Topics regarding layoffs at Robert Half International Inc.

Topics regarding layoffs at Robert Half International Inc.

RH is Bleeding Employees

Old RH is bleeding internal employees. A simple call from staffing companies like Jobot, Cybercoders, Roth and they bounce. I work at RH and so far we've lost 10+ recruiters to Jobot In the past 60 days. Top performers too!! I just got my call to... —  read more 


Sorry...I have overheard and HEARD soooooo many things that conflict with the so called" diversity" aspect of RH. What a bunch of total hypocrites. Anyone that has made anything of themselves there has completely trashed both consultants and clients... —  read more 

Those left...

Those left are probably grateful to be left standing and will continue to be the loyal worker bees. And they'll absorb the client lists from those terminated and their books will grow as the economy starts to grow again. That being said, after... —  read more 


Can you imagine how much worse the culture is going to be when the dust settles? Thought it was cut throat before-just wait. It's about to get 100 x worse


It wasn't enough for RH to let go of their recruiters, business development, branch managers, and DDs, now they are going after their trainers. SO, if you are a field trainer, be aware that laid offs started last Friday, and will continue... —  read more 


Warning: Today RH makes another appearance and Is laying MORE people off across the country! Does not matter if you brought job orders - what your numbers are - your seniority level - OR how much you are liked. Everyone is pretty much fair... —  read more 

RH Canada

Are you from Canada? Specifically Toronto or GTA please share your stories if you can. I have heard of just new people being let go?

Will there be more?

Any ideas if there will be more layoffs as this whole COVID-19 crisis continues for who knows how long? RHI has proven to not give a damn about any of us, even those who have been here for decades. I wouldn't be surprised if the company continues... —  read more 


Anyone else contemplating legal representation? These corporate mo–ns clearly had no idea how to handle this which is why it turned into a trainwreck on its way to the sh– show.

Send help?

Wondering why those affected were not given the option of help to find even temporary work? WTF? Isn't that what a staffing agency does? I am still surprised at the complete lack of organization by such a large company. Ok, I get it-make your... —  read more 

We are Numbers

You're a number to RHI You're a number to operational presidents You're a number with personality to Regionals You're an expense to branch managers You're competition to DDs Do you honestly think they care? Nothing will change at RH... —  read more 


With the exception of a few-you have a bunch of dirty political BS that infiltrates every part of your business. I literally hope the BS so called LEADERS that read this YOU CAN NOT sleep at night for the hardships you have inflicted on a bunch of... —  read more 

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