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Mitch are you listening?

Why is it that all the RDs and Dms got to stay home where its safe but we are essential and need to stay in our stores? Here is a better one, why are "balancing " your business by renting and collecting and it is not good enough? Stay tuned! I am... —  read more 

Covid 19

I don’t understand why the company continues to say they are essential during this time as of April 3 it was announced that all home furnishing stores and furniture stores to close and yet they keep saying they will still be open and still have face... —  read more 


I have been with the company for little over 8 years and have had ups and downs but they have always treated me fairly and supported me during my surgery’s so I couldn’t have asked for a better company... And I will work till I can’t anymore to... —  read more 

A time to be concerned

I can say it is never a good time to panic, no matter how bad the circumstances are, but if there was ever a time to be greatly concerned about the situation at rac, that time is now. Let’s face it, the people that form the majority of our customer... —  read more 


A 5 year delivery driver for the company here! Let me tell you something no regard for are health and safety from this deadly virus! Until just 2 days ago we finally closed are doors and stopped deliveries which I have continued to do! But... —  read more 

How can we expect to survive this?

I don’t want to spread negative thoughts at this time, but to tell you the truth, I really don’t see any way RAC can survive this economic environment. I mean let’s be realistic, much bigger and much more organized companies are crumbling within the... —  read more 

Burn out And Underpaid Employees

I have worked here for a year and half. No raise since I started. I am a Sales AM. They only care about numbers. Their answer to Covid 19 is you can voluntarily Resign if you need to be home because you are sick or need to take care of kids or... —  read more 

Rent a Center employee

It’s not an essential people don’t need us for Daily living get that through your heads I’m not leaving my house to go into someone else’s house to get more exposed

Rent a center has came through

Corporate planning and store level employees are finding that they now have an important service to provide for our customer base. Mission moment. Let us keep the doors open, beds, stoves and fridges, laundry sets, computers and tvs, phones, get... —  read more 

bad timing

Some real bad timing for rac on the stock market. What will customers do with the tax return $$$, pif or keep renting? My money is on return and save the money while reducing their debt. Rac is in for a bad 2nd qtr. Dont forget about high... —  read more 

RAC stock drops 6.10% on news of new regulations.

Rent-A-Center (NASDAQ:RCII) stock drops amid talk that regulators in California would have oversight over the rent-to-own industry under proposed new legislation. Other states could follow the lead of California down the road. Rent-A-Center is off... —  read more 

Rcii is next to take a big hit, see ANN

Aarons is taking a big hit, rcii will follow! You dont need tea leaves to figure this one out. Aarons is far btter than rent a center, protect your hard earned money!

How the smoke and mirrors work!

Ok so I used to work in the Baton Rouge La district and I want to let you know how RAC puffs up those numbers to look good. We will have a "sales event" that is letting customers start a new rental for just $10 down. That will make their due date... —  read more 

Rent-A-Center Layoffs 2020

If the market makes a turn soon, do you think there will be Rent-A-Center Layoffs 2020? Any news or rumors?

Get whatever you want at Rent A Center

If you don't like the way that RAC makes you pay your bill, or you just want something free, call the 1800 and complain. Better yet give a bad score on the VOC and you can get whatever you want. Want a month a free time, granted...only have $50 to... —  read more 

Best quarter ever

All this negativity and that release says we're doing great. We're turning around a corner so let's stop the negativity

Another department bites the dust

Just heard that everyone in another department will be let go soon. The people at the very top really dont care about you as it they will continue to cut down the n headcount to make their numbers. Better start using your PTO and vacay days as I... —  read more 

Don’t let it happen to you

So yesterday I was demoted from a DM yo store manager even though I was producing numbers and trending positive. Wanna know why? Be one of my coworkers requested a work accommodation. I am now working under the DM I trained. Watch out cause snakes... —  read more 

What the REAL problem is.

I was a store manager for several years, and let me tell you, I've seen it all. Yelling matches in SM meetings, whole stores quitting at once, fake D's, and stores faxing 20-30 extension requests to hit numbers. I was there when high touch was phased... —  read more 

Stores need managers

I am not with the company so I can give an honest perspective. The locations would not operate well without layers of management. The shrink would be through the roof, customers would not be serviced properly and there would constant infighting... —  read more 

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part time?

After we went to six months same as cash, we got a bump but now things are slowing down. Do you think corporate would go back to using part-time? Some of us are worried how things (hours, etc.) could change if this keeps going.

Which Rent-a-Center Locations Are closing

When are they closing locations and what locations are on the chopping block. I'd like to find: location number of people laid off dates for closure reasons for closure the plans for leases and real estate Anyone has more info on what locations are... —  read more 

RAC Repairs

Does anyone know what company is doing all the repairs for RAC after they closed all of the repair centers?

MAYday, change is approaching.

Can't really say much about whats going to happen in may, saw a comment on here mentioning it and decided to raise awereness of something really bad coming down the pipeline to everyone... Reason? Well it's high up the ladder. The Big guys read these... —  read more 

DMs are paid way to much and do way to little!!

Ok so everyone needs a form of management but for DMS to have 9-10 stores that they really do not contribute true success to instead just an email or text to pressure stores to produce numbers that were obtainable a few years ago seems like a waste... —  read more 

Outsider's Perspective

It's been interesting reading the messages on this board and I sincerely hope either things turn around or you can find a better opportunity. I'm neither long nor short the stock, and came across the company while reading about the Vintage deal so I... —  read more 

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New and improved rac

First test for new and improved rac, can they hit credit on Easter weekend (the right way)or will they not improve the lives of their customers and coworkers? Aarons get ready for some new customers!

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RDs and DMs

They cheat to hit the numbers. You know how this ends.

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What is the secret?

Success can be had in this business if you do it the right way. The right way is usually ignoring what upper management says and to do it the way you would had you owned the store. I have had many years of success and have given myself and my... —  read more 

Future Plan

I know there's been a lot of negativity lately, and for good reason. My store is doing okay, but I have my concerns. I guess for the company overall, the majority of costs that can be cut have already been cut. I think. I don't know how many stores... —  read more 

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Hearing news?

Any word on the hearing today? Some are worried about job if Vintage wins.

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