Topics regarding layoffs at Ricoh

Topics regarding layoffs at Ricoh

Toshiba? Really?

Ricoh really showing its desperation here. Toshiba mfp market share % anyone? Any Fortune 500 CIO out there standardizing on Toshiba laptops? Really fitting nicely with the Ricoh brand: Anything for a buck. —  read more 

Ricoh making a move

Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Newspaper is reporting that Ricoh’s CFO, Shun Kawaguchi apparently announced that company is set to evaluate Ricoh’s many businesses and determine with it will withdraw from or attempt to sell

Ricoh better fix some things

Seems to me like RIcoh has been dropping the ball on many things. Supply issues, billing issues and big time service issues . Little to no direction from management or senior management. It makes you wonder what the future holds.

TV/VCR Repair!

Scraping the bottom of the PR barrel…

Sign-on “bonus?”

Imagine Change/New World of Work= Get rid of your senior tenured talent and replace with cheap newbies. Customers love dealing with “cashiers in training.” Speaking of cheap, what’s with the sign on “bonus”. $500? $1250? These are like sales spiffs... —  read more 

Institutional knowledge

It's surprising to see how little the management cares about making sure that institutional knowledge is not lost. People are walking away - some are even being laid off - who posses invaluable experience. When the leadership stops giving a damn... —  read more 

Nepotism is a huge issue

I'm not going to claim that this is the case for everybody, but it certainly is for the majority of employees. Unless you know someone there is no chance to be promoted or moved around. I've been passed for promotions twice in as many years for... —  read more 

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