Topics regarding layoffs at Resideo Technologies

Topics regarding layoffs at Resideo Technologies

What is that product?

People are laughing talking about some new product that rezi will launch that is code named “Ble Bplug” Is this some kind of new thermostat? Or a new home security device? Is it cloud connected? Can new teams participate?


As we see people out (but not the one that got us where we are - in the ditch we can see that the political animals and backstabbers are still alive and well. So another merry go around while the destructive politics of software continue. Maybe it’s... —  read more 

How? Before we implode

How can we fix the software and fellows situation at resideo? Can we replace the older crop (old not necessarily in age) with new blood? Replace the leadership of software? I read somewhere sending some to Bangalore for assignments long term too So... —  read more 

As Promised

So the long anticipated turn away from security marketing has happened. The whole show now appears to be run by a fresh crop of blond haired blue eyed milk fed FA midwesterners. Good luck. What’s with that meandering buzz word laced announcement... —  read more 

Resideo Pension

Can anyone explain what happened to the Resideo pension? I heard if people didn’t leave the company by this past January they would have a 29% cut to their payout. Is this correct?

Mid level management

Please give examples of mid level management that is toxic and has been an hindrance to resideo ? -and this happening as they are fooling their own management…. Maybe that will help us move forward

Layoffs coming

Resideo has initiated cost reduction actions that are expected to result in an approximate 5% decrease in Resideo's global workforce and approximately $70 million of annualized savings once fully implemented, which is expected to be within the next... —  read more 

Engineering Management

whats the Cover You’re Asset job postings for management jobs that r already filed by foreign nationals. maybe jobs visible for a week online? maybe the coc is just a suggestion and not for everyone? dhs mite have an option

How much does CES cost?

Execs flying around first class, expensive hotels and you know the dinners are at the top restaurants with very expensive bottles of wine. I'm sure there are numerous visits to the clubs as well. I think all employees should get a copy of these... —  read more 

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I don't care anymore

I am not saying that I would like to be laid off, it is much better to find another job and then leave. However, now when I hear some rumor about layoffs, I almost don't care anymore. I used to be very anxious, I guess because I cared much more... —  read more 

Deep Corporations

There are networks of deep corporations that are not truly profitable with no new products and low quality management that seem to remain afloat. Possible rezi is one of them

Product development

Quick question - Why do the majority here think that Resideo is not able to develop new products? Sometimes I get the impression that some despise this company so much that they want it to fail.

Loss but brigth future

As we move toward giving amazon more control on our products and give up on our IP to make a sale, we miss our VPGM level PMO guru. Only he saw the error of the Datta incompetence and has led us toward a better way of being a fellow, architect and GM... —  read more 

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