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Spinoff Failures

Why has no one been holding Honeywell executives responsible for creating two spinoffs that are failing because they were under-capitalized with junk rated debt and ginormous Honeywell liabilities. Neither spinoff has been making payments to... —  read more 

Here we go again....

Looks like the new anointed CTO is following proudly the steps of predecessors... Again the same people directly below have managed to do what they did to the CTOs before. BS everyone... So ... trust the same people that brought us where we... —  read more 

Google nest Hub

While rezi spins and spins and directors play politics in Melville, GV and Austin , Google has a hub and moves forward. Besides some c-appy deals where we have become a hardware vendor ... we have nothing... So sad to see the decline.

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New CTO - get a meeting fast

Second week. Everyone is trying to get much time with the new CTO. If you haven't met him yet you better do it fast. Every director that matter is going for talks to influence him their way. This week has been full....

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Monday -new CTO

New CTO, new opportunities by the people that thrives under the former CTO, then moobs to backstab and push themselves above other. It has worked for 2 years so why not continue .? Any nicknames ?

SEC filing

Did anyone notice in the 10-q that R&D got moved under SG&A? Is that just to make the op numbers look better or is it to make chopping R&D easier as an administrative expense?

New Managment

Any views on new CEO, CFO and Transformation officer? Are these guys really looking to invest and turn this business around? Or are they there to cut costs to the bond, sell it for parts and figure out how to deal with the Honeywell liability?

PIP to layoffs

Looks like fleshligth has been put on a PIP again... I guess eventually incompetence and throwing people under the bus catches up...His buddy from marketing is already out. This time he is on the list!

New Rumor

Hearing whispers that pay reductions are being made permanent by new leadership. However, those new leaders are exempt. Nothing like standing in the back of employees to reach that ivory pedestal.

CEO is showing leadership

The new CEO is showing that he is a leader by moving quickly quickly to put people in place in key roles that can help deliver the change that Resideo needs. The previous CEO focused on the wrong things (new corporate HQ, small acquisitions that... —  read more 

Tone deaf leadership

While employee friendly companies have recognized that work from home can be an operational and cost effective model, Resideo leadership appears not to care about its employees health/stress level but focused only on butts in seat and thinks things... —  read more 

Interesting reading

Check out Resideo’s proxy statement. Scroll down to the compensation section to see how much we still have to pay all of our exes, what a joke!


So hard to deal with the anxiety and unknowns. I would almost welcome being laid off—at least I would know and be done worrying!

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