Topics regarding layoffs at Resideo Technologies

Topics regarding layoffs at Resideo Technologies

Fake Fellows

Why are those fake fellows from honeywell still going about in Rezi? Why can’t we kick out those useless people ? They cost a lot of money for now much in return

This place is so toxic

The hardest part of the job is dealing with toxic people who are spreading bad vibes. Rezi is certainly the most toxic company I have ever worked for. Why is it like that? I don’t know, but culture certainly always, in any company, comes from the... —  read more 

Bad projects

I don't even remember the last time I worked on a project that isn't boring and bad. I didn’t have any other options before because I didn’t have enough experience. Now I'm thinking about finally leaving. I just want to hear some experiences from... —  read more 


Resideo should put out a fix for the old Tuxedo keypad for the sunrise/sunset issue. So d-mb. All the devices, scenes, etc., in the current keypad CANNOT be exported and imported to the new keypad with the fix. So, it all has to be done manually... —  read more 

Verbal Abuse

Don’t make the mistake I made. Anytime you are verbally abused or bullied by who you report to, make sure you do at least the following: Keep a log: Write down each occurrence right after it occurs. Time, date, where, what was said, etc... —  read more 


So Sachs gone but shady is still around. Shady has weathered so many departures. He reels executives in with his vision and charm but if you look deeper he has zero substance. Jeremy, Niccolo, Nefkens, Bethke, Sach and now J - all these people... —  read more 

Amazon thermostat

Does anyone buy the $200+ Honeywell home thermostat anymore? That new $50 thermostat partnership with Amazon completely cannibalized the existing business. What were shady and his white boys thinking? How stupid do you have to be to see that you’re... —  read more 

Amazon thermostat

does anyone know if this is selling and at how manny per month (grossly )? Rohit and Brian please don’t answer to push yourself forward, this is a genuine question about our product

Granite is back to save us

At last, the architect of a granite project will be back to lead us to victory. After rohit requested Susheel to come, the move has been decided. CTOs with brains will now lead rezi and increase our stock value. Both are architect and fellows caliber... —  read more 

We've had enough of this

Looks like people are getting tired of the whole "do more with less" thing. We've lost three team members in a little over a month because they're done with being chronically overwhelmed with work for no tangible award. I'm considering following in... —  read more 

Upgrade or downgrade?

It may not be a popular opinion, especially not on this site, but I am happy to have a job here. I’m not saying the place is ideal, but I came from a company that was much worse in every way. Purely out of curiosity, I am interested in what your... —  read more 

Rohit for CTO

I vote for the new CTO from golden valley, the one that had to sh-t down storm despite the incompetence of many. Please make your voice heard so we can have the only person that know how to propel us into the $50 stock value. The promotion should be... —  read more 

All my hopes in vain

Looks like there won't be any layoffs for a while. No new rumors. Sorry to those who care about their job here but I'd rather get the package and leave. What's worse is that I know a lot of other people who would also like to be a layoff target.

Competitive workplace

I may not have much experience, but this is the most competitive workplace I have worked at so far. It bothers me because it creates a lot of stress, backstabbing is happening everyday, employees are turning one against another, etc. Perhaps you... —  read more 

Complaining is futile

Resideo is deaf to the criticism and complains of their employees. In fact, I don’t know if they ever cared about the opinions of their employees? On the other hand, there is no reason why anyone should stay here when they can find a much better job... —  read more 

Resideo is great

I knew when edgar came we would be successful. Over and over we have. I have now made a huge gain with my vested stocks, gotten salary increases after increases and promoted. Life is good when one can make over 300k base

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