Topics regarding layoffs at Resideo Technologies

Topics regarding layoffs at Resideo Technologies


I was so happy to get a job at resideo…. But after a month I realized that when I scratched the heavy lipstick on resideo, all I could find was an old and fat pig. What do I do now?

The rich get richer...

Resideo Technologies has awarded Mr. Robert Aarnes, President of ADI Global Distribution, $5 million in restricted stock units as a retention incentive and recognition of his leadership. These stocks will vest over two installments on the third and... — read more 

Not up to snuff

T4 crapped out during the cold weather, and building maintenance replaced it with a T1. Their words "We've had trouble with all these program thermostats, that's why we replace with this basic one". I asked to see the bad stat and saw a 22 date code... — read more 


Resideo EMEA Sales should have been surprised, considering the sucesss of the project storm, that this was used as a communication message. Hopefully the ourcome will be better...

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Resideo & ADI Layoffs

There has been a HUGE reduction in staff in all departments at ADI & Resideo. No loyalty to their employees for all for years of service. Employees are treated like numbers and management will drop you as soon as they don’t hit their goals. Way too... — read more 

Hardware hacking

What’s going on with the hacking of Resideo camera doorbell and our security systems? Heard yesterday from some employees that there is an exploit to run code directly on the hardware anyone can vouch for an upcoming solution? What can one do? — read more 

P&S Town Hall

PT to discuss "structural changes." Like he does every three months. Maybe this time he's finally found the winning org design! ...or maybe we wait another three months for the next iteration.

Age discrimination

The company continues to hire young people in sales (they don't even hide that in their recruiting) that don't sell anything but look pretty, and they are letting experienced older people go. Someone needs to look into this and it can't be HR since... — read more 


As we see people out (but not the one that got us where we are - in the ditch we can see that the political animals and backstabbers are still alive and well. So another merry go around while the destructive politics of software continue. Maybe it’s... — read more 

How? Before we implode

How can we fix the software and fellows situation at resideo? Can we replace the older crop (old not necessarily in age) with new blood? Replace the leadership of software? I read somewhere sending some to Bangalore for assignments long term too So... — read more 

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