Topics regarding layoffs at Ricoh

Topics regarding layoffs at Ricoh

Getting away from print

IF ricoh is good at anything its keeping everyone but Japan senior management in the dark and being vague about any specific direction. Maybe they should get into the mushroom growing business. I'm not anticipating any big reveal April 1st but the... —  read more 

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49 days out

What’s the rumors and predictions for April first for Ricoh? I heard 5 new Ricoh companies to replace the one large direct organization. Will they maintain sales and service or just be a manufacturer that supports dealers? If its all changing... —  read more 

Going out of business?

Nothing is impossible but I wonder if you believe there is a high probability that by next year Ricoh will be out of business (as someone wrote on this forum). I personally hope that this will never happen, but without all those great people that... —  read more 

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Here is the plan

I think Ricoh should buy another manufacturer like Kyocera during this time. It would expand footprint in sales and service and secure some faith in the company as a whole. Patiently waiting for April fools day.

Ricoh Canada Employee Reviews

Puzzling that there's such a big discrepancy. Reviews are either, "the worst place on earth" or "everything is awesome!" Last few reviews are all glowing positive... looks like north of the border is now the land of milk and honey. Well done RCI!

Here we go

Ricoh announces reorganization Transforms into digital services company with 5 divisions: o Digital services  Digitally connect customers’ offices to improve workflows o Digital products  Provide edge devices that connect offices .. —  read more 

These are the facts

Here's facts. That's how I like to work and that's how most people should think about situations with Ricoh in general. Fact they are reducing the corporate North America HQ by 50%. Proof it was mentioned in one of the last videos as they... —  read more 

Many reasons to leave

This company is terrible. If you are just getting in it deny the interview unless you really need the job.If you choose to take it then that’s your choice but understand some things. There is no moving up if your manager is an a-hole and... —  read more 

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Yuck... We got Xeroids!

So much action on the xerox page that it’s spilling over here now! Get that the whole industry has similar challenges and misery loves company but keep your eyes on your own paper xerox. Looking forward to Covid being over so we can conclude our... —  read more 

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Xerox COVID Protocols

Xerox has initiated and implemented a very good COVID policy. They supply masks, gloves and hand sanitizer to all employees. All office space is inspected and protocols for safe distancing are implemented. We even have a log of who enters the office... —  read more 

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