Topics regarding layoffs at Ricoh

Topics regarding layoffs at Ricoh

Is this dead?

Nothing but crickets in here lately. What's the latest from the front lines of Ricoh? Any new news about the much talked about transformation of the company from last year?

Stretched thin much?

It's ridiculous how some offices are stretched so thin and how some techs are constantly being sent out of their areas to help surrounding offices. The only thing keeping it from getting worse is that customers are leaving. Not a great either way.

A must read

This isn't meant to be offensive to anyone, but after recently leaving I'll point out a few things I see about working at Ricoh Don't believe any of the slick HR training you see, all they want is for you to do you job with a smile on your face... —  read more 

Being employed at Ricoh

Being employed at Ricoh equals no work/life balance because we keep losing people to layoffs and attrition and are expected to pick up their work. It also equals having to deal with a toxic work environment and incompetent managers daily, all while... —  read more 

How marketable are you?

This seems to me to be a formula: the more years an employee has spent in this company, the less marketable his or her skills are. I am very sorry to have ever applied for a job here. Having Ricoh on resume seems to me to be completely worthless. I... —  read more 

Age Discrimination

Ricoh has a history here. Anyone seen signs of this recently?

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What’s next?

So Ricoh is in a new fiscal year, what lies ahead? I am looking for the good and bad. Seems like mostly negative stuff on here so maybe someone can enlighten us without fluffing it up.

Docuware #s Real or Shelfware?

Ever seen first hand how reps bundle unsought stuff into mfp deals to hit targets / spiffs? What's your confidence level that the Docuware 40% increase in business is actually being used by customers?

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Expects net sales for FY2020 to be down 17.2% YoY to $15.3 billion Expects to finish with operating loss of $452 million FY2021 goal is $17.5 billion in net sales Operating profit of $461 million Plans to save $212.5 million via “optimizing its... —  read more 

Ricoh status

I am thinking Ricoh doesn’t even know how they are functioning as they move forward. They seem to push all the motivated fantastic workers out the door and rely on mostly inefficient managers to pretend what they do counts. Maybe spend a... —  read more 

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