern for their employees. All they care about are the numbers. To them, sales equals bonuses. I’ve been forced to work my entire shift... read more

Can't get more with less

Why does management at Rent-A-Center think they can run the company the same way they did twenty years ago? We desperately need to evolve, not stay stuck in the "good-old-days" that weren't always that good, either. One thing they can't seem to... read more

Rent-A-Center Layoffs 2018

Just relax, focus on work, focus on delivering things, making things happen and you will be safe from layoffs anywhere, especially here in Plano.

Field Support Center Layoffs

It's just too expensive hence all the hoopla. I know it hurts with layoffs but it had to be done. I hope all folks land on their feet quickly... Over the last several years, the cost of operating our FSC organization has grown nearly 50% to 6.5% of... read more
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More layoffs

Rent a Center laid off the CTO and the VP yesterday and 60 more IT employees today . That company and management is a piece of junk. Inexperienced management. The only way to deal with the crisis is laying of existing employees rather than focus on... read more

Cigniti Outsourcing

Rent-A-Center laid off folks from the PMO and outsourced their jobs in January. Then they laid off the entire QA org in mid-February, and immediately outsourced their jobs to Cigniti, and Indian company. The company is not the only one in Plano... read more

Going out of business and layoffs

Is it likely that Rent a Center is going to be bankrupt and going out of business any time soon. If that happens do employees get paid severance and unemployment as in that case there would be nobody to cut checks and help employees. I mean, maybe... read more

Rent-A-Center Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Rent-A-Center layoffs in Plano in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.
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2015 Layoffs

We'll see if we continue to drop in size, we need growth to be successful
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