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WARN defies common sense?

Turning off the lights without giving us any notice of mass layoffs just because there were fewer full-timers than 100 is something our executives should be ashamed of. Goodbye Ruby Tuesday. Goodbye, common sense. Good luck to all of you. You deserve... —  read more 

Police Escort After Layoffs

16 people were laid off yesterday (Wed 11th dec 2013), IT department - Maryville... Police was involved in escorts, it's horrible. What a scene... More cash for the execs - horrible....

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Maryville Support Center

50 folks cut in the support center (Maryville), should save us a few millions. Losses are mounting, you can expect even more turn over on the top, more restaurants closed, it's bad all over the place, Marlin and Rays, Truffles, Wok Hay, it's bad...

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