Topics regarding layoffs at Sabre Holdings

Topics regarding layoffs at Sabre Holdings

Stock up 32%

which proves that we are going in the right direction and you might not have noticed that travel is recovering rapidly. Domestic now above 2019 levels. International and business travel also improving. Now, as far as unconcious bias is concerned, I... —  read more 

New layoff

I heard there’s another one coming. I guess the investors are not reacting as expected (this part is just me guessing or trying to justify( but I don’t really know. Anyone has more “concrete” news?

Airline IT leaders

Does anyone have faith that Corrie and Mike R can save the Airline IT portfolio. One is clueless with a conflict of interest (married to a LATAM leader) and the other is spineless who only cares about himself. Airline IT is fu---d with them as the... —  read more 


So, Kurt visited the Krakow office last month. My first impression was that he was extremely arrogant to the point where he criticized Sean, Dave Moore and others for sinking Sabre - there might be some truth to that but he hasn't achieved anything... —  read more 

Business strategy

Sometimes I wonder if Sabre has totally lost their way? I would like to think that the leadership has a clear vision, but unfortunately, it seems to me that they do not have a good strategy for the future of this company at all.

Time to Clean HR House

Why does HR still have extremely overpaid and incompetent Sr Vice President and so many extremely overpaid and over leveled Sr Directors? Guess they did not review their own jobs when laying off >1,000 employees in June! wtf?

Work/life balance

Everyone knew, those who are left behind will go through a different misery. I have been told by my leader that I should be happy that I have a job. People are working 10-12 hours. Is this where you want to work?

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