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2014 Layoffs

Mass layoff initiated on 3/3/2014. Heard over 1000 people. I was one of them. Best of luck to any remaining employees. It's all downhill from here.

ROHI is bad

Rotech may be by far the worst durable medical equipment company I have ever worked for. Rotech exemplifies everything that's bad with DME, what should be a cool job that allowed you to help people is now nothing then a giant greed and compliance... read more
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Former LCM

The Company had idiot middle managers in 2006 and I made the comment that the left hand didn't know what the right was doing. Those so-called mid-managers were disposed of a short time after I was fired for, in effect, speaking out. The AVP in North... read more
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CSR Lawton OK ( former CSR )

Let go without warning... the worst part is that upper management knew that it was coming but in true gutless fashion let us think that all was well. Heck, my LCM was even caught by surprise by it. Management by spread sheet WILL be the downfall of... read more
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Rotech message board

I am really surprised that we do not have more messages and posters on this Rotech message board - There is so much happening at the company I'd assume we'd have thousands of posts here. I guess people are just not ready to post messages about their... read more
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In response to the "Butch" comment

In response to the "Butch" comment. This is an IMPOSTER. A bitter SR who was fired for their lack of doing their job. PRETENDING to be the LCM on Yahoo Finance & Cafepharma multiple times. Being childish as ever in their post here too. Get out of the... read more
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I am so sick of hearing these people whine

I am so sick of hearing these people whine. I am an LCM for a small town location and have enough crap in dealing with people around here who dislike lesbians. We Butch's know how to straighten shit out when it hits the fan.......and we DON'T take... read more
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Yep, here we go again - another round has started

Yep, here we go again - another round has started. It\'s sad that we claim that we are a group of \"compassionate hometown healthcare companies\" when we treat our employees in such a way.
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