Topics regarding layoffs at Resideo Technologies

Topics regarding layoffs at Resideo Technologies

Full text of lawsuit

The entire 180+ lawsuit can be downloaded here: Section IV lists all of the witnesses. Section V begins the allegations... —  read more 

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Broken trust

Do you trust the management of this company anymore? Do you trust them to finally make some good decisions? It’s awful for me to work in a company where I don’t believe those at the top are capable of doing the right things for the benefit of both... —  read more 

More people are leaving

Attrition is getting out of hand. I'm not sure where all of these people are going while the economy is a mess but apparently somebody is hiring. My team has lost three people within the last month. I'm wondering if anybody at the top cares that we... —  read more 

Brian for CTO!

We are facing plenty of issues. It is now critical that exceptional people be promoted to the right positions. As Johnny Walker moves up it is clear Brian should be CTO. He is the only one that can bring back order to all sites including Mougins... —  read more 

toxicity is contagious

I came to this company when I could no longer stand the toxic atmosphere in my former company. And what happened next? All those people I literally ran away from, backstabbers, gossip lovers, arrogant mediocrities, they all slowly moved over here... —  read more 

mass exodus?

I left because I could no longer bear the way this company was run. At one point I started to feel like I was stagnating and that I could do a lot better. I did not regret it. I would just like to go back one day to see what the atmosphere is like... —  read more 

More fellows soon

The new management will introduce more fellows from FLIR and other places to advance the technology wvution. Some Resideo directors may be promoted to become fellows too in various areas. Anyone has info on how many?

Slack BS

Why are people constantly posting random links on Slack? I’m here working my a** off and these people think Slack is a news site. If I want to know what’s going on, I’ll go look at a news site. Work is for work and not for looking at random sites. —  read more 

AMZ deal

After load of BS like that sh-titri that claimed he invented it all, and hardware spinning around, we are ready to hand over the keys to AMZ ... shaddy can’t wait to get his new boat. Let’s go sink that ship rezi!


So we've made it an entire quarter without any layoffs. Do you think we've turned a corner? Because it feels like we're worse off than we were at this point last year.

Transformation meaning

Get rid of honeywell people and ones the first CEO CTO CIO CFO hired. Hire all your own friends and work from home. Get out of Austin. Everyone there work from home. No pay relocation and flip flops are no good in snow.

Vaccines for E band?

Within 10 days vaccination rounds will be done for critical execs... the jet will be put to good use. Besides that people are starting to mumble about the Idjit fellow that (took credit) for DAS, storm and AMZ and is now bringing down another Corp... —  read more 

Layoff postings...

I have been following the postings for a couple of years. On average I found them 80% correct. Which is uncanny. The reason why we are in trouble is because of the secrets that people keep... shady deals, threats , backstabbing.... We need to... —  read more 

Bonus and $ 2021

Looks like the list is set for increases of salary and bonuses All directors have an increase from 3-18% putting most in the 245k area. 15% bonus is also coming Nobody has suffered from the debacles or tardiness for storm and quicksilver. Actually... —  read more 

Bye bye Melville

This is the beginning of the end: , a security company spun out from Honeywell, began offering about 44,000 square feet for sublease in Melville last month, said Cushman & Wakefield's Long Island executive director Phil D'Avanzo, who is... —  read more 

Resideo software

Here at Resideo we want everyone at the top to get loaded in a perfect FLIR and CEO fashion. We have at least 5 VPs for software related stuff with functions that sound like jokes. And no less than 12 directors of various titles. Gravy time. But we... —  read more 

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