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Litigation Contact

All looks like they pulled the litigation topic. I guess one of the posters was right what the company fears is organization.... I will keep posting their contact info. I reached out and resent all of the info I sent to all the other legal firms... —  read more 

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No Health Insurance but still paying for it.

I left in mid-December and recently met up with a former co-worker that still works at Resideo. They stated that Resideo messed up peoples health insurance. People are paying for health insurance but are not covered. Resideo has told them to keep the... —  read more 

Austin lay-offs?

Can anyone confirm if there were lay-off in Austin beside the usual suspects (GTX, IT, PMO...) Looks like the crew of moobs which drafted the “lists” of people who are not “nice” (read su-k up to them) is fairly intact.... Can’t wait until they... —  read more 

Lawsuit Update

Awesome. There are so many class action lawsuits against Resideo that they had to appoint two law firms to manage all the lawsuits from other law firms... BTW... —  read more 

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Comfort sinking faster than the others

Looks like the numbers will show that comfort has the worst performance since under new “water” based leadership and all eggs are into the stormy basket. Biggest issues are as usual in the embedded development and hardware software integration. Is a... —  read more 

Give up on your stupid messaging comments

For F’s sake. I’ve seen so many god dam* post about “too many messaging apps, let’s unify on Slack”. What in the Sam He** are these people doing all day? I don’t care if people contact me on Skype, Slack, Teams, or email. I get work done either way... —  read more 

Secret lists of sites and people

Can anyone shed some more info about which sites will be severely cuts or closed and which people are targeted by the list made by Rsi boy for moobs? The list covers security in Melville and other locations and includes peers

Torch bringing everything down

Torch seem to be hitting the jackpot in the “fail” award No real Product ownership to speak of, development out of control, architecture based on buzzwords (not clear who owns that) and management in perfect moobs fashion. When are those people... —  read more 

Asbestos Charge Pushback by Garrett

FWIW - I read a lawsuit filed by Garrett to HON about the asbestos charge. Resideo has a similar charge. I remember that Nefkins addressed that in a Wall Street interview. So we're probably not going to hear about this as a potential news item... —  read more 

Putting this round of layoffs into perspective

To put this round of layoffs into perspective, prior to the spin-off, there were supply chain issues. (This is noted in the lawsuits.) I have first-hand knowledge that it wasn't one group's fault per se. Those issues had been precipitated by the... —  read more 

Why grip gm quicksilver is fail

Grip gm quicksilver is fail because of the engineers doing the working on it. The same team who brought us DAS failure. Why did they use an iot protocol for all internal communications?? Not proper!! Their so called software architect should go... —  read more 


Both good and bad in that announcement. 1) It is a good sign Moobs didnt get the CTO role they promised him and they didnt put more under him. They must be on to his BS. Im hoping thats why the resignation rumor started in the last two... —  read more 

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January Numbers & Layoffs

Has anyone else seen the January numbers? They say anything worth doing is worth doing well. I guess we take pride in driving this company out of business at record speed. Looks like a Huge decline across the double digit...first digit... —  read more 

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Is combustion a viable business? It doesn’t seem to be working well either Any news what’s happening there? Marketing is not stellar and does seem to pursue sham acquisitions...

Best place to work in Austin

Cool for them. Too bad no one else gets a game room. Too bad snacks and sodas are in vending machines everyplace else, not provided. Too bad people are afraid of loosing their job while HQ gets a best place award. People are afraid to speak up. Best... —  read more 

NO layoff

When people from Austin are posting they will lay-off bans galore and Strasbourg they are lying. On the contrary more hiring expected there to cover the inabilities off the software team in Austin

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Moobs PR firm posting...

Interesting... very visibly some postings are all about how moobs and flashlight are going to save the security business with développeras (dev that believe they are prima donna) Let’s go back to the basics....mismanagement at the director and VP... —  read more 

Next Rumor: Recalls?

Rumor has it that the wonder water product is already having to be recalled. Looks like the Water Lady might have lied about the viability of the product and possibly pushed for it to be released the meet deadlines.

Pay to make lawsuits go away

Well looks like Resideo is in discussion to make the 18 lawsuits go away by paying them a settlement to cover the loses of the people part of the lawsuit. All those that participate should receive some money if they agree. Otherwise if you’re not... —  read more 

EMEA Comfort looking grim

Serious expectations about whats coming have been communicated tru mgmt second week december. Everyone's expecting lay-offs somewhere Q1. Meanwhile official mail from top says Storm and Grip will change picture. All we know here is downtime on Lyric... —  read more 

Any news?

Any news on don cazzo, moobs, fleshligth, Mike the stain and others? Last going around are developers/ manager in Melville saying there is a surprise announcement Soon regarding storm... I guess it will be marked as delivered right ;)

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Chief innovation officer

Looks like Rolle (in Europe) is gunning for that position for some time already Using the security business (who can’t get any real product out either, like comfort.... Even using “innovation” in their business talks to reinforce their... —  read more 

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