Topics regarding layoffs at Rite Aid Corp.

Topics regarding layoffs at Rite Aid Corp.

Do I have this right?

The number of closing stores keeps rising and the latest one I've heard is 145. Is this correct? I'd also like to know, if you're in one of the confirmed closing locations, did you know it was coming? Was there any indication ahead of time or were... —  read more 

63 stores are closing

Rite Aid is closing 63 stores. I'm wondering, was everybody really offered a position in another location, or is that just bull they're saying to avoid bad publicity? I really hope it's true, but something tells me there's a... —  read more 

Why stay?

My question is why do you rite aid people stay with a failing organization like Rite Aid. 401k is failing, company is doomed in the long run. Especially managers, i work for CVS in Sacramento and we are hiring like crazy, SM, ASM and especially... —  read more 

This belongs here as well

Found this on Walgreens, but I thought it belonged here as well: We were told for three months during two other stores' liquidations that our store would remain open. We helped close those other two stores while still also working at our own store... —  read more 

More store closing?

I heard that Walgreens said they would be closing another ~150 locations that they bought from us instead of converting them to Walgreens. Is this true? Is your store closing? If yes, did they offer you a job? When is this going down? Post any... —  read more 

Bodaken and Syms out

Syms LinkedIn has been removed and Bodaken removed Rite Aid from his. Seems as if the integration with EnvisionRX and downsizing was all part of a bigger plan to partner with Pillpack. Rite Aid is going into E-commerce in a big way

Field Service was overstaffed

Too many technicians spent too much time beautifying equipment installations that no customer saw, and meant nothing to the bottom line. Had incompetent FTS regional management not burdened field techs with make-work and administrative tasks and... —  read more 

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Thursday earnings report

While this will be Heyward Donigan's first as CEO,it will be still reflective of the the waning days under John Standley's watch as the honorable Ms. Donigan only came aboard a month or two ago.Let's not jump to any conclusions about the company's... —  read more 

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Not a good sign??

Noticed some SEC filings today, that showed execs selling some shares right before earnings tomorrow. Stock actually did well today, up over 8%, but to have a nice rise ahead of earnings and then have execs sell? Something is up. Either short sellers... —  read more 


rumor around the campfire (depending on who you subscribe to) cvs is going to merge with ra that is why standley resigned.. again its rumors that are flying so who knows

Other layoffs?

So with 400 layoffs in corporate, what does this mean for the stores? Yea I'm sure things will get harder to get accomplished. But what about the employees in stores? I see it as it's only a matter of time before the stores start closing. But any... —  read more 

In work for rite aid corp

Lay offs confirmed. They not done. 200 got laid off yesterday. There 200 more to come. I survived for now. But my department lost 50 percent of our staff. You work for rite aid corp, I suggest get other work asap. There is more they are not... —  read more 

Will anything change?

Now that we know Standley is out for sure, does anybody think whoever they bring in as his replacement will be any better? I'm not saying it's impossible, but it is very improbable. I'm also afraid that once we have new leadership, they'll want to... —  read more 

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State of Rite Aid IT

Given the sorry state of Rite Aid's IT I am surprised the cuts are not deeper. The senior lineup is clueless and if we were to pull the plug on them nobody would notice. When it comes to grunts like you and me, people are hard working and it's OK... —  read more 

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Is it done?

Do we have any idea if all 400 people have been notified or if we can expect to learn about more layoffs before the end of the week? Also, any ideas on what was hit the hardest? I know of departments that didn't lose anybody (yet) so it'd be nice to... —  read more 

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