Topics regarding layoffs at Resideo Technologies

Topics regarding layoffs at Resideo Technologies

Bonus and $ 2021

Looks like the list is set for increases of salary and bonuses All directors have an increase from 3-18% putting most in the 245k area. 15% bonus is also coming Nobody has suffered from the debacles or tardiness for storm and quicksilver. Actually... —  read more 

Bye bye Melville

This is the beginning of the end: , a security company spun out from Honeywell, began offering about 44,000 square feet for sublease in Melville last month, said Cushman & Wakefield's Long Island executive director Phil D'Avanzo, who is... —  read more 

Resideo software

Here at Resideo we want everyone at the top to get loaded in a perfect FLIR and CEO fashion. We have at least 5 VPs for software related stuff with functions that sound like jokes. And no less than 12 directors of various titles. Gravy time. But we... —  read more 

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A new leader quit

Anyone know who at the sr director level in engineering that quit? Anyone sane is running away or quits almost immediately . New management by CEO and his sidekick ... is so toxic and so obviously into cronyism.

We support the future CTO

We at RSI support our USA RSI colleague for CTO. He showed the incompetence of the CTO who quit. Showed the incompetence of the former president Managed indirectly teams especially the former engineering leader in Mougins who came often for... —  read more 

News From my pickup ...

As I drive in Melville .... I know the FLIR team will be impressed by me and my friends. I managed to make the first CTO believe in air and water (I got stock for the purchase) , gave the second gamer a Titan high speed going in circle, and made... —  read more 

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Storm canceled?

Hearing Engineering is telling new leadership to cancel the project. WTF? All comfort product engineering leaders should be fired.....but of course they will get raises.

Phil Tony and Jay

Wonder how many more friends they have that are needing jobs. Guess we should be looking through their facebook account to see who they are going to hire next.

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New Nest

$129 price point

How is Titan & Buoy doing?

I haven't heard much about these and they were billed as the end all be all that was going to save Resideo. As an investor I'm curious how these are doing. I think Storm was another is that?

CTO leaving

CTO is leaving and a Dir level from the software group in Austin will replace.... Can't even get stuff done without begging his direct reports and they can play hard ball even better whoever said he is gone soon... were spot on. Another fake... —  read more 

Spinoff Failures

Why has no one been holding Honeywell executives responsible for creating two spinoffs that are failing because they were under-capitalized with junk rated debt and ginormous Honeywell liabilities. Neither spinoff has been making payments to... —  read more 

Here we go again....

Looks like the new anointed CTO is following proudly the steps of predecessors... Again the same people directly below have managed to do what they did to the CTOs before. BS everyone... So ... trust the same people that brought us where we... —  read more 

Google nest Hub

While rezi spins and spins and directors play politics in Melville, GV and Austin , Google has a hub and moves forward. Besides some c-appy deals where we have become a hardware vendor ... we have nothing... So sad to see the decline.

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New CTO - get a meeting fast

Second week. Everyone is trying to get much time with the new CTO. If you haven't met him yet you better do it fast. Every director that matter is going for talks to influence him their way. This week has been full....

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Monday -new CTO

New CTO, new opportunities by the people that thrives under the former CTO, then moobs to backstab and push themselves above other. It has worked for 2 years so why not continue .? Any nicknames ?

SEC filing

Did anyone notice in the 10-q that R&D got moved under SG&A? Is that just to make the op numbers look better or is it to make chopping R&D easier as an administrative expense?

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