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How’s your office doing?

After all the furloughs, voluntary separations, and not so voluntary separations, how is your area holding up? Are you back to pre-COVID workloads? Will your existing staff be able to handle that when most companies are back to near normal... —  read more 

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Age discrimination lawsuit

From what I've been seeing and reading here, it seems that the latest Ricoh layoffs have disproportionately affected older employees. Can this be proven in court? Age discrimination is illegal and if there is even a small chance to hold this company... —  read more 

Ricoh USA layoff procedure

Got the dreaded meeting invite titled "Field service update" supposedly mandatory call...6 of us regular employees with our Manager's boss...area cattle lined up at the slaughter house....with HR representative via conference call... —  read more 

More info about layoffs

Can confirm about layoffs. Received a email to attend a conference call at 4. That’s how we were informed, by a conference call where no questions were allowed. Later I find out I was cut based on the company’s needs. Though I have over 3 comptia... —  read more 

Not enough volunteers?

Really? More layoffs? Ricoh was not able to find enough volunteers with the last offer? I call bulshit on that. What I'm guessing happened was that either the wrong people accepted the offer, or the plan was always to get rid of many more people than... —  read more 

Ricoh Furloughs

Furlough is better than a layoff. With unemployment and Fed money most are whole if not better off. Timed are tough for many companies, Ricoh included. We all could have been laid off. That would be quick and easy. Also your Manager got 3 weeks... —  read more 

Glad I quit!!!!!!

It was about two years ago since I quit Ricoh and boy am I ever glad I did! Although most of my coworkers were fantastic people to work with the company was clearly failing in vision for future products and services. I mean when I first started... —  read more 

The writing on the wall

Ricoh is shrinking. I’m sure some areas of the country are doing better than others, but it appears to me that the company is turning away from it’s traditional business of selling AND servicing it’s own equipment. It is allowing dealers to take over... —  read more 

Probably going to take it.

I will probably accept the voluntary separation package even though I have zero prospects right now. I just have a feeling our jobs are in such jeopardy that we better take the offer or face being let go with much less. It really hurts to feel that... —  read more 

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