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The writing on the wall

Ricoh is shrinking. I’m sure some areas of the country are doing better than others, but it appears to me that the company is turning away from it’s traditional business of selling AND servicing it’s own equipment. It is allowing dealers to take over... —  read more 

Voluntary separation numbers?

Not getting a good sense of how many employees took the separation package. I only know of a couple in my area. What's everyone hearing?

Probably going to take it.

I will probably accept the voluntary separation package even though I have zero prospects right now. I just have a feeling our jobs are in such jeopardy that we better take the offer or face being let go with much less. It really hurts to feel that... —  read more 

Is there a way to volunteer to be laid off?

I'm not trying to be funny - I'm asking honestly. Ricoh has changed a lot in the past several years, to the point I'm no longer happy here. I've been wanting to leave for a while now, but the idea of a severance package is too enticing to just up and... —  read more 

More layoffs

HR was in the building today, training team is getting outsourced.

Early retirement 2019?

Has anyone heard if there will be another round of early retirement offers this year? I think all that received the offer last year are now gone and some areas are really struggling.

VA finished with Ricoh

Even the VA is done with this company, All equipment needs to be picked up and removed asap. Should help the qtr end phantom forecast #'s that's spewing out of fearful(not fearless) leaders mouths. MAGA


Advice to any Ricoh employees that happen to read this: as of now (8-2017), Ricoh is continuing a very quiet sell off of its branches, where in most cases you will either be liquidated - or rehired by your new employer for lower pay and/ or benefits... —  read more 

Outsourcing is damaging american workers

Email and send a copy to your congressman, Senator and the President. The second is a model that family members and friends can send to their representatives. Go to these representative’s twitter accounts and keep making comments about Ricoh holding... —  read more 

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Ricoh: imaginary change

The best way for a failing company with little market awareness to succeed is half of its marketing organization? Well, that’s what the lunatic occupying the CEO office seems to think because they just reduced >150 long time marketing staff... —  read more 

A contractor's story of

I have so many thoughts about Ricoh and our business of outsourcing but I'll spare everyone from my rambling and keep this as brief as I can. I only worked there for 4 years but I've been a contractor since 1994, so I know how this game works. We... —  read more 

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Morale in toilet!

Early retirement people beginning to leave. More work/ driving for those who remain. No office, managers running offices from home, flagrant favoritism, back orders on parts, new machine inventories low or just not available, training is a joke... —  read more 

2019 Department Eliminations

Ricoh has this "Grand" idea that they are creating what they call the "Engineering Center of Excellence" in Tucker, GA. They mention that they are combining the talents of several departments, which currently reside in West Caldwell, NJ with fresh... —  read more 

And the disease will continue

A company with a virus often exhiles it's antibodies vs. their mucus and then ponder why there is a continuing need to blow their nose.

Christmas party

This year (2018) in December, the company had a Christmas party. Less than 100 people attended, A DJ was hired, c-sino like tables for Black Jack were placed throughout the lunch room area. We had a buffet style catered, pretty much salad, pasta and... —  read more 

Ricoh closing Melbourne call center

Outsourcing is continuing. Ricoh is closing Melbourne call center, laying off nearly 80 people in the process. This is probably just a start, with a lot more of the same to come. Sad but true... —  read more 

IT support to be outsourced to Hexaware?

Has anyone heard any definitive rumors or other talk about this? Hexaware, the team in Mexico has started taking over several functions of the IT Support number and chat. It seems like the department is being eliminated?

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A sign you screwed up as a company.

When those who were not eliminated are leaving on thier own accord. Up tick in voluntary termination. More to come Ricoh, you burned bridges with your employees.

Get a Grip..

Jake Yamashita needs to get a grip on Ricoh, USA operations ASAP. Most likely already too late but seriously needs to clean house on Corp Leadership.

2nd Half Will Diminish 1st Half OI

The latest Ricoh USA cut will haunt them. Too dumb to realize the negative chain of events about follow that will significantly impact sales. Short sighted leadership at its best. Always first seek to understand before being understood. Mix in Yes... —  read more 

Ricoh can’t stop the bleeding

Worst decision I ever made. Ricoh will continue to fail over the next two years. Channel conflict methodology creates team division! Icon management ruining company by protecting old Icon teammates. Management quits working 4th quarter of every year... —  read more 

200 laid off this year in Houston

Here is your breakdown... Source below... NOTICE_DATE JOB_SITE_NAME COUNTY_NAME WDA_NAME TOTAL_LAYOFF_NUMBER LayOff_Date WFDD_RECEIVED_DATE CITY_NAME 10-Jul-18 Ricoh USA, Inc. Harris Gulf Coast WDA 28 08-Sep-18 13-Jul-18 Houston 10-Jul-18 Ricoh USA... —  read more 

March 2018 Layoff

Between 200-250 jobs were eliminated at the end of March 2018. Jobs cut were across Office Services group. 30 days notice was given to those employees.

Must read

Most of the article is focusing on Japan and Europe operations, but it's the last sentence that stands out: The Nikkei-Asian Review also reported that Ricoh has cut over 5,000 jobs in North America since beginning of this year... —  read more 

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