Topics regarding layoffs at Resideo Technologies

Topics regarding layoffs at Resideo Technologies

Money laundering?

We all know we aren’t really producing anything new or even groundbreaking. We keep having those paper deals and people keep getting promoted achieving really nothing. So where is the money coming from? What comes and goes? Anyone looked at taxes?... —  read more 

Bye bye Alice

It's about time she left. Nothing productive happened under her leadership and a change was needed a long time ago. So is this the end of women in management or will they promote another one to say we are a progressive company?

Furlough payback

I kept seeing furlough being paid back but it seems that many never got a real bonus and payback Anyone has an explanation why the fat cat got more money and now promo and the rest get nada? Rumors are spreading so they better tell us when we will... —  read more 


Why are the people whose names appear in the lawsuit papers in emails or other pieces of evidence , who have shown management incompetence or even malicious acts still working there and getting paid well above market? Why weren’t they fired?... —  read more 

Full text of lawsuit

The entire 180+ lawsuit can be downloaded here: Section IV lists all of the witnesses. Section V begins the allegations... —  read more 

Broken trust

Do you trust the management of this company anymore? Do you trust them to finally make some good decisions? It’s awful for me to work in a company where I don’t believe those at the top are capable of doing the right things for the benefit of both... —  read more 

More people are leaving

Attrition is getting out of hand. I'm not sure where all of these people are going while the economy is a mess but apparently somebody is hiring. My team has lost three people within the last month. I'm wondering if anybody at the top cares that we... —  read more 

toxicity is contagious

I came to this company when I could no longer stand the toxic atmosphere in my former company. And what happened next? All those people I literally ran away from, backstabbers, gossip lovers, arrogant mediocrities, they all slowly moved over here... —  read more 

mass exodus?

I left because I could no longer bear the way this company was run. At one point I started to feel like I was stagnating and that I could do a lot better. I did not regret it. I would just like to go back one day to see what the atmosphere is like... —  read more 

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