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Lot’s of people leaving...

In addition to layoffs, there are lots of people and talent leaving the company. Wondering how our leaders are going to stop the bleeding of talent leaving, or do they even care??? Perceptually, it seems like they could care less who leaves as we... —  read more 

Integrity Issues

In GV there is literally supervisors in charge of their children. This is a huge integrity issue and how is this even possible.

PIP to layoffs

Looks like fleshligth has been put on a PIP again... I guess eventually incompetence and throwing people under the bus catches up...His buddy from marketing is already out. This time he is on the list!


Just heard they cut over 15 people from ADI. Can anyone confirm?

New Rumor

Hearing whispers that pay reductions are being made permanent by new leadership. However, those new leaders are exempt. Nothing like standing in the back of employees to reach that ivory pedestal.

June Layoffs Still In Progress

Good people who still had a lot to contribute let go this week. Resideo is now in the hands of the new leadership who are running blind. Strong sell!

What will happen to engineering

Now that the micro-sized architect is gone, who will lead India to build the next platform? Fellows do not seem to be inventing anything.

CEO is showing leadership

The new CEO is showing that he is a leader by moving quickly quickly to put people in place in key roles that can help deliver the change that Resideo needs. The previous CEO focused on the wrong things (new corporate HQ, small acquisitions that... —  read more 

Closing sites next quarters

With multiple sites closing soon overseas what will happen in the US main sites? Assuming Melville with those old timers (that jack themselves up) is safe but what about the rest?


Nothing changes quickly. Or does it? History with private equity.

Tone deaf leadership

While employee friendly companies have recognized that work from home can be an operational and cost effective model, Resideo leadership appears not to care about its employees health/stress level but focused only on butts in seat and thinks things... —  read more 

When is Mougins closing

Any ideas when Mougins will be closed and capabilities transférés to the other sites in other regions? The decision was made by the French dude in Melville a month ago so when will it be done?

Interesting reading

Check out Resideo’s proxy statement. Scroll down to the compensation section to see how much we still have to pay all of our exes, what a joke!


No posts for 8 days. Is everyone working so much there’s no time to post?


So hard to deal with the anxiety and unknowns. I would almost welcome being laid off—at least I would know and be done worrying!

More delays because of covid ;)

Well... again... now we are blaming lack of devices to sell on the ventilators needed for COVID that are being build with literally over 400 parts and suddenly those parts compete with our devices... so no release....or delayed significantly... We... —  read more 

Comfort thermostats can stop Covid-19

New claims by some “reputable” people from rezi to vendors: thermostats especially the coming storm can prevent the spread of the virus through the air through advanced algorithms related to geofencing.... SHady is that you? We produce so much BS we... —  read more 

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Work at home $$

Think about it. All the hundreds and hundreds who aren't sitting in a building right now. BCG could push this one for savings. Rent, heat, ac, water, coffee and snacks, furniture. Even chairs cost a couple hundred each. Austin execs still cling to... —  read more 

Better ask Trump for Money

Company is doomed. Honeywell just announced furloughs, so when does this morally bankrupt company start as well? Leadership flat out lied to all of us about the future of this company.

Promos in process

Due to the all the new products almost on their way to be delivered, key directors with exceptional abilities have been identified for promotion to SR director and VP: This will occur within 45 days Amazing....

What happened to SQN??

We used to get emails everyday and then it dropped off face of earth. I bet they ran off with some millions $$$ too

Buh bye Slack?

In an effort to save costs the company is looking at all tools. Since slack costs us 245k per year it is seriously being looked at since we already have teams. Plus slack was only designed for small teams and it is nothing but unmanageable noise at... —  read more 

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