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Promos in process

Due to the all the new products almost on their way to be delivered, key directors with exceptional abilities have been identified for promotion to SR director and VP: This will occur within 45 days Amazing....

Work at home $$

Think about it. All the hundreds and hundreds who aren't sitting in a building right now. BCG could push this one for savings. Rent, heat, ac, water, coffee and snacks, furniture. Even chairs cost a couple hundred each. Austin execs still cling to... —  read more 

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Better ask Trump for Money

Company is doomed. Honeywell just announced furloughs, so when does this morally bankrupt company start as well? Leadership flat out lied to all of us about the future of this company.

Buh bye Slack?

In an effort to save costs the company is looking at all tools. Since slack costs us 245k per year it is seriously being looked at since we already have teams. Plus slack was only designed for small teams and it is nothing but unmanageable noise at... —  read more 

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New board member...

Like all the CEO, specializes in turn around and selling parts of corps.... yeah.. they are stilll bringing the same type of people. They are all turnaround gurus and all aim at s—ing rezi dry with their friends We are so blessed!

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What happened to SQN??

We used to get emails everyday and then it dropped off face of earth. I bet they ran off with some millions $$$ too

Rezi finally at $5

Today we hit the $5 mark. We now can spend our way into those white elephant projects of moobs, midget Michael Jordan, fleshligth.... welcome Titan, Torch, Azure to AWS , the projects that stop all other projects! Expecting complains from those... —  read more 

Any truth to this?

The decision was to lay-off the entire site of Strasbourg due to their lack of skills Will be done by waves to be done by June Can anybody confirm this?

Fade away NdM

No longer on the org chart. So much for transparency and full disclosure by the top brass.

Why does rezi fear so much this web site?

I have been in many meeting where we discuss how to respond to the leakage of information -which prevent the surprise effect and augments the heat on many directors and Sr directors... who like to have other showcase their incompetence?... —  read more 

Working from home > discrete lay-off

Plans have been done by global HR to use the opportunity that people are at home to lay-off more. Wrong haircut sometimes in 2018.. you’re fired! Told a director how to do something better ? You’re fired! Went in all four spouting id–tic non sense... —  read more 

How do we fix this

There have been no major new products since 2016, only some incremental also-rans and a few glaring flops. Magical mobile apps aren't going to fix that since nobody pays for them anyway. Grand paper architectures from Wikipedia architects aren't... —  read more 

If I were CEO

I'd question why we should keep every band 4 employee, and ask for a 30% cut in band 4s immediately. our foot print is pretty global and the majority of our employee base is in manufacturing. I'd make a deal with a hardware manufacturing group... —  read more 

Rumor: Bankruptcy being planned for...

Hearing rumors that Resideo executive leadership and the Board is preparing for the potential for company restructuring under bankruptcy. Also hearing that leadership are being in given $$$ incentives for RIFing people. Geez...


Every real company is putting procedures in place regarding the virus. We haven’t seen one email regarding this. No that we need direction, we’re adults. But it’s just another failure as far as I’m concerned

Storm the product that costs millions

Storm in a teacup seems not to be going anywhere. Starting with products that have no real strategy, can’t figure out what feature they want, can’t describe what they want except do it like another previous one to hardware out of control claiming... —  read more 

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Any news when that famous CTO will show up? Where from? Any info? We had already 2 failures so this one better be good -for real


All these layoffs.....then you hear of these pinnacle awards and people getting taken on holiday for a week!!!!!! People want updated on what the hell is going on at town hall meetings not about people being taken on holiday all expense paid.


Unbelievable. What a disgrace and somehow he’s still with us. Clearly he earns a massive paycheck for what? But maybe it’s better that he’s focused on everything else rather than continue to do damage here... —  read more 

Comfort sinking faster than the others

Looks like the numbers will show that comfort has the worst performance since under new “water” based leadership and all eggs are into the stormy basket. Biggest issues are as usual in the embedded development and hardware software integration. Is a... —  read more 

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