Topics regarding layoffs at Resideo Technologies

Topics regarding layoffs at Resideo Technologies

How much does CES cost?

Execs flying around first class, expensive hotels and you know the dinners are at the top restaurants with very expensive bottles of wine. I'm sure there are numerous visits to the clubs as well. I think all employees should get a copy of these... —  read more 

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I don't care anymore

I am not saying that I would like to be laid off, it is much better to find another job and then leave. However, now when I hear some rumor about layoffs, I almost don't care anymore. I used to be very anxious, I guess because I cared much more... —  read more 

Deep Corporations

There are networks of deep corporations that are not truly profitable with no new products and low quality management that seem to remain afloat. Possible rezi is one of them

Product development

Quick question - Why do the majority here think that Resideo is not able to develop new products? Sometimes I get the impression that some despise this company so much that they want it to fail.

Loss but brigth future

As we move toward giving amazon more control on our products and give up on our IP to make a sale, we miss our VPGM level PMO guru. Only he saw the error of the Datta incompetence and has led us toward a better way of being a fellow, architect and GM... —  read more 

Brian for vice CTO

He is well know as a leader in mobile apps and all matter of software and has strategized many key projects. As a fellow he has spearheaded multiple efforts and was anointed by honeywell fellows as a true leader Let us move him to be the official... —  read more 

New innovative products

Why can’t we put out new innovative products in our thermostat lines? I am not talking about clones from the past with a different faceplate… but truly groundbreaking… it’s like we are just trying to play Walmart (but not making $$$) and with time... —  read more 

40hrs trying to look busy

I barely manage to work1hr every day and the rest I look busy redo work done before, or discuss again about the same thing, or call another meeting and reshuffle tasks. Life is good at rezi. I like those 40 hrs!

Pointless meetings

How many pointless meetings do we need each day to make sure that it seems that some people who should have been cut long ago have something to do? Unlike them, I don't have the luxury of wasting my time since I have more than enough to do for two... —  read more 

No August layoffs

Despite the persistent rumors, there were no cuts this month. I'm starting to think we might be one of the very few companies that are not going to be doing layoffs any time soon. Unless somebody knows differently and wouldn't mind sharing with the... —  read more 

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